Canada Cyberattacks targeting Canadian troops in Latvia seem to be easing off

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Justin Trudeau to visit Canadian troops in Latvia ahead of NATO summit

  Justin Trudeau to visit Canadian troops in Latvia ahead of NATO summit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Latvia before heading to the NATO summit in Brussels next week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Canadian troops in Latvia before attending the NATO The Prime Minister's Office says the visit will be an opportunity for Trudeau to reaffirm Canada's commitment to the NATO alliance and Euro-Atlantic security. The Canadian-led multinational NATO battle group was established in Latvia as the alliance's response to Russia's surprise annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its invasion of eastern Ukraine.

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said Canadian troops in Latvia are being smeared by “Just to be aware of the possibility reduces the likelihood of a successful cyberattack ,” he said. Canada . Coalition forces in Syria, Iraq targeted three Canadians , secret document says.

Watch: Propaganda targeting Canadian troops in Latvia . The prime minister is expected to use the extension as ammunition to fend off attacks from Trump during the NATO summit that Canada is not spending enough on defence.

a man in a forest: Canadian soldiers take part in NATO operations near Skrunda, Latvia on June 11, 2018.© Corporal Jean-Roch Chabot/Combat Camera Canadian soldiers take part in NATO operations near Skrunda, Latvia on June 11, 2018.

It's been all quiet on the eastern front lately for Canadian troops in Latvia, who say the deluge of fake news and cyberattacks that greeted their arrival in the Baltic state has been dramatically — and somewhat inexplicably — scaled back.

This Week's Circulars

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived late Monday in the capital Riga for a bilateral visit that will include both a state visit and time spent with soldiers deployed as part of the NATO deterrence mission in the Baltic.

Trudeau expected to extend mission in Latvia

  Trudeau expected to extend mission in Latvia Trudeau expected to extend mission in LatviaTrudeau arrived in Latvia late Monday, one day before he'll visit the approximately 450 Canadian troops leading the multinational force that was first announced in 2016 as a check against Russian aggression in eastern Europe.

Trudeau to visit Canadian troops in Latvia ahead of NATO summit. U.S. ambassador to Estonia resigns over Trump's Europe comments. Canada can't change Trump's 'one-track mind' on defence spending: former NATO official.

Canadian troops in Latvia encounter skepticism. Anti- Canada propaganda greets troops in Latvia . Canada , NATO attempt to define boundaries of response to cyberattacks . A woman was trapped under a car in B.C. — until these bystanders helped lift it off her.

Last fall, the Canadian contingent was hit with an information warfare barrage. It included false stories that claimed Canadian soldiers were living in luxury apartments and that former colonel Russell Williams , the disgraced convicted sex killer, was still in command of a major air base.

The fake news was published on Russian-linked websites and aimed at the Latvian civilian population.

But the Canadian contingent hasn't seen any of those phoney reports for months, said the Canadian battle group commander.

Propaganda war

"We're not sure why it has quietened down," said Lt.-Col. Sean French.

"It could be because it's not worth their effort. They haven't seen the fake news convince a lot of people. Or it could be because they've got other things to talk about, like the Olympics, the [upcoming Latvian] election or the World Cup."

Canada extending mission in Latvia

  Canada extending mission in Latvia Canada extending mission in LatviaTrudeau made the announcement in Riga following a meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis and indicated that he hopes the increased Canadian commitment to Latvia gets the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Canadian troops in Latvia to ward off Russia - Продолжительность: 2:18 The National8 870 просмотров. Canada in Latvia : Troops stage first major exercises - Продолжительность: 2:37 The National6 969 просмотров.

CBC IN LATVIA | Canadian troops encounter skepticism. Ilmars A. Lejins, says every country in the alliance with troops in the region has been targeted , and Canada should expect the internet assault to continue.

French said the contingent has been trying to counter anti-NATO propaganda by holding outreach events in Latvian communities and inviting locals to get to know the troops.

Latvians are gearing up to go to the polls in parliamentary elections to be held no later than Oct. 6, 2018, and sources at NATO and within the diplomatic community say the Russians have focused a lot of attention on creating discord in the country in advance of the election.

Reports published last year said the roughly 4,000 NATO troops in the Baltic states have also been the targets of Russian smartphone hacking — a charge Moscow has denied.

The most notorious account involved the U.S. commander of a NATO base in Poland, who was quoted as saying that someone tried to access his iPhone Apple account . The trace, he said, led back to a site outside of Moscow.

French said his Canadian contingent has seen fewer cyber incidents lately — in part because the Canadian military has been drilling cyber-security rules into the heads of soldiers before they deploy.

Thomas Walkom: Justin Trudeau is supporting Donald Trump’s military agenda

  Thomas Walkom: Justin Trudeau is supporting Donald Trump’s military agenda The dispute between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau over Canada’s financial contribution to NATO is a sideshow. The real story is that Canada is being drawn increasingly into America’s wars. That is the import of Trudeau’s announcement last week on Iraq. Canada is already training Iraqi troops in the north of the country, as well as working in an unspecified manner with Kurdish militias there.Wednesday’s announcement commits Ottawa to running a new NATO training mission in Baghdad.

The Canadian military are leading a NATO battle group in Latvia to deter Russian aggression, but some Latvians aren't convinced their presence is needed.

As Canadian troops in Latvia unpack and get to know their new surroundings, they're also dealing with some skepticism from Latvians about how necessary it is to have them there. Some Latvians believe Canada 's military presence unnecessary, could 'annoy the Russians'.

Canadian leadership of the multinational battle group is being extended and French said they are overcoming many of the language and cultural obstacles you'd expect when working with a diverse group of nations.

There are Albania, Slovakian, Slovenian, Czech, Polish, Italian and Spanish troops taking part in the NATO mission in Latvia.

Working around the language barrier

French said many of the practical problems involved in working in such a diverse coalition — such as getting all of their radios and equipment to talk with one another — have been overcome. But daily face-to-face dialogue remains a challenge.

"Ultimately, the working language is English," he said, "and all the leadership can't speak English, but we work hard to make sure everybody knows a little bit of everybody else's language."

One advantage to having some Eastern European countries on the team, he said, is that "Czech is not that different from Slovakian or Slovenian."

Learning the various rank structures has been another hurdle for the Canadians, he said, adding that each of the different nations has been tuned in to the cultural nuances.

"I've learned a lot about our allies," said French, marvelling at how many western militaries have common procedures.

Where he sees a difference is in the attitudes each army brings to combat.

"I've learned a lot from different nations in terms of how aggressive they can be on the battlefield," said French.

"Sometimes I think, with Canadians — the way we employ things — sometimes, we try to understand things too much. We have other nations here that are a little more, 'Hey, this the time I'm going to get the job done.'"

Those differences were evident during the Afghan war when, in Kandahar, Canadian troops operated beside Romanian units, who were affectionately nicknamed "The Happy Triggers" for their swift, ferocious approach to fighting the Taliban.

Trudeau gearing up for NATO summit .
Trudeau gearing up for NATO summitOTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other world leaders are gearing up for what already promises to be a lively debate on defence spending at the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels next week.

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