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23:51  19 may  2017
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The value of independent financial advice

  The value of independent financial advice The role of your advisor is a lot like a General Manager for a hockey team —that is, to bring together the best people and to build the best portfolio management team possible, no matter if it’s finding the best index fund, dividend fund or small cap fund manager out there for my clients. Then I tie all this investment advice into a financial plan that may include an estate plan, a retirement plan, an income tax plan and/or an insurance plan.Sure, some people will want to do all of the investing themselves but others will want an investment manager to do it all for them.

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Me and my TFSA © Used with permission of / © Rogers Media Inc. 2017. Me and my TFSA

Stella & Mat Stiver-Balla

AGE: 28 and 32

PLACE: Toronto

TFSA TOTAL: $77,210

STRATEGY: Growth and blue-chip stocks

Me and my TFSA

Four years ago was an important time for Mat Stiver-Balla. In 2013 he married his wife Stella, 28, and he began investing in his TFSA.

Like most young investors, Stiver-Balla started his TFSA without really knowing much about investing. The money sat in cash in his account for the first two years until his dad, a mortgage broker, started giving him a few pointers on what to do with the account. That was the push Stiver-Bella need to start following the stock markets in newspapers and magazines. “I started teaching myself how to read balance sheets and I started picking stocks based on what numbers I thought looked good,” says Stiver-Balla. It was enough to make him more comfortable with stocks and investing.

Why Marijuana Companies May Be Treading Water for Quite a While

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He credits MoneySense with his ability to read a balance sheet—especially when it came to understanding key stock metrics and ratios like price-to-earning and price-to-book ratios. Another resource that helped him was Morningstar, an investment research firm that compiles and analyzes mutual fund, stock, and general market data.

After those first two years when his money sat dormant in his TFSA, Stiver-Balla was ready to do his own stock picking. The first stock he bought: Encana Corp. “It had a solid board of directors, a low P/E ratio and at the time, energy stocks looked like a value buy,” says Stiver-Balla. He bought 1,000 shares at $9.10 each and they’ve done very well for him. In fact, the shares are up more than 60% in those two years.

2 Dividend-Growth Stocks for Your TFSA Retirement Fund

  2 Dividend-Growth Stocks for Your TFSA Retirement Fund Here's why Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (TSX:CM)(NYSE:CM) and Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB)(NYSE:ENB) are worth a closer look.Let’s take a look at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(TSX:CM)(NYSE:CM) and Enbridge Inc.(TSX:ENB)(NYSE:ENB) to see why they might be interesting picks.

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Today, Stiver-Balla’s portfolio touches several different sectors, but with a greater emphasis on the financials and energy sector. Still, he makes a point of steering clear of telecom stocks and tech stocks. Stiver-Balla feels there is too much volatility and regulatory risk in sectors right now. “I just think these sectors will be very challenging to make any money at in the future,” he says.

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One sector he does like is medical marijuana. In fact, Stiver-Balla was drawn to the growth potential of Canopy Growth, (formerly Tweed Marijuana Inc.), a large medical marijuana company. “They have a high growth rate and their not meeting demand, so they’re growing. I hope this bet will pay off when legalization of marijuana comes in July,” he says.

Stiver-Balla also invests his wife Stella’s TFSA, which also totals about $75,000. But Stella, a teacher, prefers a passive approach to her portfolio, choosing to invest in low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). “Stella has a defined benefit pension plan but her portfolio is invested in 100% equities in low-cost ETFs,” says Stiver-Balla.” In fact, her portfolio is invested in all Vanguard ETFs, broken down 30% in an international ETF, 30% in a U.S. ETF, and the remaining 40% in a Canadian ETF.

The best way to rebalance several ETF couch potato accounts

  The best way to rebalance several ETF couch potato accounts TFSA, RRSP and LIRA accounts require special attention once a year—Kees, Calgary

Your savings grow faster in a TFSA because your money is growing tax - free . There are no withdrawal penalties*, providing the flexibility to save for shorter-term goals like a vacation or new home. Review the special features that make a TFSA a great savings option

Grow Your Money Faster With A Tax - Free Savings Account . Join the millions of Canadians who have opened a TFSA . Your money grows faster in a TFSA because the money is growing tax - free . A TFSA is a flexible and simple way to invest

What’s the couple’s long-term plan with their TFSAs? Stiver-Balla says the couple, who plans to have a child in a couple of years, will dip into the money at that time if they need it to pay for expenses and child care, but he hopes not to have to dip into it too much. “I believe TFSAs are the best way to build generational wealth and I plan to keep adding to them every year that I can to build our family’s wealth,” he says. “That’s the long-term plan.”

Pro tip

Divert some energy to international stocks

Jon Parry, an investment manager and financial planner with Ironshield Financial Planning in Toronto likes that Mat isn’t afraid to invest in individual stocks and has done his own research. But his one piece of advice: easy up on the energy stocks.  “Mat has a lot of energy holdings, especially Encana shares,” says Parry. “I would suggest he take some of his profits off the table on that stock and add a tech or real estate holding to his portfolio.”

Another potential issue with Mat’s portfolio is that almost all of his holdings are Canadian equities. Given Canadian equities account for just 4% of the international market Parry would like him to diversify by adding some exposure to international growth stocks. “All Canadian investors should look at diversifying internationally. You really can’t get much exposure to the healthcare or tech in a meaningful way by holding only Canadian stocks.”

Does the 15% withholding tax on U.S. dividends apply to capital gains too?

  Does the 15% withholding tax on U.S. dividends apply to capital gains too? And who reports withholding taxes to the IRS—me, or the Investment company?

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See how much more you can save in a Tax - Free Savings Account . The table below illustrates the additional savings that you will receive when contributing the same amount in a TFSA and a taxable account over various time periods.

His suggestion: add a small percentage of a U.S. small- or mid-cap ETF in the tech sector to his holdings. “There’s many competitive products out there that he can choose from,” says Parry. “Perhaps a Vanguard ETF could work for him since his wife already holds some ETFs from that fund family and they seem comfortable with it.”

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