News: Offbeat

Bedraggled wallaby plucked from Sydney harbour by passing ferry

Friday  15:22,   02 february 2018

A swimming wallaby has been plucked from Sydney harbour by a passing ferry after the spooked animal was apparently chased out of its bushland home by a dog. Ferries in the beachside suburb of Manly came to a temporary halt late Thursday as crew[...]

Dad's simple dishwasher hack will change your life forever

Thursday  18:21,   01 february 2018

While loading a dishwasher efficiently can be a great help for most families, sometimes, it's more effort than need be. Hopefully, this Irish dad's dishwasher hack will make loading a dishwasher just a little bit easier. After 10 years[...]

Singapore durian-themed cafe smells winning combination

Thursday  13:40,   01 february 2018

A Singapore eatery centred around the pungent tropical fruit durian has caught a whiff of success as patrons flock to the cafe in droves for a bite of its exotic offerings. The spiky fruit long regarded as a delicacy in Southeast Asia has left a[...]

At One Swiss University, You Can Now Major in Yodeling

Thursday  13:40,   01 february 2018
Mental Floss

"The whole yodeling scene will benefit from their new skills,” said one instructor.Lucerne University has offered folk music degrees since 2012, but it took the department several years to find a qualified yodeling teacher. They finally settled [...]

Woman Finds Birth Mom Through Viral Facebook Post

Wednesday  17:50,   31 january 2018
International Business Times

The woman wanted to meet her birth mother before moving out-of-state.Bethany Conrad took to Facebook Jan. 25 to announce her plan to track down the whereabouts of her birth mom. The 29-year-old's search efforts, however, appeared to have come to a[...]

Italian Village of Ollolai Entices New Residents With $1 Homes

Wednesday  13:30,   31 january 2018
Mental Floss

The catch? Purchasers have to pay out of pocket to refurbish the derelict buildings.Many residents have left Ollolai for bigger cities, leaving the village filled with abandoned houses. So mayor Efisio Arbau decided to acquire the abodes, contacting [...]

Life's a beach: Cannes ships in sand for film festival

Wednesday  07:06,   31 january 2018

Every year the French Riviera town of Cannes rolls out the red carpet to A-list celebrities at the world's most glamorous film festival. Now it wants to roll out a bigger beach too. The Mediterranean resort is shipping in 80,000 cubic metres of[...]

'Pony Brother' Mascherano gets Chinese nickname treatment

Wednesday  06:36,   31 january 2018

Disgusted Chinese football fans branded Carlos Tevez "Very Homesick Boy" but they have an altogether fonder nickname for his fellow Argentine Javier Mascherano, "Pony Brother".The 33-year-old Mascherano last week left Barcelona[...]

Man's funny viral obituary has strangers dying of laughter

Tuesday  17:45,   30 january 2018

He was a fan of "The Blues Brothers," but not of the Kardashians. You probably would've liked Vietnam combat veteran Terry Wayne Ward.Ward, 71, died of a stroke on Jan. 23, "leaving behind 32 jars of Miracle Whip, 17 boxes of Hamburger [...]

Researchers just discovered the world’s largest underwater cave

Tuesday  17:45,   30 january 2018

By linking two existing underwater-cavern systems on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, near the beach resort of Tulum, researchers and professional cave divers have established…The discovery of the connecting tunnel brought together the cave known as [...]

Oops: Guests invited to Trump's State of the 'Uniom'

Tuesday  13:37,   30 january 2018

Donald Trump's misspellings have become legendary -- "covfefe," anyone? -- but a glaring typo on tickets for the president's State of the Union speech Tuesday has some lawmakers crying for spell check. Tickets to the prime-time[...]

Chicago's The Shining-Inspired Pop-Up Bar Is Now Open

Tuesday  13:36,   30 january 2018
Mental Floss

Redrum is both “murder” spelled backwards and the name of a themed drink.Redrum is both “murder” spelled backwards and the name of a themed drink at Chicago’s new The Shining-themed pop-up bar. Called Room 237, the Stephen King-inspired watering[...]

Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing on California Freeway

Tuesday  08:31,   30 january 2018
Inside Edition

No one was injured in the incident, fire authorities confirmed.Pilot Izzy Slod said he was forced to make a last-minute decision after strong winds prevented the small plane from making it to the nearest[...]

This Little Piggy Hit the Waves: Meet Pickles the Surfing Swine

Monday  19:52,   29 january 2018
Inside Edition

The pig has only been surfing for four months.Pickles, a potbellied pig, hangs in a life jacket and gets on his board with his owner, Maddie Johnson, 25, to ride the waves and feel Mother Nature’s[...]

Man Rescues Abandoned Dogs and Makes Them His Travel Buddies on Epic Road Trip

Monday  18:06,   29 january 2018
Inside Edition

They've traveled more than 35,000 miles together.Jordan Kahana, 30, was driving from Los Angeles, CA., to Colorado when he spotted the tiny dogs on the side of a remote road and quickly rushed them to an animal[...]