Sports Broken Balls and ‘Wattery Filth’: Golf’s Original Rules Show a Rougher Game

16:54  13 march  2018
16:54  13 march  2018 Source:   The New York Times

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Origins of Golf . Recent evidence suggests that people played a game like golf in China since Southern Tang Dynasty (937-975) Most of the time, breaking rules leads to extra strokes. However, if a golfer is caught cheating, writing a lower score, or improper play, he or she can be disqualified.

a group of people on a tennis court: Golfers at Edinburgh, circa 1750.© Getty Images Golfers at Edinburgh, circa 1750.

The bodies that run the game of golf announced a plan Monday to simplify and modernize the rules beginning in 2019. For example, penalty drops can be taken from a lower height, and caddies will no longer be able to line up their players when putting.

But simplification and modernization don’t automatically go hand in hand. Want more straightforward rules? Go in the other direction, back in time, to 1744, the year of the first known written rules of golf, drawn up by golfers in Edinburgh who played on the Leith Links.

The 13 rules, rendered here mostly in their original form, are mostly simple, though sometimes a bit weird. They also reveal that golf was a lot harder back then.

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1.You must tee your ball within a club’s length of the hole.

No, it wasn’t miniature golf. By “hole,” the rules mean the previous hole. In the absence of tee boxes, golfers just set up near the last hole and fired away.

2.Your tee must be upon the ground.

Golfers did not use wooden tees; rather they used wet sand to build a little mound to hit off. This rule clarified that they could not build that mound on top of something else.

3.You are not to change the ball which you strike off the tee.

“One hole, one ball” was the rule. This mattered a lot because balls, made of leather and stuffed with feathers, often fell apart. Should that happen before you completed the hole, tough luck — you lost the hole.

4.You are not to remove stones, bones or any break club for the sake of playing your ball, except upon the fair green, and that only within a club’s length of your ball.

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Golf is a game in which a ball is struck with a club from a prepared area, known as the "teeing ground", across fairway and rough to a second prepared area, which has a hole in it To do what' s fair you need to know the Rules . The following is a summary of the Rules of Golf , simplified where possible.

A break club was anything hard that might break your club if you struck it. Clubs had hickory shafts and broke easily. Once again, the 1744 rules essentially say, “That’s your problem.”

This rule also raises the disturbing image of a golf course littered with bones for some reason. "Links land was pretty rough territory,” said David Staebler, the director of rules education of the United States Golf Association. "I suspect some of the bones were sheep caught by predators, perhaps because the shepherd was distracted by practicing golf shots.”

The “fair green” was any area where there was grass tended by sheep. Even the smoothest areas on a course were, at best, the equivalent of the first cut of rough today.

5. If your ball come among watter, or any wattery filth, you are at liberty to take out your ball, and bringing it behind the hazard and teeing it, you may play it with any club and allow your adversary a stroke for so getting out your ball.

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Because of this difference alone, a rough cast bell can never be simply smoothed down and made The Howard was no longer original equipment on switchers by the time rough cast bells replaced The former seems to be more of a problem in contributing to the build up of filth on the outside of the

One of the new rules for 2019 allows players to fix spike marks that might slightly alter their ball’s trajectory. The golfers of 1744 were a hardier bunch, regularly dealing with “wattery filth.”

6.If your balls be found anywhere touching one another, you are to lift the first ball, till you play the last.

This was an early relief rule, saying that unlike stones or bones, another player’s ball could be moved to make a shot.

7.At holling, you are to play your ball honestly for the hole, and not to play upon your adversary’s ball, not lying in your way to the hole.

“Holling” meant “putting.” This rule prevents chicanery involving the stymie rule. Until 1952 in match play, if another player’s ball was between yours and the hole, you couldn’t make him move it. This rule clarified that if a stymie occurred naturally, O.K., but players couldn’t intentional go for one.

8.If you should lose your ball, by its being taken up, or any other way, you are to go back to the spot where you struck last and drop another ball, and allow your adversary a stroke for the misfortune.

News conference, 1744: “I lost my ball somewhere down by the sheep and bones. That cost me a stroke. Alack, what a misfortune.”

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Rules of the Game . Rules of Golf : Rule 20-2 – Dropping and Re-dropping. Sadly the Rules make no allowance for such a course of action, and it is worth remembering that you cannot render your original ball lost simply by declaration.

Rules of Golf , signed by John Rattray Captain 1744-47 and 1751 with amendments by Thomas Boswell Captain 1758. The original is in National Library of Scotland.

9.No man at holling his ball is to be allowed to mark his way to the hole with his club or anything else.

With the putting area more like the rough we know today, it was to one’s benefit to comb the area between ball and hole to make for a smoother ride.

One of the 2019 rules is not far from this one. “An accidental touch of the sacred area between the ball and the hole is not a breach of the rules any more,” Staebler said. “We’ve moved the rule back to what was intended: You can touch it as long as you don’t improve the path.”

10.If a ball be stopp’d by any person, horse, dog, or anything else, the ball so stopp’d must be play’d where it lyes.

Bones and “wattery filth” not challenging enough? Apparently horses and dogs (as well as persons) were roaming the course stopping balls willy-nilly. Golf courses were not clubs in gated communities, but part of the fabric of life, with plenty of other people and their animals going about their business on the land.

11.If you draw your club in order to strike and proceed so far in the stroke as to be bringing down your club; if then, your club shall break, in any way, it is to be accounted a stroke.

Another rule about what happens when a club breaks, which may not seems so important in the titanium age.

12.He whose ball lyes farthest from the hole is obliged to play first.

One of the longest-standing rules in golf, or indeed in sports.

13.Neither trench, ditch or dyke, made for the preservation of the links, nor the Scholar’s Holes or the Soldier’s Lines, shall be accounted a hazard; but the ball is to be taken out teed and play’d with any iron club.

The first house rules. The Leith course had spots with cute nicknames, much like “the Road Hole” or “Amen Corner.”

18 holes, but only 13 rules. The world was a little simpler in 1744, even if golf wasn’t.

The Trump organization ordered golf course markers with the presidential seal. That may be illegal .
The Trump organization ordered golf course markers with the presidential seal. That may be illegalIn recent weeks, the Trump Organization has ordered the manufacture of new tee markers for golf courses that are emblazoned with the seal of the president of the United States. Under federal law, the seal’s use is permitted only for official government business. Misuse can be a crime.

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