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21:18  04 october  2017
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Exclusive: Shania Twain reveals all about her life-changing new album 'Now'

  Exclusive: Shania Twain reveals all about her life-changing new album 'Now' The superstar chats to HELLO! about family, fame and new beginnings.It’s hard to believe, but it has been 15 years since Shania Twain last released a new album. And a lot has happened in that time – from the end of her marriage to music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange in 2008 and the loss of her voice due to Lyme disease to her marriage to Frédéric Thiébaud in 2011 and comeback concert series in Las Vegas. Canada’s country-pop sensation has known highs and lows she could never have seen coming.

Despite her latest album being released way back in 2002, Shania Twain is still ranked as one of the best selling artists in the history of music, with over 85 million records sold worldwide! There's a reason Shania earned the nickname "The Queen of Country Pop ."

But why should you - the humble pop music fan - care? Shania 's just a country singer, right? Shania Twain is a flawless Canadian legend and she's the Princess of Pop music (the queen being Dolly, obviously) Love her!

As Canadians, we stand for certain things: real bacon, toques—not beanies—and Shania Twain. While we’re still happy to sing along to “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” we excited that the OG country-pop crossover star is back with fresh music for the first time in 15 years. “I’m relieved that the time has finally come,” says Twain, about the release of her new album Now. “It’s a very good feeling.”

Here are six reasons why—you know what’s coming—Twain is still the one.

She fangirls over celeb covers 

We thought it was a perfect match when pop-rockers Haim covered “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” earlier this summer, and Twain agrees. “It was the coolest thing! I loved it,” she says. “I have yet to meet them. It’s a compliment and it’s also fun for me. It’s entertaining to step back and watch.” (FYI Haim also covered “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and it was EVERYTHING.)

How Shania Twain Built Her Legend

  How Shania Twain Built Her Legend How Shania Twain Built Her LegendWhen once-ubiquitous hit maker Shania Twain walked away from her commercial dominance in the early 2000s, going a decade and a half without releasing a new album, the world more or less sealed her songs, sound, and image into a time capsule. Her music could conjure feelings of nostalgia — and kill at karaoke — but her diamond-certified sales records were triumphs of a bygone era. In the years since, Twain’s history-making musical trajectory seemed to flatten into a single fact: that she was as big, and as global, a superstar as we’ve seen.

So there you have it Shania Twain haters. Doesn’t matter what you say, Shania is Still The One! This past Saturday, our own Country Girl model, Jess Adams was dive bombed by a drone in…

Pop . Rock. Country . Related: Why Shania Twain Needs to Release a New Album ASAP. One of the more powerful moments of her show is when she rides out saddle-less atop a white horse as she performs “You’re Still the One.”

She’s #humble 

Both Drake and Nick Jonas count Twain as one of their celeb crushes. A nod from Drizzy himself? She takes it all in stride. “I don’t take it too seriously. There’s not really much I can do. But it’s a compliment. I’m flattered, very flattered by that.”

My WCW even though it’s Monday. Shania.

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She procrastinates like the rest of us 

When it comes to putting something off, Twain gets it. “I procrastinated for a long time about making a new album,” admits the singer. “It’s kind of like starting to work out again. You procrastinate for a while, but once you get to the gym you feel much better about it. Then you get on a roll! That’s what happened to me.”

Shania Twain fears death for sake of son

  Shania Twain fears death for sake of son International music sensation Shania Twain has admitted she fears dying young and leaving her son Eja without a mother. Shania Twain is terrified she will die young leaving her teenage son without a mother.When the 52-year-old iconic country music singer was just 22, both her mother Sharon and stepfather Jerry Twain tragically died in a car crash and their deaths had a lasting effect on Shania who now worries her life will end early meaning she won't be around to support 16-year-old Eja Lange - her child with ex-husband Robert 'Mutt' Lange.

Now, the ' Queen of Country Pop ' is back on the road for her farewell tour, Rock This Country Tour and here are 10 Reasons Why Shania Twain Is Still The One. 1) She's almost 50 and still looks HOT AF. 2) Seriously tho, this woman defies aging.

Shania Twain 's farewell tour kicks off this week, which makes it a good time to attempt to pick the ten greatest Twain songs. At the time, she was just a superb country singer, rather than a superhuman category-buster. "Raining On Our Love" – This is peak ballad Shania .

She’s proud of Canada’s pop takeover 

As homegrown talents like The Weeknd, Biebz and Shawn Mendes continue to dominate the charts, Twain says there’s one Canadian who has real staying power. “Alessia Cara is really standing out for me,” she says. “I’ve heard her live a couple of times. She’s a serious songwriter and has got an incredible voice. I bet she’ll be around for a long time.”


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She’s mastered her personal style

Every superstar has a signature look and Twain has hers nailed. Leopard print pieces have been her go-tos for years—including on the cover of her new album, Now. “I do love leopard print,” she says. “But I did wear green leopard print once, so maybe I won’t do that again.”

She follows her instincts 

Twain’s advice for her younger self is on point. “I would tell myself to self-check and self-critique, but not self-doubt. You’ve got to just follow your gut,” she says. “You just have to stick with it. Go through the growing pains on your own and make your own mistakes.”


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