Sports A change in the game might not be all for the best

19:07  14 november  2017
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Another hearing set over Ezekiel Elliott's 6-game ban

  Another hearing set over Ezekiel Elliott's 6-game ban A federal appeals court has set a Thursday hearing as attorneys for Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott seek a longer-lasting injunction to stop his six-game suspension over domestic violence allegations. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday issued an emergency stay of the NFL's punishment, the third legal reprieve for Elliott. It cleared last year's league rushing leader to play in Sunday's game against Kansas City. Elliott scored the go-ahead touchdown in the Cowboy's 28-17 win over the Chiefs.

It might not be long before machines begin thinking for themselves -- creatively, independently, and sometimes with better judgment than a human. You'll find A.I. routinely in your smart phone, in your car, in your household appliances and it is on the verge of changing everything.

Get more FPS and the best performance in Dauntless. Our Dauntless High FPS Config will make the game even playable on a potato! Things might change regularly – make sure to revisit this guide from time to time. Also, this guide is work in progress.

Sit back and watch the shots fly tonight and I’m not sure how much fun it really is.

The Houston Rockets average a stunning 44.9 three-pointers attempted per game, which is by a dozen the most of any team, and the Raptors hoist 31.1 per game, which is good for eighth in the league.

So, they will fly and they will fly often this evening.

Good for the game?

I don’t know, to be honest (or TBH as the shorthand of the day goes)

It’s almost to the point where too many NBA games are the same, a couple of screens maybe, some drive and kick action and three-pointers all over the place.

They come quickly in transition, they come after maybe one pass, the come off maybe one high screen and, you know, there doesn’t seem to be much thinking, not an awful lot of creativity, a bit of “sameness” too often that’s kind of getting tiring.

Fans suggest Kevin James replace Spacey on 'House of Cards'

  Fans suggest Kevin James replace Spacey on 'House of Cards' More than 25,000 Kevin James fans are supporting a petition that calls for the "King of Queens" actor to replace Kevin Spacey on "House of Cards."More than 25,000 Kevin James fans are supporting a petition that calls for the "King of Queens" actor to replace Kevin Spacey on "House of Cards.

PUBG Corp. PUBG Update: Game is about to make a MASSIVE change and some players might not like it. PUBG Corp and Bluehole has announced that the Personal Trade option would be going away in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Steam.

People get good pensions only if they really worked hard and properly paid their taxes to the government. In the end, it’s up to every single person individually to have a good life. The rules of the game may change , the government may change

Now, I don’t want to back to the day of big man pounding the ball and backing people down all the time, nor do I want to see the best in the game continuously trying to break their man down individually. There is time for that, to be sure, and it can be entertaining in some way but you know what I mean.

I just don’t think there’s enough of a balance in today’s game, it’s points-per-possession, or mathematics of how many made threes allow you to score more quickly and at what people believe to be a more efficient pace.

And, sure, a pull up three in transition can be hugely effective and fun to watch and there is definitely a place for it in the game.

But the game is not as flowing as I’d like it to be often enough, it’s a blur of up and down, fire up a quick shot from anywhere on the floor and lather, rinse repeat.

Feds change course on sex discrimination bill

  Feds change course on sex discrimination bill OTTAWA - The federal government has decided to change course on its proposed legislation to end sex-based discrimination in the Indian Act. The government's point man in the Senate, Sen. Peter Harder, told the upper chamber this afternoon the government is offering to make a change that would restore full legal status to First Nations women and their descendants born prior to 1985. Indigenous Sen. Lillian Dyck was in tears in the Senate over the proposal.She calls it a very good move on the part of the government and a giant leap forward for the legal recognition of First Nations women.

Maybe if the game is really good or it comes to the Switch I’ll get it. If no Switch, then definitely PS4 (but only if it’s good ). I'm not planning to buy SoulCalibur VI and support Namco, but that might change in the future if they decide to become serious about attracting me as a customer.

Science. Social Good . Company. About Us. A looming threat of temperature change , a multitude of leaders ignoring the problem, the sheer hopelessness of turning things around at all — could Game of Thrones all be an allegory for climate change ?

I don’t think it’s going to change, though. In fact, as more guys who traditionally wouldn’t shoot threes start taking them it might get even worse.

Sure, the games will still be good and competitive and some of them will be wildly entertaining. We will still see astonishing athletes at the top of their game.

But something’s missing, isn’t it?


This kind of works.


All right, we’re a time zone away for a couple of days so a bit later than usual and I have an early flight tomorrow to get to NOLA so I’m not entirely sure when the usual morning fare will get done.

But I do have some time in the next couple of days to get started on the mail so please do your part over at and get the weekend started, please.


How many 3s are too many 3s?© Provided by Toronto Star How many 3s are too many 3s?

Let me add to the lengthy list of practitioners of our craft to offer a hearty congrats to the fine Cameron Cole for his hockey Hall of Fame honour last night.

By the Numbers: Does Raptors ‘culture change’ come at DeRozan, Lowry’s expense?

  By the Numbers: Does Raptors ‘culture change’ come at DeRozan, Lowry’s expense? With the Raptors on-court ‘culture change’ on display for ten games so far this season, take a look behind the numbers to learn what is— and isn’t— working at the moment.Following Tuesday night’s alarmingly close 119-114 win over the hapless Chicago Bulls, the Raptors find themselves with a 6-4 record— not outstanding, but respectable.

Instead of a game - changer ; CPEC may signify a game over. Mr KB is highlighting the failure and incompetence of PMLN govt in negotiating best deal with China. The game changer can be game over if Pakistan will not play its card smartly.

It will take time and effort, but a collective change for the better across the industry is coming, and one part of that must be to continue these Unionisation done well may benefit workers but unionisation following the usual US approaches will merely lead to the non-US games industry getting a nice boost.

I don’t do a lot of pucks but I’ve been around him at more than a few Olympics and other events and once spent a great week outside of Liverpool sharing a house with him at The Open and I can attest to his all-around greatness.

And I love it when organizations honour the men and women who work hard chronicling a sport or a team or whatever; I think it’s important that people know who the best are so they can go find the stuff they’ve done and re-read it.


A World Cup without Italy?

That just ruined the summer for more than a few restaurants and bars, didn’t it?

Wonder if there’s any regret to not taking a look at Giovinco as, at worst, a 20-minute sub who has sublime offensive skills?


I didn’t get on an airplane from the day after the NBA Finals ended in late June until late September when training camp began and, no, I did not miss it in the least.

But since then, it’s been Toronto-Victoria-Honolulu-Toronto, Toronto-Chicago, Toronto-San Antonio-San Francisco-Los Angeles-Toronto and now Toronto-Boston-Houston-and-it’s still-not-over and my loathing of air travel is near an all-time level.

DeRozan scores 33 points in Raptors’ victory over New Orleans

  DeRozan scores 33 points in Raptors’ victory over New Orleans DeMar Derozan scored 33 points to lift the Toronto Raptors to a thrilling 122-118 victory over New Orleans on Thursday, ending the Pelicans’ three-game win streak. Serge Ibaka added 19 points, while Kyle Lowry finished with 18 points, seven assists and six rebounds, and Jonas Valanciunas grabbed a team-high 13 boards for Toronto (7-4).Jrue Holiday topped New Orleans (6-6) with 34 points, while DeMarcus Cousins added 20 and Anthony Davis finished with 18.Two nights after the Raptors’ ugly 119-114 win over Chicago, the game was an entertaining affair that saw the lead change hands 22 times.

Change comes only five days after Nintendo caught up with rivals' review systems.

The game changer is the relationship that comes along and turns everything upside down. The prospect that your partner might meet someone and start a relationship that changes all that can seem upsetting at best , and downright destructive at worst…and just to make matters even more

Let me give you xx items to consider and to think about before you book that flight.

And these will become laws …

When I Take Over The World

Shut the heck up

Not only should they not ever allow cell phone conversations in airplanes, they should devise a way to ensure there can be no verbal communication once you start down the jetway to the plane.

No talking one last time to the office because we don’t care how your meeting went or is going to be, no telling the people waiting for you that you’ve landed because they can look it up themselves, no checking one last time with home to make sure little Sally or Stevie get to practice or whatever lesson or game you’re missing.

Text, by all means. E-mail to your heart’s content.

NO TALKING. We don’t care.

Learn to line up

They have these big old signs pretty much at every gate these days that indicate where the line is forming and why in the world people can’t (a) find their zone or boarding group and (b) go where they’re supposed to go confounds me.

No reclining

No airline seat should be allowed to recline and if they do and you push back into my lap, I should be able to find any way imaginable to bump your seat, kick underneath and make your trip and sneakily uncomfortable at possible.

Don’t be a Sherpa

I know everyone wants to save the $25 on a checked bag but, my goodness, the size of some of the suitcases, shopping bags, briefcases, computer bags and purses people try to get away with carrying on is ridiculous.

Try to bring too much and you should be forced to sit with them in your lap or between your legs for the entire trip.

Later in the week, probably Friday, I’ll come up with things airlines airports need to do.


DeRozan reboot even better than transformer self .
It can be a perilous business, asking NBA all-stars to reconsider the way they do their jobs. The job of NBA all-star, after all, is a splendid one, what with the fame and the adoration and the astronomical pay. Arguing the merits of approaching things a new way to a man who has achieved most of his life’s dreams with a tried-and-true method — well, even if the all-star is a proven overachiever like DeMar DeRozan, it’s hardly a given there’ll be notable uptake.So give DeRozan credit for the early returns on what the Raptors hope will be remembered as a season of change.

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