Money After working in a world of 'tech bros,' this woman founded a female-only island

06:25  16 april  2018
06:25  16 april  2018 Source:   CNBC

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Always the only woman in the meeting, often the first–-the first female R&D engineer, first female Richards was distracted, mid-seminar, by a couple of tech bros sitting behind her making some So, a pretty prime example of women being reduced to sexual objects in the technology world is this

Another body appearing to be of an African American female was found Saturday but has not yet been identified. Tech mogul Bill Gates and actress-turned-humanitarian Angelina Jolie have been named the most admired man and woman in the world in a survey compiled by You Gov.

a large body of water© Provided by CNBC We've all had those moments, whether you're drowning in work in a cramped cubicle or just tired of the daily grind. In those moments, a thought might cross your mind, like "I wish I could escape to a private island."

Well, entrepreneur Kristina Roth actually made that happen. She's not just escaping to an island, she owns it. And she's opening it up to women worldwide. But men? They're not allowed.

An idyllic island

SuperShe Island is tucked away in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland. The 8.4-acre (literal) no man's land features four newly renovated cabins and can accommodate 10 people. Its amenities give five-star resorts a run for their money, with Finnish saunas, spa-like facilities and beautifully decorated rooms. Daily wellness activities on the island include yoga, meditation, farm-to-table dining, cooking classes, fitness classes, nature activities and more.

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Being a female afterthought in a Vegas tech orgy by and for men. Not only is this town for fun, it’s for men. Ad Vegas is a world where every club and casino floor and bar and pool party is full of 25-year-old drunk girls who are having the time of their lives.

“Most of the time people understand what the agency can offer.” However, for a number of women working in tech , Models in Tech “A lot of these startups have been founded by very young men in their twenties, who haven’t been in a managing position before, and they asked their bros to join them.

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place© Provided by CNBC

"It's beautiful…it has blueberry fields in the middle [of the island]," Roth tells CNBC Make It. "So in the summer when you walk, it's just like blueberry fields's really a little utopia."

SuperShe? #MeToo

Roth didn't start out in utopia.

"I came with two pieces of luggage to New York, and I didn't know anyone, and I really started a business with no investors…," Roth, who is originally from Germany, tells CNBC Make It of the IT business she founded, Matisia Consultants.

"I bootstrapped with a laptop and my brain, and I brought [the company] up to really high revenue numbers" — $65 million a year by the time she sold it, says Roth.

Along the way there were plenty of people — many men — who underestimated her.

"I'm a computer scientist, and I worked only with men. Ergo, how many times did I have to listen to 'Hey blondie, what are you doing here?' At least that was during my studies," says Roth. "And I think judging a book by its cover — again that's a cliché — that happens a lot in the tech world."

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She is Suing Google For Allegedly Letting Tech Bros Grope and Slap Her at Work . After being tagged “uncooperative,” Lee finally reported the incident, but HR only found her allegations “unsubstantiated.”

As deadline for closing island nears, Boracay's workers worry about their livelihood. The rapidly growing blockchain space in the tech realm, but a group of female blockchain pioneers and tech Yet the space containing blockchain pioneers is only made up of five percent women for now.

a person sitting on a rock next to a body of water© Provided by CNBC

One memory stands out. As CEO at Matisia Consultants, Roth was meeting with a new client. She arrived with a group of men in tow. All the client knew, she says, was that the CEO of the company was coming with a group of people. When they arrived, the client immediately assumed that one of the older gentlemen in the group was the CEO.

"Immediately they went to him. He worked for me," Roth says. "They immediately went to him and shook his hand…and of course, I made fun of my client for the rest of the project. And I never forgot it."

After Roth sold Matisia Consultants around two years ago (for an undisclosed sum), she began traveling and meeting women all around the world. Roth's success story "really seemed inspire other women, and other women's stories from other areas, whether it's fashion or art or sports, started to inspire me," she says.

An idea began to take shape.

"During my career, I went to a lot of women networking events," Roth says. "And honestly, I was bored out of my mind, like I didn't want to waste my time. It all felt so organized and so 'Hi, it's me, here's my business card.'"

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s/ tech / world though, hey? The last and only tech conference I was at did have women speaking. NC Women in Machine Learning and Data Science: 570 members, founded about 18 months ago. I don't work in tech but last week I had a male employee file a HR complaint against a female

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros . I’ll just get this out front: I’m not your typical big box-office superhero moviegoer. It was a women - only island ; an all- female society – a protective nation of sisterhood. After all of Wonder Woman ’s hard work , what was gained? How was she transformed?

Roth wanted to create something better. SuperShe society was born. It began as a networking group and expanded to include a lifestyle blog, events and women-only retreats in luxurious locations such as Hawaii, Necker Island and Turks & Caicos. It was meant to create a fun way for women to network — a way that men have been networking for years, Roth says, whether it's at the golf course or the cigar club.

a group of people standing next to a body of water© Provided by CNBC

SuperShe "was 'Hey, let's go have a fun time, we're going to go surfing and hiking and kite boarding, we're going to get to know each other, I like you, you like me, guess what? We will help each other," she adds.

Today, the SuperShe community currently touts around 3,000 members, according to Roth. Its pink-tinged Instagram profile plugs itself as a "not-so-secret society of women who share a thirst for living an exceptional life and a hunger for healthy living."

a group of people performing on stage in front of a crowd© Provided by CNBC

"For me, SuperShe is really striving to be an independent woman," Roth says. "Sometimes, during our lifecycle, we're not that independent. So striving to be emotionally, financially and on all levels, independent. Because guess what? That's the only time you can make decisions about your own future. If someone is paying your bills, if your emotionally co-dependent in a bad relationship, you're just really not able to be the best version of yourself."

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Women in this world , and consumers generally, rely partly on their hope that these earthly If anything, the startup bros Shafrir lampoons are devastatingly ineffective, myopically focused on Mack, in distinct contrast to Nutting’s bionically efficient Byron, uses his tech work as a dating pool

19 Texts From People Whose Sense of Humor Only Got Stronger After Marriage. Eilis Lacey, a young Irish woman , leaves her native village for the States. Having found a good job, she adjusts to living away from home and really enjoys it.

A female-only island just ups the ante. During her travels, the idea took root. She bought some property in Turks and Caicos, and had planned to hold a retreat there, but then Hurricane Irma came, hitting the region hard.

Meanwhile, Roth had heard about the island in the Baltic Sea, ironically, from her boyfriend.

"It was stuck in the back of my head, 'Someday, I wish I could escape to an island,'" Roth says. "The opportunity presented itself when I was in Finland, and of course I needed to strike immediately and make this dream happen."

The island itself needed a lot of work, with no electricity, no water and no roads. Roth, who declines to disclose how much the renovations cost but does reveal it was "a lot," set about turning the island into a haven for women.

That's about the time the Me Too movement began to grow. It was a narrative that was impossible to ignore and one that Roth calls "inspiring." The timing of SuperShe, she says, was perfect, if unplanned.

How to land a spot on the island

a stack of flyers on a table© Provided by CNBC

Does SuperShe Island sound like your idea of paradise? Well, you can't just book a trip there — Roth handpicks the visitors herself. The application process even includes a video interview.

And while the island won't officially open until July (she plans to host a trial-run in June), Roth says her team have received around 3,000 to 4,000 applications and counting. Countries with a standout number of applicants include the U.S., India and France.

Woman killed, 3 children taken to hospital after vehicle rolls near Taber, Alta.

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We've highlighted 30 female - founded companies below that inspire us to solve problems, create, and support other women . Salim was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list earlier this year and has received recognition from the World Policy Institute for her work in sustainability.

She is Suing Google For Allegedly Letting Tech Bros Grope and Slap Her at Work . Fighting gender discrimination Butkovic, who is based in London, created Women of Wearables to support females working in wearable technology , virtual reality and augmented reality, after experiencing a lack of

"I really get stuck reading [applicant's] stories," Roth says. "And I'm really fascinated that I really struck a chord...women say 'I've been dreaming about this' and 'This is what I wanted,' and it's good to see the reassurance, because you come up with an idea and you do it, and having this direct feedback helps me a lot."

SuperShe Island, however, is not free from criticism. Roth says a week-long all-inclusive stay will likely cost between $5,000 to $6,000, which is expensive for many people. Plus there's the unique vetting process. So some say the retreat is elitist and disproportionately counts out people of color, those with disabilities, trans people or those who are gender non-conforming.

Roth disagrees and calls it a "totally equal opportunity group," and while the island might have capacity limitations, she adds that "In the broader SuperShe community, we welcome everyone."

She also says the price is fair. "For being picked up from the airport, being brought to an island, getting every day a massage, food, a full program and being on a private island, come on guys," Roth says.

Still, Roth says she plans to roll out a more affordable one-day program aimed at people traveling through Europe or for local Finnish women. Roth explains she'll "always be open" to giving out freebies too, for people who can't afford it.

So what is she looking for during the vetting process?

The women's stories are key. "We have super interesting stories from women who really take their time and tell us," Roth says.

"A lady who escaped from North Korea and applied and one artist [a painter] still living in Syria in war were stories that stood out, because these women live or lived in danger and still longed for the same things we all do," she adds.

Personality is also important: "[A] nice smile and a nice attitude is important, because we will be stuck on an island," she says. "It should be fun."

—Video by Mary Stevens

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