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95-Year-Old Still Hits the Gym 5 Days A Week

Monday  06:50,   23 january 2017
Inside Edition

She's been going to the same gym for 35 years. Age isn’t stopping one granny.Edna Sheppard, of Australia, will be turning 95 at the end of January but she still works out five times a week at the local gym she’s attended for 35 years,[...]

Neighbours leave touching note outside Muslim man's door after Donald Trump's inauguration

Monday  06:40,   23 january 2017
The Independent

A Muslim man was greeted with heartwarming note from one of his neighbours on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Left outside the door of his home Cincinnati, Ohio, it told him he was “welcome in the neighbourhood”. “Today begins a new stage[...]

Rage rooms a smashing way to relieve stress in Russia

Monday  06:40,   23 january 2017
Al Jazeera

Stress is a fact of life for many of us. Some medicate or meditate to ease the anxiety. In Russia, however, some let off steam in a different way. "Rage rooms" allow people feeling angry to smash away their troubles."You do it for the sake of not[...]

Syfy’s Pop-up Sorcery School Will Teach You How to Do Magic Like a Pro

Monday  04:50,   23 january 2017

It turns out, magic is real. Or at least the illusion of sorcery can be pretty convincing.  It turns out, magic is real. Or at least the illusion of sorcery can be pretty convincing. That’s the idea behind Syfy’s immersive Hall of Magic at[...]

Police Find 3,000 Pounds of Marijuana Disguised as Watermelons

Monday  04:50,   23 january 2017
Inside Edition

The stash was worth more than $600,000. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said agents in Texas discovered 3,000 pounds of marijuana disguised as watermelons.The agency said it searched a shipment of fresh watermelons on Jan 17. and discovered[...]

A nonprofit pub that's good for what ales you

Sunday  18:35,   22 january 2017
CBS News

The Oregon Public House in Portland claims to be the country’s first pub to give away its profitsAt first glance, the Oregon Public House looks like any other hipster pub in Portland. There are lovingly-crafted local beers … someone’s playing a[...]

Indonesian charity finds new homes overseas for unwanted dogs

Sunday  18:21,   22 january 2017
ABC News

The future was bleak for tiny terrier Pippin until an Indonesian dog rescue charity found a new home for him overseas.He had an appalling rash, most of his hair had fallen out, and a group of children were throwing stones at[...]

Donald Trump misspells 'honour' in latest Twitter mishap

Sunday  18:05,   22 january 2017
The Independent

<p>The tweet was quickly deleted - a move some commentators say could be illegal</p>Shortly after his inauguration, the US President tweeted saying he was “honered” to have been sworn in as the 45th US[...]

This Artist's Dazzling Travel Journals Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Sunday  09:05,   22 january 2017
The Huffington Post

Some travelers document their trips on Instagram or Snapchat, but not Dina Brodsky. The New York City-based artist has a delightfully old school way of charting her journeys: the humble sketchbook journal. Both abroad and at home, Brodsky layers[...]

Comedian, professor Adam Heath Avitable hilariously live tweets catastrophic first day of class

Sunday  08:35,   22 january 2017
Houston Chronicle

It's always a good day for students when the professor is 15 minutes late to class, but the effect is not quite the same if it's the professor waiting on the students. Professor Adam Heath Avitable got to experience the feeling first had[...]

Watch: 6-year-old Sophie Cruz capture hearts at massive Women’s March

Sunday  06:05,   22 january 2017

Celebrities ranging from Alicia Keys to Michael Moore took the stage at the Women’s March in Washington Saturday, but one of the most stirring speeches came from a 6-year-old. Sophie Cruz, a pint-sized immigration activist, stood with her family[...]

Mom Goes Viral After Slithering Out of Her Sleeping Baby's Room

Sunday  05:51,   22 january 2017
Good Housekeeping

She is all of[...]

Watch this endangered baby giraffe take its first steps

Sunday  05:51,   22 january 2017
San Francisco Chronicle

A three-week-old giraffe calf named Murchison took his first steps on Friday. The giraffe was born on Boxing Day at the Chester Zoo in England. Keepers named the baby after Murchison Falls in Uganda, where the largest population of remaining[...]

Wrestler with Down syndrome gets emotional win

Sunday  05:35,   22 january 2017

As David Richards made his way off the mat at Middletown North into the waiting arms of his Brick Memorial teammates, poignant doesn’t begin to describe a moment overflowing with emotion and compassion, making clear the impact athletics can have on[...]

The company where you'll have to walk 10,000 steps a day

Saturday  16:50,   21 january 2017
AOL Money UK

Mashable reports an un-named tech company in China requires their employees to clock 10,000 steps a day .And there won't be any cheating either, employees have to download the WeChat messaging app which syncs your steps.A recent new hire of the[...]