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Report: Lonzo Ball underwhelms Lakers during workout

  Report: Lonzo Ball underwhelms Lakers during workout It's felt like a foregone conclusion since the NBA draft lottery that UCLA alumnus Lonzo Ball would be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers with the No. 2 overall pick.  Well, hold your horses. While it could very well just be another smokescreen from the organization, the 19-year-old guard reportedly underwhelmed the Lakers during his pre-draft workout Wednesday, sources told Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding.Interest remains in Washington's Markelle Fultz and Kansas' Josh Jackson, as well as Kentucky's De'Aaron Fox, who is scheduled to see the team Tuesday.

The NBA Draft Is Broken . Here’ s How to Fix It. Another draft scheme that’ s gotten lots of attention is “the wheel”—a system in which the draft order would be set far in advance so that a team’ s draft position would have zero to do with its on-court performance.

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Name your favourite things about the NBA draft.

Draft day fashion perhaps? Maybe it’s the obligatory second-hand embarrassment when basketball Twitter digs up an old tweet of a recently drafted player saying something negative about a new teammate?

It’s telling that things widely liked about the draft have nothing to do with effectively placing players with programs. Which is why it’s time to abolish the draft as we know it.

Doing something a certain way because that’s how it’s always done is not a good reason to do anything.

This draft process is a model based on how people used to build the military fleet of their country.

NHL Salary Cap set to rise to $75 million in 2017-18

  NHL Salary Cap set to rise to $75 million in 2017-18 NHL Salary Cap set to rise to $75 million in 2017-18Marc Bergevin will have a little more cap space to play with next year.

That’s not how it played out. The D-League became the League of Last Resort for players who failed to make any NBA roster. Over the last two years, 40 percent of the NBA ’ s second-round draft picks never actually signed NBA rookie contracts.

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The times have changed and it’s not working.

Which is why we have the same teams in the lottery every year. In the past five years the Sacramento Kings have drafted in the lottery five times followed closely by the Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Pelicans with four each.

There hasn’t been expansion in 13 years but by and large the same NBA teams are struggling to win big.

With the perception of a lack of parity, the draft isn’t accurately spreading the talent.

The draft is the best form of reality TV but it’s not an adequate job placement mechanism.

Think about this: virtually the same way you choose your fantasy team is how the best in their field in the world are assigned work with millions of dollars at stake.

Report: Islanders have deal in place with Vegas; first-round pick involved

  Report: Islanders have deal in place with Vegas; first-round pick involved The New York Islanders have a deal in place to send their first-round draft pick to the Vegas Golden Knights, according to a report from Arthur Staple of Newsday. The deal would push Vegas towards selecting a specific player from the Islanders’ unprotected list — believed to be winger Nikolay Kulemin. The 30-year-old had 12 goals and 11 assists in 72 games last season for New York.Multiple sources also told Newsday that there may be another component to the deal that the Islanders would send to the Golden Knights.New York is due to pick 15th in the NHL Draft, which takes place Friday in Chicago.

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Why don’t the teams in Europe need a draft to figure out who plays where? How has professional soccer and rugby gotten by all these years without the old faithful draft.

In what other walk of life does the top graduate in their class not have a say in their employer? North American pro athletes are the only ones with an artificial labour market.

In a free labour society you should be able to choose your employer and openly negotiate your salary. Why North American pro sports are exempt from this premise is beyond me.

The place a 19- or 20-year-old starts his career has a vast impact on not only his career path but his life course.

You know who is best to have a young player who needs sculpting? The team that wants them the most. The team that can put together the best plan for him and convince him to be excited to play for him. We’d never have collegiate players drafted to schools. Is it smarter to draft the same players to pro teams just a few years later and immediately sign them to contracts longer than the duration they were in college? The more you work through how we divide the basketball workforce the more bizarre it appears.

Report: Spurs shopping Aldridge

  Report: Spurs shopping Aldridge The San Antonio Spurs have spoken to at least three teams about a possible trade involving LaMarcus Aldridge, sources told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Michael C. Wright. The Spurs are attempting to land a top-10 pick in Thursday's draft, according to the report. Aldridge signed as a free agent in San Antonio in 2015 but hasn't totally integrated his game into the Spurs' system. He had a rough run during this spring's playoffs, shooting only 41 percent from the floor in the conference finals against the Golden State Warriors. © Gary A.

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Not only is it not the fairest way to do things it’s certainly not the most fun. Nothing is more interesting in the NBA than free agency.

Nothing is bigger in college sports than recruiting and signing day.

My solution is simple: marry the two. We have formulas to figure out much harder things than who should play where. After workouts and the combine, entry-level players would rank every team in order of most to least favourable destination. Likewise, the teams rank as many players as they are interested in having. A computer wound then place players with teams based on where the most mutual interest lies. Like a med school resident is matched with a hospital, an NBA player is matched with an equally interested franchise.

Imagine the drama of waiting to see the reveal of who is getting who and who is going where. The camera of players hugging parents and draft rooms fist-pumping simultaneously would be gold.

There might be too many players drafted in the NHL and NFL to do this cleanly but the premise still remains, thus if adopted it would be effective.

Vancouver Canucks select Elias Pettersson with No. 5 pick at NHL Draft

  Vancouver Canucks select Elias Pettersson with No. 5 pick at NHL Draft The Vancouver Canucks selected centre Elias Pettersson with the fifth-overall pick in the 2017 NHL Draft Friday night in Chicago. The Vancouver Canucks selected centre Elias Pettersson with the fifth-overall pick in the 2017 NHL Pettersson generated 41 points (19 goals, 22 assists) in 43 games in Sweden this past season playing for Timra IK in the Allsvenskan league.Prior to the draft, Canucks general manager Jim Benning had said he was hoping to select either a playmaking centre or a defenceman that could be used on the power play.

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Its chief effectiveness would save the NBA from one of its biggest issues moving forward: tanking. Currently you are incentivized to be bad to get a good pick. Players are being shut down earlier and earlier in the league in the hopes to sink in the standings, which is both an optics and competitive balance issue.

You never want a negative incentive structure in a league that is a competitive scenario.

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