News: Offbeat

This video of people swimming to the edge of a 338-foot waterfall in Zambia is going viral

Friday  13:37,   10 november 2017

Everybody is freaking out about this video that shows people defying death and swimming to the edge of a 338-foot waterfall in Zambia. See what it's like at Devil's Pool.With a whopping 10 million views on Facebook, this thrilling attraction [...]

New York City's Gregory Hotel Unveils a Stranger Things-Themed Room

Friday  13:36,   10 november 2017
Mental Floss

Luckily for visitors, it's way cozier than the Upside Down.Thankfully, the room looks nothing like the Upside Down (and is likely warmer, to boot). In addition to streaming service via in-room Google Chromecast, it comes with both a light-up[...]

Alleged Thief Hands Out Doughnuts to Customers During Robbery

Friday  07:05,   10 november 2017
Inside Edition

Police surveillance footage shows the suspect handing out the treats to doughnut shop customers.That's because cops in Texas say the alleged robber knocked over a local doughnut shop — and handed out the pastries to customers while he did[...]

Turkish daredevil jumps from Istanbul's Galata Tower in modern first

Thursday  19:07,   09 november 2017

Turkey's best known base jumper on Thursday successfully leapt from the iconic Galata Tower in Istanbul, following in the footsteps of a legendary Ottoman aviator almost four centuries ago. Cengiz Kocak, 44, landed safely and his parachute[...]

Party time in the cemetery as Bolivians fete skulls

Thursday  15:25,   09 november 2017

Some wear glasses. Others have sombreros and a cigar. These are Bolivia's "natitas" -- human skulls with miracle-working powers. On Wednesday thousands of people and their skulls converged on La Paz's oldest cemetery as part of a[...]

Witch doctor spells injury hope for Tuilagi

Thursday  09:24,   09 november 2017

England centre Manu Tuilagi revealed Wednesday that he had consulted a witch doctor in his native Samoa in a desperate attempt to cure the long-standing injury problems which have plagued his career. The 26-year-old Leicester battering ram said his[...]

Lift up your hearts, not your cell phones, pope tells priests, bishops

Thursday  08:08,   09 november 2017

Pope Francis on Wednesday chastised priests and bishops who take pictures with their cell phones during Masses, saying they should focus on God instead. "The priest says 'lift up your hearts'. He does not say, 'lift up your cell phones to take[...]

Filipino artist makes Trump action figure from flip flops

Thursday  08:07,   09 november 2017

A Filipino artist who won fame for his flip-flop sandal carving of a superhero this year has turned his talents to creating an action figure of U.S. President Donald Trump. The American leader is due to arrive in Manila on Sunday to attend a[...]

Oregon Police Rush to Woman Screaming for Help, Find Melodramatic Parrot Instead

Wednesday  20:07,   08 november 2017

A UPS employee called the police after he heard what he believed was a woman in distress.A package deliverer heard what he believed to be the sounds of a woman screaming for help on his route Monday evening. The Oregonian reports that the man[...]

Move over Mickey: In Germany, Donald Duck reigns

Wednesday  18:06,   08 november 2017

Mickey Mouse may be Disney's top star in most parts of the world, but in Germany Donald Duck is king. More than 50 years after the cartoon featuring the hot-tempered duck arrived in the land of Goethe, it remains one of the bestselling comic[...]

Sheep That Recognise Celebrity Images Are Helping Scientists Study How the Brain Works

Wednesday  15:06,   08 november 2017

More animal cognition research shows that they can recognise Barack Obama and Emma Watson. For more than a decade, we have known that sheep can recognise sheep faces. As a highly social species, that’s hardly surprising. But would they recognise[...]

Service Dog Dropout Now Finds His Niche as an Emotional Support Dog

Wednesday  08:05,   08 november 2017
Inside Edition

He works in a district attorney's office now.Jake, a Labrador mix, has now found his place in Tennessee at the Anderson County District Attorney General’s Office as an emotional support[...]

Man With World's Longest Mustache Says He Has Been Growing It Since 1970

Tuesday  17:40,   07 november 2017
Inside Edition

Ram Singh's mustache now measures 18 and a half feet long.Singh, 62, of Jaipur, India, sports facial hair that measures up to 18 and a half feet[...]

Soy sauce older than US on Trump's South Korea menu

Tuesday  17:40,   07 november 2017

A special sauce more than a century older than the United States will be on the menu for Donald Trump at his state banquet in Seoul on Tuesday -- along with a diplomatically tricky prawn. The dinner, at the Blue House compound next to a former royal [...]

Trump dump delights peckish Japanese fish, outrages Twitter

Tuesday  13:25,   07 november 2017

US President Donald Trump sparked a feeding frenzy on social media Monday when he was photographed dumping a box of fish food into a pond of koi carp during his trip to Japan. Trump and his host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe began by delicately [...]