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German World War I submarine discovered intact with 23 bodies inside

Wednesday  05:11,   20 september 2017

A submarine used by Germany during World War I was found basically intact off the coast of Belgium.Authorities said the UB II-type diver was found on the floor of the North Sea at about a 45 degree angle, between 82 to 98 feet below the surface. The [...]

This Faceless Makeup Illusion Will Haunt Your Dreams

Wednesday  05:11,   20 september 2017

Mimi Choi’s latest makeup tutorial is almost too spooky to face. The 32-year-old makeup and visual artist, who is based in Vancouver, Canada, recently wowed her followers with a faceless makeup illusion. “If you look closely, you will see my[...]

'Pakistan Girl' takes aim at corrupt cops and domestic abuse

Tuesday  19:36,   19 september 2017

Pakistan's newest female superhero has vowed to battle venal officials and protect battered women, as her creator tries to inspire the next generation to fight injustice in a deeply patriarchal society. The new "Pakistan Girl" comic series is[...]

A Jewish folk song is preserved in a Japanese video game

Tuesday  19:27,   19 september 2017

The soundtrack of “Sexy Parodius” captures 20th-century curiosity in its friendliest form. It's an embrace, invitation and inclusion of culture as more of an experience than a commodity. “Lovely Otohime” embodies an enumerable and wide range of[...]

Golbang -- the Twitter generation's 'beautiful game'

Tuesday  19:18,   19 september 2017

Golbang, a new three-a-side format of the beautiful game, hopes to fill the same role as Twenty20 and sevens in cricket and rugby, its creator Bruno Schwobthaler told AFP. The Frenchman's brainchild can be played by mixed sex teams with a[...]

Dog Who Disappeared From Florida Turns Up in New York More Than a Year Later

Tuesday  15:49,   19 september 2017
Inside Edition

She had escaped from a backyard. When Richard Moneck’s dog got loose in Florida more than a year ago, he gave up hope that he’d ever see her again.Moneck said the dog, “Relay,” escaped from his dad’s backyard in West Palm Beach in February of[...]

Unusual deposit: Loos blocked by €100,000 cash

Tuesday  10:35,   19 september 2017
Sky News

Toilets in Geneva have been blocked by €100,000 (£88,000) in high-denomination euro banknotes - prompting prosecutors to seek the money's origin.Swiss media said the first blockage occurred in the vault at UBS bank in Geneva's financial[...]

'It' factor: California cops pose for viral photo inspired by horror film

Tuesday  10:35,   19 september 2017

Move over Gainesville “hot cops” – these California police officers are getting the laughs, likes and shares for their parody photo of Stephen King’s “It.”  The Lincoln Police Department posted a photo on Friday showing four officers doing[...]

Woman Celebrates Her 111th Birthday, Credits Her Long Life to Whisky: 'She Swears by It'

Tuesday  10:24,   19 september 2017
Inside Edition

<p>Grace Jones, 111, says the secret of her longevity is a slug of whisky every night. </p>The secret to her longevity, she says, is quaffing a healthy slug of Scotch whisky every night before[...]

Cash Cat: Money-Snatching Office Feline Helping to Raise Money for Charity

Tuesday  10:24,   19 september 2017
Inside Edition

His owner doesn't think the first person meant to lose their dollar. One office cat is a certified hustler.“Sir Whines-A-Lot,” who is the office cat at GuRuStu, an advertising company in Tulsa, Okla., has been the office’s mascot for more[...]

Disney Fans Can Actually Buy A Real-Life Snow White Cottage

Tuesday  10:24,   19 september 2017

Snow White was wishing for her true love, but Disney fans will want to add this real estate gem to their own wish lists. According to Nerdist, a real-life Snow White house is on the market after 12 years of renovations and a heavy dose of Disney[...]

Boy in wheelchair melts hearts as 'cow whisperer'

Monday  18:56,   18 september 2017

Alec operates his wheelchair by turning his head to nudge sensor pads situated in key spots such as just beyond his temples. His dad, Chad, custom fit a metal bar to the base of the wheelchair. But the steer is attached to the bar by [...]

Splashes galore as Frisian pole-jumpers reach for the sky

Monday  18:51,   18 september 2017

At 22, Dutch pole-jumper Sytse Bokma is getting to the top of his game -- literally. But on a muggy summer's afternoon in rural northern Netherlands, things just weren't going his way.At 22, Dutch pole-jumper Sytse Bokma is getting to the[...]

She's Loving It! High School Student Poses for Hilarious Senior Photos At McDonald's

Monday  15:52,   18 september 2017
Inside Edition

She goes to the restaurant at least once a week. A high school student in Mississippi wanted to showcase her love for McDonald’s in her senior year portraits.Mikayla Cleckler, 17, is set to graduate in 2018 from Northeast Jones High School and to [...]

Woman Replaces Bouquets at Wedding With Rescue Puppies: 'They Were a Huge Hit'

Monday  10:30,   18 september 2017
Inside Edition

She'd seen the idea on Pinterest.Samantha Clark came up with the idea to have the pups in her wedding after she saw another bride do the same thing on[...]