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Finland's welfare state has a massive baby problem

Tuesday  19:13,   19 september 2017

You know you've got a problem when even the best don't have the solution.Finland, a first-rate place in which to be a mother, has registered the lowest number of newborns in nearly 150 years. The birth rate has been falling steadily since[...]

Montreal a luxury real estate hot spot: Sotheby's

Tuesday  17:53,   19 september 2017

VANCOUVER - Montreal is emerging as a luxury real estate "hot spot," while Vancouver and Toronto sales should pick up this fall after somewhat sluggish times, according to a new report. Sotheby's International Realty Canada's rosy[...]

Toys ‘R’ Us Seeks Bankruptcy, Crushed by Debt and Online Rivals

Tuesday  16:26,   19 september 2017

(Bloomberg) -- Toys “R” Us Inc., the once-dominant specialty retailer and ultimate toyland for a generation of post-war baby boomers, filed for bankruptcy thanks to a crushing debt load from a previous buyout and relentless competition from[...]

Trudeau, Scheer duel over tax changes

Tuesday  16:26,   19 september 2017

OTTAWA - A jousting match erupted Monday between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer as the Liberal government's plan to end "unfair" tax advantages for some wealthy small business owners dominated the[...]

GM workers in Ingersoll, Ont., on strike

Tuesday  16:25,   19 september 2017

INGERSOLL, Ont. - GM Canada has been hit with its first assembly plant strike in more than two decades as uncertainty on North American trade negotiations loom over contract talks with workers at its CAMI operation in Ingersoll, Ont. The 2,500[...]

Why Raising Rates Are Far More Detrimental to Housing Than We Realize

Tuesday  16:25,   19 september 2017
The Motley Fool

With the potential for a major shift in the housing market, shares of Equitable Group Inc. (TSX:EQB) may be the best way for investors to benefit.For most buyers, the most important cost to owning a home is the mortgage payment, which is made up of[...]

Report warns of Canada's debt 'vulnerability'

Tuesday  16:25,   19 september 2017

A new international banking report groups Canada with China and the special administrative region of Hong Kong as jurisdictions whose domestic banking systems are at risk from rising debt levels. The Bank For International Settlements, which is[...]

Bank of Canada watching impact of higher rates, stronger C$: Lane

Tuesday  10:25,   19 september 2017

By Francois[...]

Equifax will update Canadians on cyberattack

Tuesday  10:25,   19 september 2017

TORONTO - Equifax Canada said Monday it plans to provide an update this week on the impact of its massive data breach it, but would not say how many individuals north of the border may have had their personal information compromised. The credit data [...]

Toys R Us could file for bankruptcy as soon as this week, sources say

Monday  21:01,   18 september 2017

The potential bankruptcy comes ahead of the crucial holiday season, when the retailer does the majority of its sales.The sources noted that the bankruptcy plans are not definite, and both its plans to file and its timing could[...]

The hidden risks of opening up trade with China

Monday  20:22,   18 september 2017
Canadian Business

China’s enormous size and growing stature in global affairs make it a tempting partner for a free trade deal, but it comes with strings[...]

Rolling Stone magazine to be sold

Monday  20:22,   18 september 2017

NEW YORK - Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner plans to sell his company's controlling stake in the legendary magazine that chronicled the music and politics of the counterculture movement and changed music journalism forever. The New York Times[...]

Group of doctors decry critics of tax changes

Monday  20:21,   18 september 2017

TORONTO - Doctors across Canada who support Finance Minister Bill Morneau's proposed tax reforms say they want their voices to be heard above the din of criticism from colleagues and medical societies. To make their point, they have been putting [...]

'We've Been Breached': Inside the Equifax Hack

Monday  19:11,   18 september 2017
The Wall Street Journal.

The crisis has sent shock waves through the industry, spooked consumers and sparked investigations. A focus for inquiry is a software glitch that appears to be how the intruders got into the company’s systems. Equifax Inc. was among[...]

How to stop making your bank even richer: Vaz-Oxlade

Monday  19:10,   18 september 2017
Toronto Star

Banks are some of the most profitable businesses in this country. Are you making them rich?The profits banks make off the fees and interest are astounding. And you know what? You’re probably contributing in no small way to that profitability with[...]