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News: Money

Lustre may be set to return to gold mining stocks after long decline

Tuesday  19:57,   19 june 2018

After a five-year decline, beaten-down Canadian gold miners may be setting themselves up for a turnaround in 2019, analysts say , as healthier cash flows lead to more spending on exploration and development, and more attractive dividends.The price[...]

Activist Icahn gains control of board in proxy fight at SandRidge Energy

Tuesday  19:57,   19 june 2018

By Heide[...]

Shopify Inc. (TSX:SHOP): Can this stock still double your investment?

Tuesday  19:57,   19 june 2018

Investors who'd bought Shopify Inc. (TSX:SHOP)(NYSE:SHOP) stock 12 months ago have almost doubled their money. Is this tech company still a buy?This e-commerce platform provider to small- and medium-sized businesses has gained 60% so far this[...]

No, Vancouver doesn't have an insanely low property tax

Tuesday  19:15,   19 june 2018

Boy, this new Vancouver property tax increase — the charmingly named "school tax" — sure is causing a lot of commotion. People suffering under this housing crisis have about as much sympathy for these paper millionaires as they do [...]

Stocks fall amid U.S.-China tariff threats

Tuesday  19:15,   19 june 2018

Stocks fall amid U.S.-China tariff threatsThe S&P/TSX composite index was down 68.77 points to 16,314.86, after 90 minutes of[...]

China blasts new U.S. tariff threat, warns it will retaliate

Tuesday  19:11,   19 june 2018

China blasts new U.S. tariff threat, warns it will retaliateTrump's announcement fueled fears that economic losses, limited so far to companies hit by U.S. or Chinese tariff hikes, might spread if the dispute chills global[...]

New grads, unlock your future with a credit check-up

Tuesday  19:05,   19 june 2018

New grads, unlock your future with a credit check-upIn college, establishing credit felt about as pressing as an optional homework assignment. But now that you've graduated, it's suddenly at the top of your summer to-do list, with a deadline of[...]

Swoop set to launch Wednesday in Hamilton, Ont.

Tuesday  18:27,   19 june 2018

Swoop set to launch Wednesday in Hamilton, Ont.Load[...]

How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

Tuesday  18:23,   19 june 2018

In communities across the country, the billionaire conservatives are waging a sophisticated fight against new rail projects and bus routes.The group, the local chapter for Americans for Prosperity, which is financed by the oil billionaires Charles[...]

How to make your own financial plan in 8 easy steps

Tuesday  17:26,   19 june 2018

A financial plan is a road map to help guide you to a better future. Not limited to just budgeting or investing, a good financial plan will help you navigate your way through all of life’s major financial milestones.While a financial adviser can[...]

Wealth of millionaires surges 10.6% to top $70 trillion for the first time

Tuesday  16:11,   19 june 2018

The combined wealth of the world’s millionaires rose for a sixth straight year and grew 10.6 percent to a record $70.2 trillion.The world’s millionaires saw their wealth grow 10.6 percent to a record $70.2 trillion, the global consulting firm[...]

Dow is set to drop more than 350 points as Trump ratchets up pressure on China with more tariffs

Tuesday  15:56,   19 june 2018

<p></p><p>U.S. stock futures fell sharply on Tuesday after President Donald Trump's latest threat to China increased fears of an impending trade war between the world's largest economies.</p>Dow Jones industrial average futures[...]

Kasuo Kashio, co-founder of Casio of G-Shock fame, dies

Tuesday  14:06,   19 june 2018

TOKYO - Kazuo Kashio, one of four brothers who founded Casio Computer Co., the Japanese company behind G-Shock watches, has died at age 89. Kashio, who was chairman and served previously as president, died at a Tokyo hospital on Monday of aspiration [...]

Facebook's 'unpleasant underbelly' policed by thousands of content reviewers worldwide

Tuesday  14:06,   19 june 2018

Content reviewing is one of the fastest-growing, entry-level job sectors in Silicon Valley as social media platforms fight to rid their platforms of ever-growing amounts of toxic content. © Sylvia Thomson/CBC James Mitchell, director of risk and[...]

Auto tariffs could cost Canada 160,000 jobs, TD estimates

Tuesday  14:06,   19 june 2018

Donald Trump's threat to slap tariffs on Canadian cars and car parts could cost the country up to 160,000 jobs, especially if Canada retaliates, TD Bank warns. In a report Monday, senior economist Brian DePratto crunched some numbers on the[...]