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This Hotel Offers The Ultimate In Sweet Dreams: A 10-Pound Doughnut

Thursday  11:06,   14 september 2017

When it comes to dinosaur-sized desserts, this 10-pound doughnut really takes the cake. The prodigious pastry is part of a “DoNut Disturb” package being offered by The J.W. Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California.Guests who[...]

'Hot cops' selfie prompts women to ask for arrests

Thursday  05:21,   14 september 2017
Sky News

A picture posted by Florida police officers has prompted women from all over the US to seriously consider breaking the law. After three male officers from Gainesville Police Department uploaded the picture to Facebook on Sunday, comments praising[...]

Gold diggers: Buried treasure shows Vikings hoarded precious metals

Thursday  05:21,   14 september 2017

<p>Despite the image of the Vikings as thuggish brutes, many of the golden objects are exquisitely worked.</p>Metal-detector enthusiasts and archaeologists have uncovered roughly three pounds of gold from the field, almost all of it discovered [...]

Identical twins give birth hours apart

Thursday  05:20,   14 september 2017
CBS News

The twin sisters gave birth in adjoining rooms at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MassachusettsAccording to Mount Auburn Hospital, Rachael McGeoch and Beccy Pistone were excited when they found out their due dates were only 13 days[...]

Meet the 12-Year-Old Boy Who Makes Surreal-Looking Dolls Using Found Materials

Thursday  05:20,   14 september 2017
Mental Floss

Some dolls are cutesy, but not Callum Grujicich's fantastical creations.Some dolls are cutesy, but not Callum Donovan-Grujicich's fantastical creations. As Bored Panda reports, the 12-year-old artist from Whitby, Ontario crafts tiny,[...]

Japanese firm to offer 'drive-thru' funeral service

Wednesday  21:42,   13 september 2017

A Japanese funeral parlour is set to offer relatives the chance to pay their final respects to deceased loved ones without leaving the comfort of their cars. The firm claims that the "drive-thru" service is a first in Japan, where a rapidly ageing[...]

YuMi the robot conducts Verdi with Italian orchestra

Wednesday  20:17,   13 september 2017

YuMi the humanoid robot showed no signs of nerves on Tuesday night as it raised its baton to conduct the Lucca Philharmonic orchestra alongside Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.  The two-armed robot, designed by Swiss firm ABB, made its debut at[...]

Portable Czech brewery brings home-made beer garden dreams a step closer

Wednesday  20:16,   13 september 2017

For beer lovers who dream of brewing their own pint, a portable brewery from the Czech Republic may be just the thing - if they have $124,000 to spare. Fitting into a standard shipment container, the "Smart Brewery" made in Prague by the Well[...]

Baby orangutans rub noses in greeting at Thai wildlife centre

Wednesday  16:14,   13 september 2017

Two baby Sumatran orangutans rescued by border officials who foiled a bid to smuggle them into Thailand arrived at a wildlife centre on Wednesday, to stay until Indonesia decides on their return, officials said. Let out of their cage, the new[...]

Deaf Great Dane and Toddler Are the Best of Friends: 'They Are Inseparable'

Wednesday  15:37,   13 september 2017
Inside Edition

He's been attached to her since birth. Dwyer adopted Echo, who also has limited sight, after the dog’s owner contemplated putting her down because of her disabilities. Dwyer said it saddened her that so many dogs with special needs don’t get[...]

Paris Hilton Asked Twitter A Simple Question And Things Got Deep Real Quick

Wednesday  10:38,   13 september 2017

<p>Things took a philosophical turn after Paris Hilton asked her fans “what’s on your mind?”</p>The socialite-turned-DJ presented the simple question to her[...]

Since 1950, This Family Has Passed Down The Same Dress To Wear To Kindergarten

Wednesday  09:53,   13 september 2017

Jenny Hirt’s family is giving a new meaning to hand-me-downs. Nineteen members of her family have worn the same dress to their first day of kindergarten since 1950.&nbsp;Jenny has sent both of her daughters, 4-year-old Caroline and 6-year-old[...]

This news anchor's response to a Hurricane Irma reporter who called herself 'chunky' is going viral

Wednesday  09:52,   13 september 2017

People are obsessed with CNN anchor Don Lemon's reply to a reporter who referred to her body as "chunky" on-air.Early Monday morning, CNN news reporter Sara Sidner braved the hurricane's brutal rainfall in Daytona Beach, Florida. To[...]

2 babies delivered in 2 days at same Burger King

Wednesday  09:51,   13 september 2017

DENVILLE, N.J. — Two baby boys were delivered on consecutive days at a Burger King parking lot in New Jersey this weekend. At about 7:24 p.m. Friday, Denville patrol officers responded to the Burger King parking lot in Denville for a report of a[...]

English School Caretaker Discovers Medieval Coin Hoard Buried in Playground

Wednesday  06:45,   13 september 2017
Mental Floss

The 128 silver coins date from the 15th and 16th centuries, and are together worth nearly $15,000.From Viking silver to Roman bronze, amateur treasure hunters in Europe locate all kinds of buried treasures with their metal detectors. Now, a new[...]