News: Offbeat

Bell tolls for historic bell maker

Sunday  20:05,   30 april 2017
CBS News

After producing bells for churches, cathedrals and city halls for half a millennium, London's Whitechapel Bell Foundry has cast its lastThere is a certain timelessness inside London's Whitechapel Bell Foundry, where it could be the 21st century, [...]

Cosplay with hijabs showcased in Malaysia

Sunday  19:45,   30 april 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Muslim women dressed as superheroes, princesses, and mighty sword-wielding warriors took part in a hijab cosplay event in Malaysia Saturday, where the role-playing craze continues to grow.  Around 20 women showcased their love for anime[...]

This engineer built a pressurized skirt-like machine that helps keep astronauts fit

Sunday  15:35,   30 april 2017

Many engineers spend their entire careers focused on a single area of research — say, the design of airplane components. Then there's Christine DaileyDailey has explored everything from fluids to electronics and has built an exercise machine for [...]

Mom and 6 Sons Cut Off 17 Inches of Hair for Charity: 'They Were All Beaming With Pride'

Sunday  10:01,   30 april 2017
Inside Edition

Next time, Phoebe Kannisto said her 2-year-old daughter will join her six other kids in donating their hair. Talk about a drastic haircut!A New York mom and her six sons donated 17 inches of their hair to kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to[...]

Baby hippo's keepers learn to live with bruises

Sunday  07:50,   30 april 2017

Her keepers, also known as Team Fiona, have sweat, shed tears and suffered more than a few bruises on the roller coaster that was her first three months. In between all that, they've done a whole lot of cleaning.They sum it up as the experience of[...]

The Boston Public Library Owns a Mini Car Wash for Books

Sunday  07:40,   30 april 2017
Mental Floss

The contraption can reportedly clean up to 12 dusty books per minute.At the Boston Public Library, The Huffington Post reports, employees give books a bath using a contraption called the Depulvera book cleaning machine. Described as a “mini car wash [...]

Boy, 9, Pays Police Officer's Breakfast Tab With a Note: 'I Want to Be You When I Grow Up'

Saturday  19:52,   29 april 2017
Inside Edition

Noah, 9, who aspires to be a police officer, went to a Denny's with his mother on "Bring Your Child to Work Day," and paid for an officer's breakfast.Noah was with his mother, Amanda Cantin, on "Bring Your Child to Work Day" when[...]

Why this zoo is putting gigantic, slimy ‘snot otters’ back in streams

Saturday  19:35,   29 april 2017
The Washington Post

The hellbender is the biggest salamander in the Western Hemisphere. But it's under threat.“Releasing hellbenders,” he told[...]

These llamas that go to weddings are becoming Instagram superstars

Saturday  19:20,   29 april 2017
The Daily Dot

It’s like something you’d see in an episode of Portlandia, but I assure you, it’s real: a couple of adorable therapy llamas that get dressed up and go to weddings in the Portland area, posing for photos with the bride and groom. Rojo and Smokey,[...]

Boy turns in $2,000 he found, gets Outstanding Citizen Award

Saturday  15:35,   29 april 2017
Associated Press

A 6-year-old Massachusetts boy who turned in $2,000 in cash he found in a bank bag lost by a restaurant employee has received an Outstanding Citizen[...]

Couple Holds Gender Reveal Photo Shoot For Their Newest Addition: Raven the Puppy

Saturday  10:16,   29 april 2017
Inside Edition

Kennedy and Jake had a photo shoot based on a gender reveal idea for their new puppy, Raven. This gender reveal photo shoot had a shocking — and adorable — twist.Kennedy Sartwell and her boyfriend, Jake Terry were seen in charming photos, opening [...]

'Shaving Cats!!??' Virginia police probe seven pet abductions

Saturday  10:16,   29 april 2017

Police and townsfolk in Waynesboro, Virginia, are trying to figure out why someone is abducting pet cats and returning them with hairless underbellies. Since December, at least seven cats have suddenly shown up at their homes with shaved belly,[...]

This Slice Of Pizza Heaven Contains Over 100 Varieties Of Glorious Cheese

Saturday  10:16,   29 april 2017

If Cheetos are dangerously cheesy, this is downright diabolical.  A pizza shop in Oregon put its clientele’s lactose tolerance to the test this week, offering a pie with over 100 varieties of cheese.Scottie’s Pizza Parlor dreamed up the gooey[...]

Scarlett Johansson Invites Granny Look-Alike to Movie Premiere: 'Let's Have a Drink'

Saturday  10:16,   29 april 2017
Inside Edition

Scarlett Johansson is on a mission to meet and bring her 72-year-old look-alike to her movie premiere of "Rough Night."“Her jaw dropped,” her grandson Denver Dodd[...]

Five Mothers Dress As Disney Princesses For Magical Maternity Shoot

Saturday  05:46,   29 april 2017

Victor and Marie Luna, a husband-wife photography team in Texas, might have come up with the most magical maternity shoot ever. Victor and Marie Luna, a husband-wife photography team in Texas, might have come up with the most magical[...]