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14:45  16 april  2018
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Facebook admits it may have violated Canadian law in allowing users’ information to be shared

  Facebook admits it may have violated Canadian law in allowing users’ information to be shared Facebook admits it may have violated Canadian law in allowing users’ information to be sharedFacebook deputy chief privacy officer Robert Sherman said that by convincing just 272 Canadians to take a personality quiz, the researcher behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal was able to collect the personal information of more than 622,000 Canadian users.

“It is not like they are welcoming you at the airport with a job letter,” says Hina Jawad*, who migrated to Canada from Pakistan When it comes down to the expectations one should have a clear set of mind that it will be a constant struggle to live/ move to another city let alone a completely different continent.

Ian Chan ' s Blog. I was able to open online a TD US bank before my move to USA using my Canadian info, which is possible as TD has big presence (for now) in both Canada & USA, and there’ s more TD branches in upper North-west US, so that transition is easier for me.

TORONTO - In Patrick Chan's perfect future, he's running a skating school in Vancouver with girlfriend Liz Putnam, the two are living in a million-dollar apartment in the city's lovely Kitsilano neighbourhood, and he's enjoying a wildly successful career in commercial real estate.

It's been two months since Chan took one final spin around the competitive rink, but the three-time world champion has barely paused to reflect. He's loving looking forward.

"I'm just running around town doing what I want to do, and moving on with a huge smile on my face. I feel good and light," Chan said, ahead of Monday's retirement announcement.

'We are sorry': Facebook execs grilled by Canadian legislators amid Cambridge Analytica scandal

  'We are sorry': Facebook execs grilled by Canadian legislators amid Cambridge Analytica scandal Senior members of the Facebook leadership team faced a rough ride from MPs on Thursday for their failure to inform more than 600,000 Canadians that their privacy might have been compromised. For more than two years, Facebook knew that the personal information of potentially thousands of Canadians was in the hands of a third party — without their consent, and in contravention of Canadian privacy law. The social media executives offered little explanation as to why the company sat on this knowledge and only copped to its role in the affair after it was made public in media reports.

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" Moving to Canada " is a recurring threat among American progressives — because of the romantic image of Canada as a place that' s like America, without the parts of America progressives don't like. The problem for anyone who' s already packing her bags and learning to spell things with extra u' s is

"I had three or four things lined up that I wanted to just learn about, and that's what I'm doing. I'm meeting people and picking their brain and understanding what life is like. I don't think I had any sense of that when I was in the competitive world. It's awesome. I'm just a sponge again. I'm just absorbing and learning."

The 27-year-old from Toronto, who sat out a season after the 2014 Sochi Olympics, was ninth in men's singles at the Pyeongchang Olympics. But his terrific long program in the team event all but guaranteed Canada gold before dance duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir even stepped on the ice.

If he'd had any doubts about the comeback, that golden moment erased them.

"It would have been easy to be complacent and say 'I don't care, I'm just here to support the team and be a part of it,' and I could've fallen back and said 'I'll let Tessa and Scott help me through this.' I knew that this was my chance to shine and chance to prove I still had something to give.

11 Liberals won't run in Ontario election, and that's a problem for Kathleen Wynne

  11 Liberals won't run in Ontario election, and that's a problem for Kathleen Wynne The number of veteran Liberal candidates on Kathleen Wynne's team is shrinking and that will make her task of winning re-election even harder than it already is. Three Liberal MPPs revealed in co-ordinated announcements on Thursday they will not run in June. This brings to 11 the number of Liberals who are throwing in the towel, nearly one-fifth of the caucus.

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"When I sat in that kiss and cry with my two different coaches right next to me smiling and having the entire team behind me as well, and having them all react to me winning . . . gosh that was a better feeling I think than winning individual gold. It's a huge rush to see all these people that are genuinely smiling, and genuinely cheering, and they're ecstatic, that's so cool. To be able to say 'I did it, we did it,' that's a very very special feeling."

Chan had planned his retirement announcement for Sunday at Flat Rock Cellars in Jordan, Ont. Chan launched his ice wine "On Ice" in partnership with Flat Rock in 2015. But the weekend's ice storm forced a rescheduling to Monday in Toronto.

The 10-time Canadian champion considered retiring after his heartbreaking silver-medal performance at the 2014 Sochi Games. And while his return wasn't what he'd envisioned, he's glad he came back.

"It wouldn't have been fair to end after 2014, because I didn't really have a good understanding of who I was and what my aspirations were and what I wanted from the sport. It just didn't feel fulfilling, skating didn't fulfil me completely.

'It's so sad to see him go so soon': bus driver killed in Humboldt crash remembered as loving father

  'It's so sad to see him go so soon': bus driver killed in Humboldt crash remembered as loving father 'It's so sad to see him go so soon': bus driver killed in Humboldt crash remembered as loving fatherOn Friday, however, the beloved driver from Carrot River made his last trip.

President Obama declared that he would move his family to Canada if Donald Trump were elected president. “I have also spoken with Prime Minister Trudeau who outlined Canada ’ s generous immigration policy for wealthy individuals, so we’ll see.”

Some try to hand me money, they don't understand I'm not broke I'm just a broken hearted man I know it makes no sense, but what else can I do How can I move on when I'm still in love with you.

"Now I basically have three highlights to my life: doing shows (like Stars on Ice), getting familiar with the commercial real estate world, which has been a lot of fun, and finally the third dream would be to have the skating rink going and building a skating program," Chan said.

"I say to myself 'Let's see how everything unfolds one thing at a time . . . That's a reason why this time around just feels right. It wouldn't have felt right after Sochi."

If there are any regrets, it's that he played his cards too early before Sochi. Chan dominated men's skating for three years before those Olympics, and when he was the first to add two quadruple jumps to his long program, the rest of the world followed suit, and eventually took the quad brigade a step further. American Nathan Chen does six quads in his long program.

"I hate going backwards, but if there is one regret . . . I would have been more strategic about adding the quads to the program, and built it one step at a time," Chan said.

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Moir described Chan as a skater best appreciated live.

"On TV, you can't feel your hair blow back when you are close to him on the ice, because he has so much speed and command," Moir said.

Round 2 of storm hits southern Ontario

  Round 2 of storm hits southern Ontario Round 2 of storm hits southern OntarioThe system is affecting an area that stretches west to east from Windsor, Ont., into Quebec and north to south from North Bay, Ont., to Lake Ontario.

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Despite being knocked out by Holm and spending some time out of the public eye, Rousey flew out to South Carolina on Friday morning, keeping her word to attend the dance. TMZ caught up with her on her way to the airport.

Chan will be known for his strength and speed on the ice, but also for artistry and exquisite skating skills that he hopes didn't single him out as a dying breed in the sport.

"At the end of the day, the foundation of it all is the joy of skating and the glide and the power, that's what's amazing," Chan said. "I think eventually quads will all look the same, they'll all look like triples. But the one thing that can differentiate a skater and create excitement in the sport is what skaters can bring to the table when it comes to interpretation and how they can match the beautiful glide of skating to music and to a performance.

"I want to play a part in making sure people don't forget how important that aspect is."

To that end, Chan and his girlfriend, a skating coach and former pairs skater, envision opening a skating school much like the Cricket Club in Toronto, and have already started laying the groundwork.

"That's the dream . . . a base for young coaches in the area to come, and brainstorm and chat about skaters, how we can make a certain skater better, and make it an individualized curriculum for each skater, and most importantly a fun environment for both skater and coach."

More snowfall warnings, icy roads in store for southern Alberta .
Heavy snow around Calgary and the surrounding area made for nasty driving conditions on Saturday evening, headed into Sunday morning. Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for Calgary, Brooks, Airdrie, Crowsnest Pass, Drumheller and Okotoks regions on Saturday afternoon. The agency said to expect 10 to 15 centimetres of snow from a weather system moving into southern B.C. Snowfall was expected to taper off Sunday morning. The agency said visibility from the heavy snow would likely be greatly reduced, and warned drivers to turn on their lights and maintain a safe following distance.

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