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Ryan withdraws from Queen City Pride Parade

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Finally, they slam John McCain for once again breaking his promise on health care reform and planning to vote against the latest Senate bill. They also question Rand Paul's decision to oppose it.

Last week, news broke that Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital if elected in 2019. Scheer 's inflammatory Jerusalem promise lacks the principle and balance that we expect from experienced political representatives.

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OTTAWA - Andrew Scheer is facing a test of his leadership after tossing one-time leadership rival Maxime Bernier from the Conservative shadow cabinet for breaking a promise to stop promoting his controversial political manifesto.

Bernier denies he did anything wrong and some of his supporters are even urging him to break away from the Tories and start his own libertarian party.

Bernier has said very little since Scheer fired him as the party's innovation critic Tuesday night, but he did take to Twitter to suggest he didn't understand why he lost his portfolio.

Andrew Scheer removes Maxime Bernier from Tory front bench

  Andrew Scheer removes Maxime Bernier from Tory front bench Andrew Scheer removes Maxime Bernier from Tory front bench"I have removed Maxime Bernier from the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet, effective immediately" Scheer said in a short statement issued by his office.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is doing his level best to make political hay of this bill. But he's having a tough time. Quite simply, Mr. Scheer is all over the map. And so is his party.

◄ Breaking Promises ►. Jump to: Topical • Library • Subtopics. The Servant's Triumph sin. But certainly we are not to blame Him or to think of Him as breaking His promises , or departing from His nature.

"I just want to clarify one thing at this time," he wrote. "The chapter on (supply management) posted on my website is THE SAME that was publicly available for weeks on my publisher’s website but was taken down when I decided to postpone the book indefinitely. There is nothing new, I did not 'publish' it."

The chapter was originally published in April to market Bernier's forthcoming book on his political vision for Canada. In it, he took pot shots at Scheer for pandering to dairy farmers in Quebec, accusing him of signing up "fake Conservatives" in the leadership race to prevent keep Bernier and his anti-supply management policy, from winning.

After Scheer and caucus colleagues expressed their disappointment, Bernier promised to shelve the book for now and not further promote it.

Chantal Hébert: For Conservative MP Maxime Bernier it was just a matter of time

  Chantal Hébert: For Conservative MP Maxime Bernier it was just a matter of time Chantal Hébert: For Conservative MP Maxime Bernier it was just a matter of timeOn Tuesday, Bernier lost his role as official opposition innovation critic over what caucus insiders characterize as a breach of his promise to desist from publicly challenging party policy by pursuing the elimination of Canada’s supply management system.

What is a promise ? A promise is a commitment made, an agreement or assurance, an oath taken for a person or for oneself. The person making the promise , vows to fulfil the task or keep his word. A promise can be in spoken or unspoken form.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer discusses the budget and says Canada's growing deficit is another ' broken promise ' by the prime minister. PM Trudeau under fire for Atwal invitation - Продолжительность: 12:10 CTV News 9 534 просмотра.

And then he posted the offending chapter to his own website on June 5.

"It's essential when members of our shadow cabinet make a commitment to caucus that those commitments are kept," Scheer said Wednesday following the party's weekly caucus meeting.

Bernier attended that meeting but did not come out to speak to reporters.

Conservative MP Tony Clement, who endorsed Bernier during the 2017 leadership race, said Bernier's choice to post the chapter was a mistake and Scheer took a "difficult but necessary" step in firing him as innovation critic. Clement also blamed the media for trying to make a bigger deal of the issue than it was.

Foreign affairs critic and erstwhile leadership contender Erin O'Toole said he was puzzled by Bernier's decision but stressed he remains a valued member of the Conservative caucus.

"He has a very important place in the Conservative movement," said O'Toole.

John McRae found guilty in son's killing

  John McRae found guilty in son's killing John McRae has been found guilty in the death of his son, Michael McRae, found stabbed in the apartment the two men shared in 2015.A jury returned a unanimous verdict at the Ottawa courthouse on Thursday afternoon after deliberating for several days.

We know that breaking promises is one of the attributes of the hypocrites, but if a Muslim is unable to keep his promise for some reason that is beyond his Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2327; Muslim, 58. The believer who makes promises to people and breaks his promise may have an excuse or he may not.

Because if you think that the promise is super important and then you break it, you’ll be tempted to abandon the project out of discouragement. We’ve been trained to consider guilt as virtuous, so every time we break a promise we make it our duty to feel like crap.

But some of Bernier's supporters were incensed and took to social media to call for a revolt against Scheer and to open up discussion of Bernier leaving the Conservatives to start his own party.

"Could Maxime Bernier be persuaded to lead a new party to reinstate progressive Libertarian values including economics, business innovation, societal innovation, Canadian Unity, and free speech," tweeted Steph Sagar, a Bernier supporter from Toronto.

She called Bernier's firing "a disgraceful and foolish decision" and said Scheer had lost her support and her money.

The hashtag #IstandwithBernier was relatively busy with traffic in the hours immediately after Bernier's firing though it had died down by Wednesday afternoon.

Andrew McDougall, one-time communications director to former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, wrote in Macleans that the "sacking" of Bernier is a test of Scheer's ability to keep the party together. He blamed Scheer for failing to ensure Bernier was on side as soon as President Donald Trump started using supply management as his Canadian attack du jour.

Scheer pens letter to PM on asylum seekers

  Scheer pens letter to PM on asylum seekers Scheer pens letter to PM on asylum seekersLast week, Scheer and his Public Safety critic, Pierre Paul-Hus, visited Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que., where the vast majority of irregular migrants have arrived this year after crossing the Canada-U.S. border through the now well-worn path at Roxham Road.

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The dilemma for Scheer is that Bernier represents a significant part of the Conservative tent — libertarians, who are particularly prevalent in urban areas where the Conservatives must make gains if they are to win in 2019.

While Scheer and O'Toole earned the lion's share of caucus support during the leadership race (31 MPs endorsed O'Toole, who finished third and 24 endorsed Scheer), Bernier raised the most money, bringing in $2.5 million compared with $989,000 for Scheer.

Bernier also had the first ballot votes of nearly 30 per cent of Conservative members and led the way in seven provinces and two territories. Bernier led Scheer on every ballot but the one that counted, losing on the 13th ballot by a margin of 50.95 per cent to 49 per cent.

The math of those results suggests Scheer made a mistake in firing Bernier, said one tweeter.

"A move that potentially alienates 49% of the Conservative membership is dangerous if Scheer is serious about winning 2019," said Ontario physician David Jacobs. "I would strongly reconsider."

Scheer welcomes new MP to Parliament Hill .
OTTAWA - Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer welcomed the newest member of his caucus on Wednesday, saying Richard Martel's byelection victory on Monday is a harbinger of things to come. Martel, who won the Quebec riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, joined a caucus meeting, where he was presented with a personalized blue jersey sporting a large, white "C." He won won 52.7 per cent of the vote, more than 5,000 votes ahead of Liberal Lina Boivin, who took 29. 5 per cent. The NDP and Bloc Quebecois candidates captured just 8.7 per cent and 5.6 per cent respectively, while the Green candidate collected 3.1 per cent.

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