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'NCIS' star Pauley Perrette leaving drama after this season

  'NCIS' star Pauley Perrette leaving drama after this season LOS ANGELES - "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette says she's leaving the CBS crime drama after this season following 15 years on the show. Perrette plays pigtailed forensic scientist Abby Sciuto on the CBS show. She confirmed reports of her departure on Twitter on Wednesday, writing that "there have been all kinds of false rumours as to why" she's leaving. She says neither CBS nor the show's producers are "mad" at her and the decision to leave was one she made last year. The 48-year-old Perrette adds that she loves her character "as much as you do.

NCIS recap : ' Exit Strategy '. Sara Netzley. Entertainment Weekly October 11, 2017. NCIS recap : Season 15, Episode 3. More.

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Tonight’s episode was a taut little mystery tangled around a personal story for one of our favorite characters — NCIS’s specialty, in other words.

Torres is on a stakeout with the world’s most annoying man: Metro Det. Miles Higgins, a self-professed anxious talker who proudly displays a comb with a hidden knife and a pen with a hidden camera. When he unleashes the latter on Torres, he chucks it out the window in irritation, then leaves the car to call McGee to come bail him out.

Thankfully, the suspect they’re searching for rolls up just then, so Torres wrestles him to the ground, then realizes that Higgins has vanished, leaving his walkie-talkie and his comb-knife in the dirt. Guess he won’t have a razor-sharp part in his hair any time soon, and I’m sorry, and I’ll show myself out.

“Beloved” & Exiting Pauley Perrette To Receive ‘NCIS’ “Special Send-Off” Promise EPs & CBS – Update

  “Beloved” & Exiting Pauley Perrette To Receive ‘NCIS’ “Special Send-Off” Promise EPs & CBS – Update UPDATE, 11:30 AM: Pauley Perrette isn’t leaving NCIS after a decade and a half without a “special send-off” according to executive producers George Schenck and Frank Cardea. A few hours after the core cast member of the top CBS show announced online that she was exiting as forensic specialist Abby Sciuto on the drama, the EPs and the House of Moonves today offered their heartfelt farewells – and plans. “We’ve known for some time UPDATE, 11:30 AM: Pauley Perrette isn’t leaving NCIS after a decade and a half without a “special send-off” according to executive producers George Schenck and Frank Cardea.

‘ NCIS ‘ Recap : Ducky Receives an Intriguing Proposal. Last time on NCIS , Gibbs and McGee struggled with returning to "normal" life after their time in Paraguay. It is certainly an experience that has changed both men.This episode, titled " Exit Strategy

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all new Tuesday, October 10, 2017, season 15 episode 3 called, “ Exit Strategy ” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below.

Higgins’ disappearance means even more involvement with Metro, and specifically one Det. Sgt. Danny Sportelli, whom NCIS fans have seen a few times before. Thankfully, Higgins’ pen-camera kept rolling when Torres tossed it, and it reveals Higgins leaving on foot with a woman who left fingerprints at the scene.

Said prints belong to Michelle Lane, a Metro police officer who died in 2007 while working undercover to bust crime magnate Benjamin Sotano. The night she was supposed to make her move, the ship where the players were meeting for a gun deal exploded. Witnesses placed her on board at the time of the explosion, along with $2 million in bearer bonds that were never recovered.

The agents add two and 2 million together and assume she skipped town with the bonds. Sportelli says he knew her, and she’d never do that, while Torres sneers in disgust at someone who’d abandon their undercover mission like that.

NCIS recap: 'Twofer’

  NCIS recap: 'Twofer’ If an episode called “Twofer” opens on two cemetery employees exhuming a casket to make room for a highway expansion and you don’t know what’s going to happen next, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to television! That’s right — the casket bursts open and not one but two bodies topple out, tangled together. And they’re an unlikely duo: Richard Coyne, a 32-year-old Navy man who disappeared 18 months ago, and 87-year-old Edna Stone, who shuffled off this mortal coil two years previously. When the team arrives, Torres is creeped out by the smell, the way the bodies are cuddled together, and the words of cemetery employee Phil, who warns that moving bodies is bad karma. Plus, his grandmother believed in not messing with the dead, and he’d prefer to follow suit. Bishop, meanwhile, remains in charge until Dr. Grace Confalone gives Gibbs and McGee the all-clear. Back in the big orange room, Gibbs and McGee eye each other from across their work stations, making sure the other is okay. It’s a nice moment before we dive into Coyne’s backstory: He stopped a robbery at his gym in which the owner was shot and wounded. Coyne was scheduled to testify against the robber/drug dealer, Leo Vairo, but Coyne disappeared a week before the trial. Vairo, who was facing three strikes, walked without Coyne’s testimony and also vanished. Naturally, he’s the prime suspect.

Actor Brian Dietzen weighs in on the impending departure of his " NCIS " co-star, popular actress Pauley Perrette. (Nov. 7) AP.

Exit Strategy is the 3rd episode of NCIS Season 15 and also the 333rd episode of the entire NCIS series. While on a stakeout with Metro P.D., Torres's partner mysteriously vanishes with the subsequent investigation leading NCIS to uncover new evidence from a decade-old murder while Ducky's friend

A check of Higgins’ apartment reveals he’d been back following his disappearance and left with a woman in a tan SUV with a distinctive bumper sticker on back that turns out to be in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. (Any other Lutherans in the house? Holla!)

When Higgins logs into the Metro computer system, the team tracks the signal to a parking garage. They find the SUV with Higgins’ body in the front seat, a gunshot to the neck. Poor guy!

Back at the Naval Yard, Sportelli and Gibbs discuss the demands of bossdom, and Sportelli concludes, “Guys like us can’t retire.” My God, Gibbs would make a terrible retiree.

In the morgue, Palmer’s asking himself WWDD because he’s flying solo while his boss is being honored at the University of Edinburgh. Gibbs prods him to expound on Higgins’ cause of death before he’s completed the autopsy, which he does, reluctantly: gunshot, glass from the passenger side window in the wound, likely shot from above.

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  The Big Bang Theory recap: 'The Explosion Implosion' A big congratulations to the Wolowitzes for the impending arrival of their bouncing baby boy! Even though Howard admittedly won’t be able to teach his son how to throw a ball or catch a ball, there is a certain comfort in the fact that the little tyke’s father will be able to help him choose the right antacid when the time comes. Also, to Sheldon’s point, Bernadette and Penny will be able to teach him whatever the other guys can’t do. This kid and his sister are set for life!Howard eventually settles on the perfect activity he will one day do with his son.

Action, comedy, crime. In a joint operation with Metro PD Torres works with a cop. When the man they are following runs Torres chases him and the cop disappears, Sportelli, the Metro cop they worked with before accuses Torres of leaving the cop.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunners Exit ; EP Alex Kurtzman To Take Over 17 hours ago | Deadline TV. NCIS (TV Series). Exit Strategy (2017). Full Cast & Crew.

After delivering this information, Palmer turns to the question of what to do with the huge stash of medical supplies that have just been delivered because nobody but Ducky restocks the closet. Palmer’s right to be concerned: Those are large and endearingly persnickety shoes to fill.

Thanks to the laptop, the team learns that Michelle has been living as Jessica Pottorf, the married mother of 9-year-old Landon. She was using her laptop to visit the website of a check-cashing business that just happens to be owned by the late gun-runner’s son, Benny Sitano Jr., so that’s where the team heads next.

At his swanky office, Benny claims that after his father died two years ago, he went straight, although he seems comfortable with a little ethical ambiguity, as evidenced by the recent money laundering arrest and the IRS agents at his office during the NCIS interrogation.

He says he recognizes Michelle as his dad’s former employee and believed her to be dead in the explosion 10 years ago. Either way, he’s not concerned if she’s alive and gunning for him because of all his security measures, including bodyguard Nitro, who also makes a mean cappuccino (with fresh cinnamon, it should be noted — never forget the cinnamon).

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Susie, drop me a line to donna@donnakauffman.com with an address and your prizes will go out in the mail! I truly appreciate the contest-entry enthusiasm and all your thoughts on the show (and this recap ) so keep ’em coming!

We scour the Internet for spoilers as well as posting our own exclusive spoilers (Scripts, Casting Calls, Set Photos etc) as well as recaps and other fun articles “ Exit Strategy ” – While on a stakeout with Metro P.D., Torres’ partner mysteriously vanishes, with the subsequent investigation leading NCIS to

He lawyers up when he hears about Higgins’ death, but the agents are distracted when Michelle nervously walks into Benny’s building.

In interrogation, she’s mum about why she faked her death 10 years ago but is eager to tell them that she’s being blackmailed now. Someone called and told her that her family would be harmed if she didn’t hand over the $2 million in bearer bonds, which she swears she doesn’t have. She freaked and called her former partner, Higgins, a.k.a. the only cop she could trust.

They met up during the stakeout and swung by his apartment to grab her old case files. But someone shot at them as they were leaving, and now she has the death of a good man on her conscience. She figured the blackmailer to be Benny, so she was headed to his office to beg for her family’s life.

A bit more Bishop questioning reveals why Michelle ran 10 years ago: She was pregnant, the dad wasn’t in the picture, and the night of the bust, she was wired up but low on battery. When she left the buy to swap it out, the ship exploded, and she assumed she’d been made. It was months later that she learned the hit was actually from a rival gang.

While she was lying low and deciding what to do, she learned that she’d been declared dead, which freed her up to start a new life. She felt terrible about lying to her friends and teammates, but, you see, the baby’s dad was none other than Benny Jr., and how was she going to explain that undercover affair to everyone at Metro?

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“ Exit Strategy ” – While on a stakeout with Metro P.D., Torres’ partner mysteriously vanishes, with the subsequent investigation leading NCIS to uncover new e NCIS S12 Recap - Duration: 5:04. silverfox21 27,490 views.

As we return to the NCIS offices this week in “ Exit Strategy ,” Agent Torres teams up with Metro P.D. for a stakeout which takes an Hidden Remote 8 monthsSurvivor season 35, episode 2: The five worst strategic moves. Hidden Remote 8 monthsHawaii Five-0 season eight, episode two recap : Dogs Days.

In light of this news, they haul in Benny, who admits to the affair and knowing about their child. He was in love, and after the explosion, he hired a PI to search for Michelle, just in case. When he found her, she was happy with her baby and a new man, and he realized a fresh start was the best thing that could happen to his son, especially given the life Benny leads now because of his own father.

By now, Sportelli’s gotten word that they nabbed Michelle and is angry to have been cut out of the case. Gibbs doesn’t back down, of course, but Sportelli still arrests Michelle for conspiracy and fraud. As he hauls her away, she screams at the NCIS agents to find her son.

With Benny in the clear, NCIS turn their attention to the other person who knew about the missing bonds: Nitro the coffee-making bodyguard, whose salary just tripled. Bishop and Torres question him and learn that he’s also a personal trainer who just got his diploma, hence the salary bump. Even before that, though, he was a Metro cop who got pushed off the force when he refused to skim evidence. It’s how he ended up working for Benny, who recognized a good guy trying to beat a bad rap. Oh, and his crooked cop boss at Metro? One Danny Sportelli.

Sure enough, Sportelli never showed up at Metro with Michelle, and more digging reveals massive debts, a drained 401(k), and an old property where he might be hiding out.

When the agents kick down the door of the place, Sportelli’s holding a gun on Landon and demanding Michelle give up the money, which all seems sloppy. Surely he knew NCIS would track him there, right?

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NCIS Recap 10/10/17: Season 15 Episode 3 “ Exit Strategy ”. Inflight WiFi Upgrades: Money-Saving Strategies . Cat Declawing – The Painful Facts. How to Avoid Exhaustion at Walt Disney World Resorts.

When a vehicle transporting Jada Khaled is ambushed, NCIS must track down the culprit to save her and their case on NCIS : LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Jan. 10 (9

Anyway, Sportelli barricades himself in a back room. Gibbs kicks a set of handcuffs under the door and tells Sportelli to choose. Sportelli kicks the cuffs back out, and then we hear a gunshot and the thump of his body hitting the floor.

Later, once everything’s sorted, Bishop arranges a meeting between Benny, Michelle, and Landon so father and son can get acquainted, which made me feel feelings.

Now, to Ducky’s adventures in Scotland! He’s given the opportunity to lecture on an old case involving a body inside a body, which is exactly what it sounds like. He introduces the assembled students to the idea of talking to the people on the autopsy table, and when he finishes, eager Scottish students mob him with questions.

He’s rescued by Dr. Cadence Darwin, an old classmate who offers him a glass of whisky and a job. At first Ducky declines, but when he does some research and realizes that no one else has written about a body inside a body, he’s more open to her proposal: a semester in residence at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, where he can write a book. And not just any book, but the book, a definitive reference for the entire field.

He worries about leaving Palmer and NCIS in the lurch, but she gently reminds him that NCIS keeps spinning, not without him, but because of the legacy he put in place.

When he returns to NCIS, he sees that Palmer restocked the supplies perfectly and learns that Gibbs already knows about the job offer and gives his blessing. Plus, New York’s only a three-hour train ride away.

Stray shots:

  • What does all this mean for Ducky and David McCallum on the show? I haven’t read any plans for his departure (unlike Pauley Perrette), so we’ll have to see how this unfolds. His departure would be a sad turn of events, and my only consolation would be that less Ducky means more Palmer. Although what’s with Gibbs saying “we’ll see” what kind of medical examiner Palmer will be? Hello, he’ll crush it!
  • Way to name check old cases, NCIS! We’ve got your meat puzzle, your blood shower, your chimney mummy. Good times.
  • Benny was an interesting character, wasn’t he? Going straight, mostly. Reveling in his moral ambiguity. Walking away from his love and their child for their sake. Forging a connection with them years later. Some cool layers there.
  • Would $2 million be enough to get you to learn the art of scuba diving? Let me know in the comments!

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