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Laser-Cut Wood Maps Showcase World Cities

Tuesday  07:07,   06 february 2018
Mental Floss

CityWood makes wooden maps for nearly 100 places.CityWood offers maps of nearly 100 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo. The waterways and city streets of each location are engraved into high-quality plywood using a laser[...]

Ice instruments ring out coolest music in Norway

Tuesday  07:06,   06 february 2018

The xylophone, claves and wind instruments have been carved from ice blocks extracted from a frozen lake, and are now part of a finger-numbing performance at the 13th Ice Music Festival in the mountain village of[...]

Environmental percussion piece to mark New York festival

Monday  19:22,   05 february 2018

"Inuksuit" composer John Luther Adams' innovative percussion piece, played outdoors by dozens of players, will return for a free performance at New York's Caramoor summer festival.Adams, one of the leading living US composers whose [...]

Man Owns 6-Foot-Long Pet Crocodile: 'He Became Part of the Family'

Monday  15:24,   05 february 2018
Inside Edition

He has had it for 20[...]

Venice Carnival takes wing with 'flight of the angel'

Monday  15:24,   05 february 2018

Twenty thousand revellers, wearing masks and colourful period costumes, packed into St Mark's Square on Sunday for the "flight of the angel" marking the traditional opening of the Carnival of Venice. Tourists and Venetians[...]

Woman Throws Divorce Party and Everyone Dons Their Wedding Dresses

Monday  08:51,   05 february 2018
Inside Edition

Woman Throws Divorce Party and Everyone Dons Their Wedding Dresses A Canadian woman decided she wasn’t going to let her divorce bring her down, so she threw a party. Nicole Niesner, 36, of Saskatchewan, Canada, was married for 13 years.When she[...]

Photo Of Mysterious Sea Creature Confuses Internet

Monday  08:51,   05 february 2018
International Business Times

The photo taken Friday at Duranbah Beach near Tweeds Heads showed a young surfer paddling very close to the aquatic animals.The photo taken Friday at Duranbah Beach near Tweeds Heads showed a young surfer paddling very close to the aquatic[...]

Nevada Division of Tourism Offers Travel Guide For UFOs

Sunday  19:21,   04 february 2018

The state is welcoming all aliens and alien-seekers with a fresh itinerary.In response to the news that UFOs may indeed have visited Earth, TravelNevada published a fresh itinerary welcoming extraterrestrials into the state; or more[...]

Dutch moo-ved to save Hermien the escaping cow

Sunday  19:00,   04 february 2018

Fame and fortune have smiled on Hermien the Dutch cow, who escaped as she was being sent to slaughter, and has become a social network star after a month on the hoof. Thanks to her tenacity and a crowd-funding campaign which has raised 48,000 euros, [...]

No river? No problem! Desert canoe polo players turn to the pool in Alice Springs

Sunday  18:41,   04 february 2018
ABC News

Alice Springs is one of the driest places in the world, but that has not stopped a determined group of canoe polo players making a splash.Alice Springs is one of the driest places in the world and the only permanent body of water in the iconic[...]

Dog Gets His Very Own Graduation Photo for Funny Family Joke

Sunday  15:15,   04 february 2018
Inside Edition

They didn't want him to feel left out.Olivia Dufresne, 20, said her dog, Yogi, is a part of their family and they wanted to honor him as[...]

You Can Now Print 3D Replicas of Einstein's Toys

Sunday  09:35,   04 february 2018
Mental Floss

Forget playing them Mozart in the womb, give your kids the toys of a genius instead.The LEGO Foundation, Unilever, and IKEA have launched Open Einstein, a site where you can download a 3D printing kit that allows you to make exact replicas of the[...]

Preserved in time: WWII bunker hidden under Paris train station

Saturday  18:46,   03 february 2018

It lies hidden deep beneath Paris's bustling Gare de l'Est railway station, its sprawling subterranean rooms and sparse furniture pristinely preserved if a little[...]

Why so many Japanese train stations play different jingles

Saturday  14:56,   03 february 2018
ABC News

If you've ever visited Japan, you may have noticed a jingle playing to signal the departure of trains at many of the stations — well there's more to them than just a fun tune. The Japanese take their train system very seriously.Conductors[...]

Holograms and mermaids: Top trends at Nuremberg toy fair

Saturday  07:10,   03 february 2018

The Nuremberg toy fair, the world's largest, opened its doors this week to an industry in the throes of reinvention as toymakers vie for the attention of children increasingly glued to smartphones and tablets. With traditional toy companies torn [...]