Money Earth Month: 6 ways to reduce your household waste

16:02  16 april  2018
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Toronto’s blue-bin system is on the ropes

  Toronto’s blue-bin system is on the ropes Toronto’s blue-bin system is on the ropes“This is a big problem, a very significant problem,” Councillor Jaye Robinson, public works chair, said after a city official warned of a projected $9.2-million plunge this year in recycling revenues that Robinson called “significant and terrifying.

In celebration of Earth Day, here are some ways we have reduced waste in our household (and some other ideas, too). Added bonus, we aren’t throwing away a sponge every few weeks/ month . We replace the dish cloth daily (or more frequently if necessary) and just toss the old one in the wet bag to

Reducing waste at home doesn't have to be drastic either--simply aim to throw out less waste this month than you did last month , and then repeat the same challenge next month . Here are six tips for reducing your household waste

Canadians generate over 700 kilograms of waste per capita, the Conference Board of Canada reports.© Chemistry/Getty Images Canadians generate over 700 kilograms of waste per capita, the Conference Board of Canada reports.

Did you know Canada produces 720 kilograms of waste per capita on average every year?

According to the latest Conference Board of Canada report in 2016, waste generation results from several factors, including household revenue and lifestyle. And while waste generated in Canada did decrease by six per cent since 2002, it may still not be enough.

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It’s trash — like water bottles, plastic bags, etc. — that end up making their way into landfills and sometimes oceans, impacting our environment and even sometimes killing wildlife.

'Cracks Are Starting To Show' In Canada's Borrowing Binge

  'Cracks Are Starting To Show' In Canada's Borrowing Binge Canada's housing market has officially entered "correction" territory, with the average resale price falling 10.7 per cent in March from a year earlier, according to data released Friday. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) wasted no time in pointing to the culprit."Recent changes to mortgage regulations are fueling demand for lower priced homes while shrinking the pool of qualified buyers for higher-priced homes," CREA chief economist Gregory Klump wrote in the group's monthly housing report. define("homepageFinanceIndices", ["c.

How to Reduce Household Waste . Three Methods:Buying Smart Lowering Your Waste Production Living Green Community Q&A. In addition, you can decrease how much waste you create by finding ways to reuse and donate old items.

I remember my reaction when I first heard someone say “I empty my bin every 6 months !”. What?! How on earth do you do that? So here are a few simple tips: Reduce your household waste – 5 easy ways .

Take the example of a young male sperm whale that washed up off the coast of Spain in February. The whale was found to have 64 pounds of garbage in its digestive system, including trash bags, ropes and more in its stomach, The Washington Post reports.

It’s examples like these that show why it’s important that people start thinking about the waste they generate in their homes and how they can reduce it, experts say.

“The amount of global waste that’s going into the oceans and into landfills is unsustainable,” Deborah Doncaster, president of Earth Day Canada, says. “We need to be mindful about our actions and our behaviours and if you can’t be mindful about the planet, then I’m not sure what you can be mindful about.”

In honour of Earth Month, Doncaster, along with Kathryn Kellog of the website, offer up some tips on how you can limit the waste you generate within your home.

More than 100 parts for NASA's Orion capsule to be 3D printed

  More than 100 parts for NASA's Orion capsule to be 3D printed More than 100 parts for U.S. space agency NASA's deep-space capsule Orion will be made by 3D printers, using technology that experts say will eventually become key to efforts to send humans to Mars. U.S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin, 3D printing specialist Stratasys, and engineering firm PADT have developed the parts using new materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures and chemical exposure of deep space missions, Stratasys said on Tuesday."In space, for instance, materials will build up a charge.

Reduce Your Household Waste . 2015-08-27 Allyson H. This topic has been in the forefront of my mind for a few months now, especially since Trevor and I live in such a small apartment and still managed to generate a bag “10 Ways to Have Less Waste : Earth Day Wellness” by Joyous Health.

How to Effectively Reduce Household Waste . While living in the twenty-first century, it is a bit hard to ignore the need to be less wasteful and to cut down on ecological footprints. After all, there is only one Earth and all humans spread across the planet share it.

The first thing you can do is to try eliminating plastic bottles and takeaway coffee cups. Instead, use reusable water bottles for your beverages, Kellog and Doncaster suggest.

“For some reason, we are still wedded to our water bottles and our coffee cups,” Doncaster says. “I still see a lot of people using [reusable] water bottles but at the end of the day… there are still so many drinks that are healthier these days that aren’t just water that continue the issue of us constantly buying plastic bottles.”

“I recommend a double insulated water bottle because it works for hot drinks and cold drinks,” Kellog adds. “That way you only have to carry one item with you.”

Another suggestion Doncaster has is moderating or eliminating disposable cleaning products.

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For example, paper towels can generate quite a bit of waste. Instead, swap them out for cloths you can wash and reuse.

5 ways to retire on less money

  5 ways to retire on less money 5 ways to retire on less moneyIt can be a problem for some retirees to live on a fixed income. One potential solution is to lower your expenses. No one wants to surrender the things they enjoy – whether it's a sports activity, a trip to the mall or a warm home in winter – but sometimes we can achieve our objectives by going about things in a different way. Here are five ideas for retiring on less money, without feeling any pain.

Here are some practical ways to reduce household waste . It feels so good to not only be reducing our waste , but to also give back to the earth that gives so much to us.

Every couple months I will go through different parts of my house and purge unwanted or unused items. Most of the time, what I am getting rid of is in good condition, and would still serve a purpose, just not for me anymore. This is another great way to reduce your waste .

Also, start bringing reusable bags when you go grocery shopping Kellog suggests. It will eliminate plastic bags from your home.

While you’re out grocery shopping, Doncaster says to pay attention to the amount of packaging your food is wrapped in. This, she says, generates a lot of unnecessary waste. Try sticking to foods that have zero packaging (like fruits and veggies and other fresh foods). Not only will this cut down on packaging, but it will also help you eat healthily.

Next, be mindful of the amount of clothing you buy and throw away. With stores today generating clothing lines at a fast pace, more and more clothing is hitting the shelves and the landfills, Doncaster says. So try donating them to consignment shops, swapping clothing with your friends (rather than going out and buying more) and finding alternative uses for your old clothing.

Lastly, try switching your toothbrush to an electric one or one made of bamboo, Doncaster advises. Toothbrushes made of plastic contribute to the plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. By using an electric toothbrush, you only have to change the heads rather than throw the whole thing away, Doncaster explains, while toothbrushes with bamboo holders are much more friendly to the Earth.

NASA's new planet-hunter to seek closer, Earth-like worlds .
NASA is poised to launch a $337 million washing machine-sized spacecraft that aims to vastly expand mankind's search for planets beyond our solar system, particularly closer, Earth-sized ones that might harbor life. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, is scheduled to launch Monday at 6:32 pm (2232 GMT) atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Its main goal over the next two years is to scan more than 200,000 of the brightest stars for signs of planets circling them and causing a dip in brightness known as a transit.

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