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Is dipping into your RRSP fund the best way to pay off debt?

Wednesday  18:16,   20 september 2017
Star Phoenix

Should you dip into your RRSP to pay off debts? Paying off debts is usually a good idea. But using your RRSP is not good if you pay too much tax. You also don’t want to jeopardize your retirement savings goals. Using TFSA savings is better since[...]

Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy: What about my gift cards?

Wednesday  18:16,   20 september 2017

What you need to know as the toy retailer attempts to recover from its financial[...]

Ford to suspend production at 5 North American plants

Wednesday  11:05,   20 september 2017

<p>Ford Motor said Tuesday it plans to idle five North American vehicle assembly plants for a total of 10 weeks to reduce inventories of slow-selling models.</p>The plants affected include three assembly plants in the United States and two in[...]

100,000 Canadian victims: What we know about the Equifax breach — and what we don't

Wednesday  09:35,   20 september 2017

It's been nearly two weeks since we learned about one of the biggest data breaches in recent memory, and many questions remain[...]

World’s largest sovereign wealth fund hits $1 trillion for first time

Wednesday  08:50,   20 september 2017

Dollar weakness and equity strength have helped the vast nest-egg balloon in size.Norges Bank, who manages the fund for Norway, said on its website that the rainy-day pot was never expected to grow so[...]

Suzy Welch: The 2 traits that are guaranteed to get you promoted

Wednesday  07:31,   20 september 2017

You need these characteristics to get ahead, and they both start with "G."Bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch knows what it really takes to rise. She's worked with hundreds of executives, written extensively about [...]

At 35, a young dad strives to save $4,000 a month

Wednesday  07:30,   20 september 2017

Adam Ligman has it all: a nice home, great job and a super-cute wife and kids.  “I’m fortunate because we’re able to get what we need,” says Ligman, 35, an area sales manager at Intuitive Surgical, a maker of robotic surgical systems, in[...]

Canada’s Next Generation Won’t Be Able To Depend On Bank Of Mom And Dad

Wednesday  07:11,   20 september 2017
Huffington Post Canada

More than half of Canadians with adult children say their kids still depend on them financially, according to a new survey that also finds the next generation of Canadian youth won't be able to count on their parents as much as earlier[...]

Ontario college to offer cannabis certificate

Wednesday  05:30,   20 september 2017

A southern Ontario college says it will be the first to offer a post-secondary credential in the production of commercial cannabis. Niagara College says the graduate certificate program will launch in the fall of 2018 and aims to prepare students to [...]

Toys R Us outlines its post-bankruptcy survival strategy

Tuesday  23:41,   19 september 2017

Toys R Us outlines its post-bankruptcy survival strategyToys R Us plans to close certain underperforming stores and remake others into "interactive spaces" in a bid to overhaul its drooping image after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy[...]

Air Canada looking for credit card partner

Tuesday  23:40,   19 september 2017

MONTREAL - Air Canada is seeking a credit card partner for its new loyalty program which it says will help improve the bond with passengers and drive increased profits. The Montreal-based airline says it is inviting key financial institutions to[...]

100,000 Canadians may be affected by Equifax hack

Tuesday  23:40,   19 september 2017

TORONTO - Equifax Canada says approximately 100,000 Canadian consumers may have had their personal information compromised in the massive cyberattack on the credit data company made public earlier this month. The company said Tuesday the[...]

Sales of $4 million-plus Toronto homes poised to rebound

Tuesday  21:11,   19 september 2017
Toronto Star

It turns out that high-end real estate buyers — those willing to spend $4 million-plus on property — aren't entirely immune to the foibles of the Toronto housing market.But the super-luxury market hasn't suffered quite as badly as lower[...]

Retired? Here Are 2 Safe Dividend-Paying Stocks to Own

Tuesday  20:26,   19 september 2017
The Motley Fool

Fortis Inc. (TSX:FTS)(NYSE:FTS) and Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB)(NYSE:ENB) provide retirees with income and stability.Thankfully, we have utility stocks, which are well suited for this purpose, as they are typically a ray of light in both bull and bear[...]

What happens to a RRSP, LIRA, RRIF when you die

Tuesday  20:22,   19 september 2017

Be aware of tax[...]