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What to expect when applying for CPP

  What to expect when applying for CPP Jon recounts his experience of being encouraged to apply for CPPEven before that column ran early in June, and seemingly quite independently of the OAS mailing, I received another Service Canada mailing, this one focused on the Canada Pension Plan or CPP. I found this curious since, unlike OAS, I could have applied for early CPP benefits five years ago but never received a pro-active mailing until now.

When you do a pension buyback , there is something called a Past Service Pension Adjustment (PSPA) that will reduce your RRSP room in the year you do the Whether you choose to do a full or partial buyback of past pension service is up to you and should be evaluated before proceeding.

Nancy Woods explores the pros and cons of taking a pension buyback offered through the federal superannuation plan. Some friends say it's a no-brainer and to go for the buyback . Others say hold onto the ,000, you can do better by self-directing the ,000 into an investment portfolio.

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Q: I have been working at a college for 10 years. The last nine were full-time with pension deductions. My first year was contract and I did not contribute to the pension plan.

Now I have the opportunity to purchase that year of pension.

I am going to do so, but don’t know whether to buy it with cash or transfer the money out of my RRSP.


A: It is not uncommon for a pension plan member to be able to buy back service in their pension plan. Common types of service you can buy back include a waiting period to join a plan, a parental leave or other eligible leaves of absence.

Older Americans aren't as poor as we thought

  Older Americans aren't as poor as we thought Millions of American workers are frozen out of their companies' pension plans. Maybe you get a 401(k), if you're lucky. But the traditional pension is dead. Unless, perhaps, you're already retired.It  still lives for millions of older Americans who worked and qualified for their pensions in another era. Today's retirees are living pretty well, new research finds—much better than previously thought.The usual way to measure people’s economic well-being is to ask them. But sometimes surveys confuse people, especially about what qualifies as income.A new paper  by U.S.

Yes, I should mention that the pension is indexed to inflation. My own savings, obviously, are not. Do you expect to be promoted/earning a higher salary before you retire?

If you do not pass the medical examination, the service cannot be counted. You must undergo the examination not more than 90 days before or six months after the date of signing the service buyback form. You should therefore contact your physician as soon as possible and advise the Pension

The buyback, Debbie, is based on actuarial factors including your age, salary, the period the buyback is for, current interest rates, etc.

Most pension plans will provide a calculator to help evaluate your decision. But I’ll try to identify some of the considerations as well as the best way to fund your buyback.

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I mentioned interest rates were a consideration in the calculation of the cost of your buyback. Interest rates are important when determining any present value calculation, including those used by pension plans. There is an inverse relationship between interest rates and present value calculations. That is, when interest rates are high, present value calculations are low. And when interest rates are low, like they are now, present value calculations are high.

Do we need spousal RRSPs if our salaries are the same?

  Do we need spousal RRSPs if our salaries are the same? How to decide if there’s an advantageConsidering our employment status and how our salary levels don’t differ too much, does it even make sense to have a spousal RRSP? Or should I just assume that pension income splitting will still be around by the time I retire?

A pension buyback can: Increase your pension amount and survivor benefit, or. Do you want the peace of mind of having a pension for life? A pension will give you steady How Often Should You Service Your Vehicle? How To Set Up An RESP. TD e-Series Funds: Not Just For Beginners.

Those planning to buy back a few years of state pension should be quick. Where do pension millionaires invest? Wealthy savers' ten favourite shares and funds revealed - plus tips on how to boost your own pot.

This means that the cost of buying back your service is relatively expensive given current interest rates. Rates are starting to rise, but they are still quite low historically.

This is a definite reason to consider not only whether to buy back service, but also when to buy back service. If the cost is likely to be relatively high right now, you really should run the numbers to ensure it’s beneficial. And there could be a strategic opportunity to delay the buyback to the extent you can since rising rates could cause the cost to be less in the future.

Despite your cost to buy back service being high due to low interest rates, it’s the eventual pension benefit that we really care about, Debbie. Often, I find a pension buyback is a good idea because of the way that pensions work. When you contribute to a pension plan, your employer is also contributing to the plan. So, think of this as a company match – free money from your company – that you can only get if you contribute to the pension.

Canadian retirees get inside the UFC octagon

  Canadian retirees get inside the UFC octagon Blood, sweat and actuarial tables—the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board just bought a stake in one of sport’s biggest enterprisesTake note, Canadians: you’re now all investors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise. Well, sort of.

If you buy back those years, it might raise how much you get in your pension . I know that if I work 30 years, I get full pension benefits, but anything under 30 and I get a smaller percentage of my final salary. So you have to do the math. How much will it cost you ?

If you contribute to a supplemental pension plan (SPP) and certain work periods do not count toward your pension , you may be able to correct the situation to increase your pension income or retire earlier while minimizing or eliminating any Aug 05, 2014 · Should I opt for a pension buyback offer?

Particularly for more lucrative pension plans, the “rate of return” on your buyback cost, as calculated based on your future increased pension, may be a double-digit return. I’d rather take the sure thing of double-digit guaranteed return than try to match or beat it with my RRSP.

Do the math, whether on your own or with a professional, so you can decide for yourself, Debbie.

Funding a pension buyback can be done with cash, a transfer from your RRSP, or a combination thereof. If you use cash, you will have a tax deduction for your contribution. You need to have enough RRSP room to use cash, however.

When you do a buyback of $5,000, let’s say, you may need more than $5,000 of RRSP room to use cash. This is because for RRSP purposes, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) needs to consider the benefit from your employer’s contributions and the future pension you will accrue.

Your employer calculates something called a Pension Adjustment (PA) that appears each year when you are a pension plan member. It gets reported on your T4 slip and reduces your RRSP room for the subsequent year. When you do a pension buyback, there is something called a Past Service Pension Adjustment (PSPA) that will reduce your RRSP room in the year you do the buyback. CRA may allow a pension buyback to cause your RRSP room to go as much as $8,000 negative.

The retirement reshuffle

  The retirement reshuffle How to rearrange investment accounts in your golden yearsI would appreciate your thoughts on diversification and winding down as we approach retirement.

When a pension buyback is worth it. Q: Buying non-contributory service in a defined benefit pension plan is a no-brainer when you ’re young, but how about near retirement?

Buy Backs . What is the process for buying back time? How do I find out who is my beneficiary, and how General. Should I stay in the Police Pension Fund or join the Deferred Compensation Plan? All other applications for buybacks must be submitted directly to the NYC Police Pension Fund.

If your PSPA will cause your RRSP room to go more than $8,000 negative, you may have no choice but to transfer money from your RRSP instead (since it’s already been considered in calculating your RRSP room).

So, whether you use cash or your RRSP for the buyback, Debbie, will ultimately depend on whether you have cash available to make the contribution, your RRSP room and ability to choose between cash and an RRSP transfer, and the CRA approval of your buyback.

Whether you choose to do a full or partial buyback of past pension service is up to you and should be evaluated before proceeding. Often, I think it’s a good idea and it’s just a matter of determining the timing and funding source.

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Jason Heath is a fee-only, advice-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at Objective Financial Partners Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. He does not sell any financial products whatsoever.

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