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Demi Moore Becomes Victim Of Credit Card Fraud, Thief Runs Up Bills Of $169,000

  Demi Moore Becomes Victim Of Credit Card Fraud, Thief Runs Up Bills Of $169,000 Demi Moore has become the victim of a major credit card fraud case, it’s been reported. According to TMZ, a 35-year-old man called David Matthew Read managed to run up a whopping US$169,000 worth of bills over several weeks after he reported Moore’s AmEx card lost or stolen back in March. The site claimed ReadDemi Moore has become the victim of a major credit card fraud case, it's been reported.

5 Ways to Get Out of Debt Faster - Duration: 2:13. kiplinger 45,757 views. Reducing Credit Card Debt Using The Snowball Method - Duration: 3:52. debtopedia 49,324 views.

8 steps to reducing credit card debt . By Julie Sherrier. A structured, disciplined approach can help you get out of credit card debt whether your balance is ,000 or ,000. Credit card debt : 8 keys . 10 things to know about ID theft.

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The Bank of Canada's latest rate increase has raised the cost of borrowing as well as the importance of paying off debts.

Credit cards often carry interest rates in the double digits, some of the most crippling in the debt world, so anyone carrying a balance on one should make it their top priority to pay off — even if the big banks' decision to raise their prime rates doesn't directly impact credit card rates, said Credit Counselling Society president Scott Hannah.

"If a person is regularly carrying a balance on their credit card, that's a problem," he said.

About 44 per cent of Canadians are $200 a month or less away from financial insolvency, according to accounting firm MNP.

And the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card Is…

  And the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card Is… One rewards credit card offers the most savings to both the average traveler and the frequent flyer.CNBC has done the hard work for you, though, in its recent analysis of travel credit cards. The publication scrutinized 35 cards based on seemingly every relevant factor.

When mapping out how to get rid of credit card debt , be sure to cover the basics first, says Sean Fox, co-president and CRO of Freedom Financial Network, a financial services company that specializes in debt settlement. Learn how to do a balance transfer in 6 steps .

Here’s how to pay off your credit card debt in four steps 0% balance transfer credit card : It might seem counterintuitive to apply for a credit card when your main goal is to get out of credit card debt , but 0% balance transfer cards can help save you money in the long run.

Credit agency TransUnion said earlier this month that average non-mortgage debt stood at $29,312 per person, including an average credit card balance of $4,154. But about half of Canadians pay off their credit cards each month, so the burden is actually much higher for those who don't.

Tackling debt can seem daunting, and many consumers choose to ignore the problem by paying only the monthly minimum, but an honest financial self-assessment and some planning will pay dividends in the long run, said Hannah.

The first step in taking on messy finances is to draw up a workable budget, with reasonable spending cuts, that's not too restrictive, he said.

"If your morning latte is a must-have, keep it, and look for other areas in your budget to scale back on."

What should young Ellis do with a $500,000 inheritance?

  What should young Ellis do with a $500,000 inheritance? What should young Ellis do with a $500,000 inheritance?My question is: what do I do with $500,000? I have looked into mutual funds and ETFs or buying instead of renting while maintaining a safety net since I will never be able to move back in with my parents should things go south. I am unsure what would be considered “safe,” yet I know I should start thinking net worth and building on this nest egg. Sorry for the open-ended questions, I am just looking for advice. Let me know if more details would help.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you eliminate your debt pronto. 1. Make a conscious decision to stop borrowing money. If you want to get out of debt fast, you have to stop using debt to fund your lifestyle. This means no more financing furniture, no more signing up for credit cards

Key considerations: This method can save you money in interest payments. However, if your highest-interest-rate card has a big balance, it could Step #3: Implement your chosen method, and commit to smart financial behavior Many people manage to get out of credit card debt —but only for a short time.

Long-term planning and patience is important so that you actually stick to a plan. That includes putting money aside for expenses such as car repairs so that they can be paid with cash, rather than using a credit card and restarting the debt cycle, he said.

"It's why so many people fail with their New Year's resolution to get out of debt real fast. It doesn't work."

Reducing credit card debt also requires a personal strategy regarding how they're going to be paid off, especially since the average client has four or five credit cards, but Hannah thinks it's important to pick the card with the smallest balance and pay that off first.

"Getting that win under your belt is really motivating."

Consolidation loans are an option as they will provide a single lower rate of interest, but Hannah recommends waiting until you establish a track record of sticking with a budget, which could take months or years.

My friend used me for money

  My friend used me for money Helping out a friend financially can be dangerous.We were co-workers who had become friends. We went to lunch together, shopped together and often went on double dates together. I wasn’t worried about getting paid. I knew she had a good job and was paid well. She promised to pay me back when we returned. Our agreement suited me because I was using a zero-interest credit card. She saved on interest if I charged the trip, while I collected points from the charge. Win-win, right? Wrong.

Reducing debt is a key part of managing your finances. We’ve got six clever ways to do so, from classic personal finance strategies to creative tactics that take advantage of the way credit card interest is calculated.

Here is a step by step guide for how to get out of credit card debt : 1. Make a list of all credit cards and look at the amounts on each. At times, people will have so many credit cards that they cannot keep track of which ones they have a certain amount of money on.

Too many people get a consolidated loan only to dip into credit cards before it's paid off, due to an emergency or perceived need, so the track record is important, said Hannah.

"It takes a while if you've never done it before, to use a budget. You're going to make mistakes," he added.

Establishing a proven budget and payment plan could also make it easier to get that consolidated loan once the groundwork has been laid.

Online loans from less established lenders may appear to offer a seemingly cheaper rate, but Hannah warns that consumers should carefully review the terms. Actual rates can be much higher than those advertised, and can carry hefty penalties for things like late payments, so borrowers should be extra wary of the terms.

Transferring balances to a low-interest credit card can cut interest payments, but doing so often triggers a balance transfer charge. The approach also still relies on credit cards, which Hannah says people need to give up altogether until they get out of debt.

Sticking to a budget also means checking in regularly on progress, seeing those balances clock down, and having patience with the process, said Hannah.

"Along the way you'll have a few setbacks, because life is just cruel, we all have setbacks, so you have to be able to manage through those pieces."

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