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38-year-old retired millionaire: One simple habit leads to wealth

Sunday  21:40,   30 april 2017

Chris Reining built up a $1 million portfolio by age 35 and left work before[...]

The restaurant industry overindulged -- and now it's paying the price

Sunday  21:06,   30 april 2017
The Washington Post

A consumer pullback puts into focus a key industry problem: The supply of restaurants appears to outstrip demand. “The structural headwind is there are a lot of seats out there,” Eugene Lee, the chief executive of Olive Garden’s parent company, told [...]

This box can see through walls — and it could shake up home security

Sunday  20:45,   30 april 2017

Aura looks for intruders based on the subtle disturbances in wireless spectrum their movements make, like ripples in a[...]

IMF team in Cairo to review second installment of $12-billion loan

Sunday  17:45,   30 april 2017

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation will arrive in Cairo on Sunday to review Egypt's progress on economic reforms before it disburses the second installment of a $12-billion loan program, the Finance Ministry said. [...]

Hacker claims release of stolen copies of Netflix series

Sunday  17:45,   30 april 2017

SAN FRANCISCO - A hacker claims to have followed through on a threat to release several episodes from the upcoming season of Netflix's hit series "Orange Is The New Black." The hacker, who goes by the name The Dark Overlord, announced[...]

Toronto home prices headed for a tumble? Ratings service considers the possibility

Sunday  17:45,   30 april 2017
Financial Post

Fitch Ratings thinks changes brought in by the Ontario provincial government to cool housing will dampen prices and maybe even result in a price correctionFitch Ratings believes the province’s 16-point plan to create affordability in the Greater[...]

Google CEO Sundar Pichai doubled his pay last year to $200 million

Sunday  12:35,   30 april 2017

Google CEO Sundar Pichai nearly doubled his total compensation last year to just under $200[...]

How Richard Branson and 5 other CEOs get ahead by scheduling time off

Saturday  21:35,   29 april 2017

Sometimes pausing is the best productivity[...]

'Not for the faint of heart': Why getting a marijuana producer licence is a long shot

Saturday  21:35,   29 april 2017

The regulatory gates to Canada's legal marijuana regime are open, but only a crack. Health Canada has received 1,630 applications for licences to grow or sell medical cannabis as of March 31. Only 43 licences have been approved so far,[...]

Is Donald Trump’s Presidency Hurting His Businesses?

Saturday  20:41,   29 april 2017
The Atlantic

Is Donald Trump’s Presidency Hurting His Businesses?On Wednesday, the restaurant Koi announced that it will be closing its location in Trump SoHo, one of the president’s properties in New York City. As Suzanne Chou, the general counsel for the[...]

Bombardier rejects Boeing trade claim, shares slide

Saturday  20:02,   29 april 2017

<p>Canada's Bombardier Inc hit back on Friday at rival U.S. planemaker Boeing Co's claim that it sold jets well below cost to win market share in the United States, the latest sign of increasing trade tensions between the two[...]

How a scuttled U.S. trade deal helped lead to modern Canada

Saturday  20:02,   29 april 2017

As trade with Canada falls under Trump’s angry, roving eye, a look back at a U.S. trade deal that helped lead to ConfederationEditor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily[...]

Op-Ed: I once got a $2 million bonus — and I was never more miserable

Saturday  11:40,   29 april 2017

Former Wall Street trader Turney Duff now has four "pillars of happiness" — and none of them are money.Getting a job on Wall Street was the first of like ten boxes I thought I needed to check in order to be happy. The last box — the finish [...]

Canadian dollar hits new 14-month low as uncertain trade outlook weighs

Saturday  09:06,   29 april 2017

<p>The Canadian dollar weakened against its U.S. counterpart on[...]

Trump will zero in on trade agreements during 100th day

Saturday  06:32,   29 april 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump will spend his 100th day in office talking tough on trade in one of the states that delivered his unlikely[...]