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Exclusive: Chat is Google’s next big fix for Android’s messaging mess

Friday  16:36,   20 april 2018
The Verge

How the successor to SMS will take on iMessage  It’s a problem. In fact, it’s been always been a problem. Google has spent nearly a decade trying — and failing — to fix it with an ever-rotating cast of poorly supported apps. While[...]

Casio reveals Pro Trek smartwatch with built-in offline GPS

Friday  15:31,   20 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Wear OS is getting yet another watch added to its portfolio, this time an outdoorsy number by Japanese manufacturer, Casio.  Casio revealed the Pro Trek Smart Watch this week, the latest addition to its PRO TREK series of outdoor[...]

Xiaomi Mi 7 Might Come With Face ID-Like Feature

Friday  15:31,   20 april 2018
International Business Times

A new report claims that the first Android phone to feature 3D-sensing technology like the one on the iPhone X will be released in the third quarter.The reason why it’s taking so long for Android phones to adopt 3D-sensing technology is due to the[...]

Jack Ma says Alibaba 'doing a lot of research' on driverless cars

Friday  11:55,   20 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

E-commerce giant Alibaba is steering resources towards driverless car technology, its CEO Jack Ma confirmed on Thursday, joining a global race to shape the future of driving. Despite fresh safety fears after a woman was hit and killed by a[...]

Japanese companies see big things in small-scale industrial robots

Friday  11:36,   20 april 2018

As workforces age in Japan and elsewhere, collaborative robots - or "cobots" - are seen as a key way to help keep all types of assembly lines moving without replacing humans. Japan's Fanuc and Yaskawa Electric, two of the world's largest[...]

China's ZTE slams U.S. ban on sales, says company's survival at risk

Friday  11:36,   20 april 2018

"It is unacceptable that BIS insists on unfairly imposing the most severe penalty on ZTE even before the completion of investigation of facts," ZTE said in its first response since the ban was announced , referring to the U.S. Commerce[...]

Google Is Indonesia's Powerful Weapon in War on Illegal Fishing

Friday  11:36,   20 april 2018

By using machine learning and watching how a vessel moves, Google’s technology is able to establish patterns, and determine whether a vessel is in transit or fishing. A study published last month found that foreign fishing in Indonesia dropped by[...]

Fake ad blockers in the Chrome store had over 20 million installs

Thursday  19:56,   19 april 2018

Google removed the impostors from the Web Store after AdGuard revealed their existence.Fake ad blockers have been fooling people since at least 2017 -- last year, 37,000 people installed a fake AdBlock Plus created by what SwiftOnSecurity called a[...]

ZTE woes may boost network rivals Ericsson and Nokia

Thursday  19:37,   19 april 2018

ZTE has snatched market share in Europe and the Americas, growing four times faster in those markets last year than it did its home market and acting as a drag on contract pricing and revenue growth for Ericsson and Nokia. But now, ZTE has been[...]

This app could turn your phone into a lie detector

Thursday  19:31,   19 april 2018

A new machine learning algorithm wants to tap into digital interactions that reveal when you're bluffing.A new machine learning algorithm developed by computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen can identify honesty -- and dishonesty --[...]

Honor's new flagship has a notch and comes in psychedelic colors

Thursday  15:56,   19 april 2018
The Verge

The Honor 10 takes notes from the Huawei P20Which is to say that yes, it has a notch. But like the P20, it also has an eye-catching iridescent finish and an all-glass body. There’s a fingerprint sensor below the screen, which is a 5.84-inch 1080p[...]

'Artificial mole' could warn of cancer: study

Thursday  14:41,   19 april 2018

Swiss scientists have developed an experimental skin implant that darkens like a mole when it detects subtle changes in the body that may be an early warning sign of cancer, a study said Wednesday. The implant, or "biomedical tattoo," as[...]

Facebook lets creators turn video premieres into live events

Thursday  11:46,   19 april 2018

If you watch enough Twitch channels, you may have seen a Premiere -- a pre-recorded video that debuts as a live stream. It lets broadcasters recreate the thrill you'd expect from a TV show premiere, just in an online format. Sound like a good idea? [...]

Intel is giving up on its smart glasses

Thursday  11:46,   19 april 2018
The Verge

Intel has confirmed that it plans to shut down the New Devices Group (NDG), and cease development on the Vaunt smart glasses project we revealed earlier this year. Here’s Intel’s statement: "Intel is continuously working on new technologies [...]

Snapchat now lets advertisers sell products directly through Lenses

Thursday  07:36,   19 april 2018

This week Snapchat is rolling out Shoppable AR, a new feature that makes it even easier for advertisers to sell goods through sponsored lenses. Now companies can essentially close that shopping loop, while keeping users inside the Snapchat[...]