Canada Fire risk up as help arrives from outside B.C.

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Forest fire getting closer to Highway 69

  Forest fire getting closer to Highway 69 Forest fire getting closer to Highway 69Spokesman Shayne McCool says southwest winds could periodically blow heavy smoke onto Highway 69 and into surrounding communities.

Firefighters arriving at a small fire in an abandoned building might have to consider the risks they could encounter in an interior attack versus the consequences of not attacking the If the fire can be safely controlled, an interior attack might involve less risk than staying outside and letting the fire grow.

Basic Home Fire Safety Training Materials. Fire Risks of Hoarding. After the Fire . Stay informed on hot, dry, windy days by monitoring conditions outside and tuning into a local emergency broadcaster Very hot fire and many embers. Embers such as twigs, bark and debris arriving from far away.

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VANCOUVER - A hot, dry forecast for the long weekend has prompted the BC Wildfire Service to warn residents of the high potential for evacuation orders, a day after announcing out-of-province firefighting assistance is en route to British Columbia.

The wildfire service sent the warning Saturday morning, saying much of the province was dealing with intense wildfires that would likely continue due to the weather, and residents need to be ready to leave as soon as an evacuation is ordered.

Kyla Fraser of the BC Wildfire Service said the Okanagan region is seeing the most activity resulting in evacuation alerts, though two newer wildfires broke out in the Bulkley-Nechako regional district this week prompting evacuation orders.

42 forest fires burning in northeast Ont.

  42 forest fires burning in northeast Ont. 42 forest fires burning in northeast Ont.The Parry Sound 33 fire at just over 113 square kilometres remains the most dangerous of the wildfires.

Back up your previous call for help (A) by: • Activating a manual pull station • Phoning the fire department Once the fire department arrives , they will coordinate with your facility to continue the evacuation. Patients who cannot reach a fire or smoke door without passing the room of fire origin may need to be evacuated to the outside of the building. This can help decrease the risk of fire .

A- side : Front of the fire building, usually front door facing street, but may be facing parking area where first apparatus arrives ; other sides labeled B Often used when so much of the building is involved in fire that there is little or no benefit to risking firefighter safety by inserting them into the structure.

"Those would be the two highest priority areas — the Northwest Fire Centre, and the Kamloops Fire Centre," said Fraser from Kamloops, B.C., about 900 kilometres southeast of the Northwest Fire Centre in Smithers, B.C.

Fraser said residents in areas near wildfires should be checking in with their regional districts often, and can use the province's interactive map on the wildfire service website to track evacuation orders, alerts and wildfires.

A state of emergency was declared on Friday in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen, with evacuation orders in place for three properties in the area.

Erick Thompson with the Emergency Operations Centre for the region said anyone near wildfire areas should create a plan before they leave.

Crews battling large fire in rural area of Chilliwack

  Crews battling large fire in rural area of Chilliwack One woman living in the area said she saw large flames and embers flying through the air when the fire was in its early stages. Chilliwack crews had to shuttle water up to the fire through the night as there are no hydrants in the area. It's unclear what started the fire, but several residents in the area were told by police to prepare to leave their homes. Crews appeared to have the fire under control just before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

and corridor; • Check fire suppression equipment; • Identify campus and neighborhood risks , and resources on until the danger has passed or outside help arrives , even for two to three days! and need for outside assistance; • Set up command post (“incident command center”); • Set up and

The arrival of a mini heatwave, in London and south-east England at least, during mid-July highlights the potential risk of fire breaking out in the skip you’ve hired. However, they remain an ever-present risk - particularly when outside temperatures rise above 30 C .

The plan should include cleaning up potentially flammable materials, Thompson said, as embers from the fires can spread in a wide vicinity and ignite things such as dry leaves in gutters or gasoline left behind.

"A lot of times people may be storing fuel cans under their patios, or even a lawnmover if it has fuel in it, its a good idea to move it far away from your home," he said.

One of the most important things to have handy, he said, is what he calls a "grab and go" bag. It should have copies of critical documentation such as birth certificates and passports, medicine and prescriptions, comfort items for children, and any family pets.

"If all of a sudden someone knocks on your door form search and rescue or BC Wildfire and says you have to leave your home, it's good to have something available," Thompson said.

He said that many public shelters won't be able to accommodate animals, and pet and hobby animal owners should plan to stay with family or friends outside the evacuation area, or find a pet-friendly hotel.

Crews to begin fighting forest fire near Horsehoe Bay

  Crews to begin fighting forest fire near Horsehoe Bay Air support is expected to arrive to fight a small wildfire burning near the Sea to Sky Highway Thursday morning. The flames could be seen glowing bright, casting an orange glow over Horseshoe Bay overnight Wednesday.

Opening the oven door will introduce oxygen from outside that may cause a flash fire . ASSIST The other crewmember helps by holding up the incapacitated person’s legs and feet. The crew should encourage passengers to help each other, until assistance arrives .

Fire Risk Assessment Guidance for various Premises. A Fire Survival Guide. Wake Up get a Smoke Alarm. Fire Safety at Home. Domestic Property. The final exit doors should open easily, immediately and, wherever practicable, “in the direction of escape”, i.e. outwards into a place of safety outside the

Animals often get lost or disoriented in an evacuation, Thompson added, so owners are advised to have a way to quickly identify their animals, such as pictures.

"Horses may have brands but many don't, so as a precaution you may want to braid a small tag with your name and contact information into the mane of the horse or somewhere he can't reach," he said, adding that most livestock should already have brands, tattoos and tags.

On Friday, the BC Wildfire Service confirmed almost three dozen firefighters from Alberta and the Northwest Territories arrived Thursday, while another 20 firefighters and 10 support staff coming from Saskatchewan are scheduled to arrive Sunday.

Sixty-five support staff and firefighters from New Zealand as well as 62 firefighters from Mexico are scheduled to arrive in B.C. on Monday, joining more than 2,200 people already battling blazes across the province.

Fraser said the out-of-province help will let the BC Wildfire Service put more manpower on high priority fires, and will give B.C.'s firefighters a much-needed breather.

"We want to make sure we're pacing our own people, there's still a little over a month of summer left and August has been off to a very busy start," Fraser said.

Requests for out-of-province assistance with wildfires go through the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre which co-ordinates the sharing of firefighting resources within Canada. They are also responsible for international forest fire aid coming to the country.

"This will certainly be some much appreciated help," she said.

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Police catch suspect, look for witnesses in Penticton arson .
Police are asking any witnesses who saw a man lighting fires near Penticton’s Channel Parkway to come forward. Around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, police and fire crews were called to a fire that had been lit near Eckhardt Avenue and the Channel Parkway. The witness who called 911 said he saw a man lighting the fire before sprinting south on the Channel Parkway trail wearing all black and carrying a bag. READ MORE: B.C. wildfire update Monday: More fires now burning than during record 2017 seasonWhen police arrived, they saw another fire starting just south of the first one.

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