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Here’s how Canadians could walk away from their homes if house prices fall

Tuesday  13:01,   07 november 2017

Opinion: When the U.S. housing market crashed many Americans simply abandoned their mortgages. Think that couldn’t happen here? Guess[...]

4 Stocks to Buy as the Price of Oil Continues to Rise

Tuesday  13:01,   07 november 2017
The Motley Fool

Baytex Energy Corp. (TSX:BTE)(NYSE:BTE) and these three other stocks have been hit hard by declining oil prices, and a reversal of that trend could see their share prices[...]

CRA promises 'appropriate action' on tax evaders following Paradise Papers leak

Tuesday  13:01,   07 november 2017

The Canadian Revenue Agency is promising action after an international investigation pulled back the curtain on more than 3,000 Canadian companies, trusts, foundations and individuals who hide their money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes. [...]

Managing your money is not just about the numbers: Vaz-Oxlade

Tuesday  13:01,   07 november 2017
Toronto Star

Over and over people tell me that they’re “just not good with numbers.” Heavens to Betsy! You do know that most of the math you need for money management came in Grade 5, don’t you? Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all you need [...]

Half-finished homes and lots of questions after Alberta homebuilder goes into receivership

Monday  16:27,   06 november 2017

ReidBuilt Homes is one of Alberta's largest homebuilders and on Thursday it lost its court battle to restructure its debt and fell into receivership after the Royal Bank of Canada sought to collect more than $64.6 million. 'What's going to[...]

Growth without scale: Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile headache

Monday  16:27,   06 november 2017

Growth without scale: Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile[...]

This investment turned $1,000 into $2.2 billion in less than 8 years

Monday  16:26,   06 november 2017
The Motley Fool

That's a compound annual return of 571%. Explaining bitcoin's meteoric riseWhat lit a fire under bitcoin and allowed it the opportunity to grow so quickly? It pretty much boils down to three factors.The most logical explanation is the potential[...]

Identity theft alert: How 77,000 Canadians lost $99 million last year in extortion, phishing and romance scams

Sunday  23:58,   05 november 2017
Financial Post

<p>Experts advise leaving your Social Insurance Number card and birth certificate in a safe place at home, since thieves can do a lot of damage with your name, birth date and SIN</p>“I was upset because I knew I had money,” he recalls. He[...]

A man was able to use Face ID to unlock his brother’s new iPhone X

Sunday  23:58,   05 november 2017

The new $1,000 rectangle from Apple has a troubling security flaw. In a video posted to Reddit on Friday (Nov. 3), two brothers demonstrate[...]

Federal government can and must put pensioners first

Sunday  10:36,   05 november 2017
Toronto Star

Imagine dedicating your working life to one company for more than 27 years, only to find out you are out of a job and won’t be getting the full pension you’ve paid into all that time . That’s the reality facing 62-year-old Gail Paul of Corner Brook, [...]

These terrifying photos of Sears clearance sales in Canada show the devastating impact of the retail apocalypse

Sunday  10:10,   05 november 2017
Business Insider

Sears Canada, which is separate from Sears' business in the US, is liquidating all of its assets. As it closes stores, everything has gone on sale.Sears is shuttering its Canadian locations — and the stores are descending into[...]

The great jobs debate over whether Canada will have too many or too few

Sunday  08:50,   05 november 2017

Experts insist artificial intelligence is about to steal millions of jobs, yet the Canadian goverment says we need immigrant workers. Can both be[...]

'I get to keep my house': As Alberta economy adds 12,000 jobs, stories of compromise, struggle remain

Sunday  08:30,   05 november 2017
Calgary Herald

James Davidson is still getting used to the idea that he has a job, two months after landing full-time work at a lab testing firm in northeast Calgary. define("homepageFinanceIndices", ["c.deferred"], function () { var[...]

Google wins injunction to Supreme Court order

Sunday  07:51,   05 november 2017

A California judge is putting a halt to a Canadian court order for internet giant Google to delist some of its search results worldwide. It says Canada's top court overstepped its bounds and the right to free speech online. [...]

True North smoked salmon flakes recalled

Sunday  07:40,   05 november 2017

A flaked salmon product produced by a New Brunswick firm has been recalled due to concerns over possible listeria.&nbsp;The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced on its website Friday that True North Seafood Co.'s Toppers Smoked Salmon[...]