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Sean Spicer, mocked press secretary, wins laughs at Emmys

Monday  10:21,   18 september 2017

Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary whose full-throated defense of Donald Trump earned him derision on television, delighted his former tormentors in a surprise appearance at Sunday's Emmys.Spicer, who resigned in July in one of[...]

600 Students Surprised With Backpacks Full of Supplies for New School Year

Monday  08:30,   18 september 2017
Inside Edition

It was a first day of school that these Brooklyn students won't soon forget.Behind the curtain in the auditorium were backpacks, one for each child, filled with school[...]

Mexicans and Americans bond over a giant baby and his border wall

Monday  07:25,   18 september 2017

The US-Mexico border wall as an interactive art museum? That’s what French artist JR had in mind when he created a 65-foot-tall image of a baby looking over the wall in Tecate, California.  JR is known for pasting larger-than-life[...]

Amsterdam airport hosts art exhibit from Dutch masters

Sunday  20:07,   17 september 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Travelers flying out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be able to squeeze in a last-minute visit to the city's most popular art museum, thanks to a satellite exhibit of Dutch masterpieces.  A total of 10 paintings on loan from [...]

Dutch 360-degree beachfront painting gets public facelift

Sunday  20:07,   17 september 2017

Every two decades the Panorama Mesdag, the world's oldest panorama painting still on its original site, gets a facelift under the watchful eyes of visitors to the museum just outside the stately city centre. Painted by the 19th-century Dutch[...]

Soldier Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal During Military Ceremony: 'It Couldn't Have Gone Better'

Sunday  16:05,   17 september 2017
Inside Edition

Maggie Rodriguez was left speechless when her boyfriend, Devin Fuller, revealed they'd be moving from Texas to Germany - before asking her to be his wife. A woman who attended her soldier beau's re-enlistment ceremony had no idea that she was [...]

Koala survives 16 km drive trapped under 4WD

Sunday  15:45,   17 september 2017

<p>A koala survived a 16-kilometre (10-mile) road trip in Australia clinging to the axle of a four wheel drive vehicle, before the driver stopped and heard the cries of the traumatized animal.</p>The female koala had crawled into the wheel[...]

After heartfelt letter, woman steps in to help neighbor in need

Sunday  07:51,   17 september 2017
CBS News

A few months ago, Marleen Brooks got a letter in the mail that began "Mrs. ?, Would you consider to become my friend?""You know, just, you come home from work and in an instant your whole life changes. That's literally what happened," she[...]

Sperm Donor With 19 Children All Over the World Meets His Brood

Sunday  07:20,   17 september 2017
Inside Edition

Michael Rubino and the kids will now be connected forever via social media. A man with 19 children all over the world has met most of them for the first time.Inside Edition brought Michael Rubino and the kids together in an experience he called[...]

An Extremely Extra Dad Mailed Mangoes To His Daughter At College

Saturday  18:07,   16 september 2017

In a rush to pack everything she needed to go back to college after a weekend at home, 19-year-old Cecilia Li forgot the mango her dad had sliced up for her in the fridge. Most parents would probably have said, "tough luck" (mine definitely would), [...]

Viral Woman Learns the Hard Way Not to Paint Her Face Pink

Saturday  18:06,   16 september 2017

A woman has learned not to have too much fun with a bottle of poster paint. Twitter user @LeleTill covered her entire face in pink glitter poster paint, because the label on the bottle said that it “washes easily off of skin.” Turns out that poster[...]

Before Bigfoot and Yeti, There Was the Legendary Wampahoofus of Vermont

Saturday  14:35,   16 september 2017
Mental Floss

You can thank the lumberjacks' imagination for this one.Although details vary, the wampahoofus (also called the gyascutus or gouger) was said to resemble a mix between a deer and wild boar. While the Vermont varieties had fur, a version with[...]

Couple Reunites After 50 Years and Gets Married in Hospital: 'It's Like Fate Opened the Door'

Saturday  14:35,   16 september 2017
Inside Edition

They wouldn't let cancer stop their love.Stephen Walbert met Jennifer Meyerink as a Navy officer in 1962 while he was stationed in her native country of[...]

UK police are using detection dogs that can sniff out USB drives

Saturday  09:37,   16 september 2017

Devon &amp; Cornwall and Dorset Police have begun utilising special FBI-trained sniffer dogs that have been specifically trained to detect hidden storage devices.&nbsp;The dogs have been busy. While executing one warrant, Tweed sniffed out[...]

Girl with no arms gets custom bike

Saturday  09:36,   16 september 2017

Five-year-old Ruth Evelyn (R.E.) Pranke wears a shirt that says, "My ability is stronger than my disability," and her attitude reflects that message everyday. The little girl was born without arms, but she doesn't want prosthetic arms for [...]