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Chicago restaurant staff get $2,000 tip

Tuesday  09:56,   17 april 2018

Chicago restaurant staff get $2,000 tipFor most Americans, the answer is likely -- at most -- 20[...]

A 10-Year-Old Built the World's Largest LEGO Replica of the Titanic

Tuesday  06:37,   17 april 2018
Mental Floss

It took 56,000 bricks and 700 hours to put it together.LEGO fans can spot the ambitious creation at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee starting Monday, April 16. Consisting of 56,000 bricks, the structure is 5 feet tall and 26[...]

Boy unearths legendary Danish king's trove in Germany

Tuesday  06:36,   17 april 2018

A 13-year-old boy and an amateur archaeologist have unearthed a "significant" treasure trove in Germany which may have belonged to the legendary Danish king Harald Bluetooth who brought Christianity to Denmark. Rene Schoen and his student[...]

Police find missing dog by checking if it sings along to its favourite song

Tuesday  05:05,   17 april 2018

Police have managed to locate a missing dog in Israel by checking if it sings along to its favourite song. The Siberian Husky had been reported missing by its owner in the city of Beer Sheva, in the Southern District of[...]

Everyone is relating to this simple story about a paper clip

Monday  13:07,   16 april 2018

There is something utterly beguiling about having a messy bedroom. Like, sure it's a mess but it's your mess. Even if the room looks like a pig sty you'd at least hope that you know where everything is should you happen to need[...]

Man Didn't Realize He Won Nearly $2 Million Lottery Until 5 Months Later

Monday  13:07,   16 april 2018
Inside Edition

He waited because he likes to check his tickets together.One Colorado man didn’t realize he won nearly $2 million after a drawing until he checked his ticket - five months[...]

Passenger gets unintended ride on Moscow baggage carousel

Monday  09:31,   16 april 2018

A passenger collecting luggage at a Moscow airport slipped as she reached for her dog carrier and was accidentally swept away on the baggage carousel, local media reported Sunday. The passenger, a woman in her late 50s, flew into Moscow's[...]

Couple's Unborn Baby Looks Exactly Like Alien From 'Mars Attacks!'

Monday  09:07,   16 april 2018
Inside Edition

<p>A couple <g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="3" id="3">were</g> left stunned when an MRI scan appeared to show their unborn son looks exactly[...]

Man Claims He Lost 20 Pounds Eating Chipotle Every Day

Sunday  12:55,   15 april 2018
The Daily Meal

Chipotle is not often regarded as a place to go for diet food, but one Florida man is going viral this week for saying he lost 20 pounds and 8 percent body fat after eating at Chipotle every day for three months.&nbsp;In a now-viral post on[...]

The Internet loves this hilarious ASOS mishap

Sunday  12:50,   15 april 2018

Online shopping is always a risk. Plenty of tweets showing prom dresses that don’t exactly match up to expectation have gone viral in the past but, this week, TV and radio presenter Dylan Evans’ ASOS delivery took things to a whole new level.Ayy[...]

This May Be the Oldest Tattoo Kit in the World

Sunday  09:01,   15 april 2018
Mental Floss

It was unearthed more than 30 years ago, but archaeologists have only just realized what it is.Despite those challenges, a pair of researchers thinks they've identified what could be the world's oldest tattooing toolkit: a set of pointy, ink-stained [...]

Japanese engineer builds giant robot to realise 'Gundam' dream

Saturday  16:51,   14 april 2018

LW-Mononofu is an 8.5-metre (28-feet) tall, two-legged robot weighing in at more than 7 tonnes. It contains a cockpit with monitors and levers for the pilot to control the robot's arms and legs.Japanese engineer Masaaki Nagumo had always dreamed [...]

The real meaning behind 7 of your most common dreams

Thursday  18:56,   12 april 2018

Your dreams may not be literal translations of events in your waking life, but they are symbolic.Lauri Loewenberg, a certified dream analyst and member of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, told INSIDER why so many of us[...]

Family Announces Pregnancy in Hilarious Bebe Rexha Remix

Thursday  10:01,   12 april 2018
Inside Edition

It wasn't the first time they've made a creative announcement.Nate Eaton, of East Idaho News, and his wife Erica have declared that their third baby is on the way with a play on the Bebe Rexha song "Meant to Be" featuring[...]

A dog in Japan photobombed Google Street View and the photos are hilarious

Thursday  10:00,   12 april 2018

A curious dog in Japan followed a Google Street View truck for hilarious results.A curious dog in Japan who tailed a Google Street View truck is yet another animal to join in the trend. The pup followed the vehicle around the Kumage District in[...]