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Samsung Elec won't unveil Galaxy S8 smartphone at MWC show - executive

Monday  08:51,   23 january 2017

Tech giant Samsung said on Monday it will not unveil its Galaxy S8 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show this year, suggesting the flagship model's launch may be later in the year than its 2016 version. Samsung mobile chief[...]

Amazon and Google fight crucial battle over voice recognition

Monday  08:05,   23 january 2017
The Guardian

The retail giant has a threatening lead over its rival with the Echo and Alexa, as questions remain over how the search engine can turn voice technology into revenueThat battle is being fought by two carafe-sized cylinders from the respective[...]

Why you should install a set of ‘winter fingerprints’ on your phone

Monday  07:05,   23 january 2017
The Guardian

For many, the winter means using phone fingerprint recognition technology becomes almost impossible. Here’s what you can do about itRight now especially. For many people, it is a winter ritual to place a thumb on the sensor, then place it again,[...]

Analysis - As nuclear loss grows, Toshiba needs chip investors, soon

Monday  04:25,   23 january 2017

People with knowledge of the matter said Toshiba has begun preparations to sell a minority stake in its chip business. One person said non-disclosure agreement forms have been sent to some private equity funds.Other people familiar with the matter[...]

The new robot revolution will take the boss's job - not the gardener's

Monday  03:35,   23 january 2017
The Guardian

Advances in artificial intelligence mean a second wave of change is approaching - and it is not the low-paid service sector where jobs are most at riskRyder detected parallels with 2009, when the global economy seemed to be heading for a second[...]

How can I tell if a PC processor is any good?

Monday  03:35,   23 january 2017
The Guardian

The processor is the most important part of a computer, but CPU names and numbers don’t mean much to most people. Regular commenter 75drayton wants help figuring them outIt’s worse than that. There have been cheap Intel Pentium chips that were[...]

How Facebook is trying to get people psyched about its $3 billion bet on virtual reality

Monday  03:35,   23 january 2017
Tech Insider

The demo is just a taste, a way to get people who have really never tried VR to see what all the fuss is about. On that level, the pop-up store was a good idea and the demo worked well.The first time I ever tried VR, maybe two years ago, I strapped [...]

India turns to AI as cyber warfare threats grow

Sunday  17:50,   22 january 2017

In the darkened offices of a tech start-up, a handful of computer engineers sifts through a mountain of intelligence data that would normally be the work of a small army of Indian security agents. "We use artificial intelligence (AI) to look for[...]

Could your heartbeat be your password?

Sunday  17:35,   22 january 2017

You’ve heard about accessing your phone with your fingerprint, but what if your heart could be the key to unlocking your private medical records? That’s just what researchers from SUNY Binghamton have proposed. Their concept involves using a skin[...]

Hi-tech pods that allow human beings to hibernate for long-distance space travel are about to become a reality

Sunday  17:05,   22 january 2017

Spaceworks’ stasis chamber will probably look much like they usually do in science fiction movies—with a few key differences. “Personal stasis pods have some advantages. You can control everyone’s ambient temperature individually. They also come in [...]

Don't Like Technology? It Likes You

Sunday  13:50,   22 january 2017
The Daily Beast

Science and the digital world have overhauled our world, but the stakes just got higher: Now technology wants to remake you, using everything from the internet to stem cells.Prometheus’s story is about mankind’s dominion over its world and how much[...]

Tag Heuer sold more $1,500 smartwatches than it expected

Sunday  13:35,   22 january 2017

I'm not much of a smartwatch guy, but I like my LG R Android Wear watch and its bright OLED screen. As you'd expect for the priciest available Android Wear watch (at the time), we found that the Tag Heuer Connected was nice-looking,[...]

This machine lets your smartphone analyze DNA

Sunday  13:35,   22 january 2017
Popular Science

There's an app for[...]

Why the best smartwatch for your iPhone isn’t made by Apple

Sunday  07:55,   22 january 2017

Samsung pushes the smartwatch FrontierSamsung Gear S3 Classic (left) and[...]

Amazon Alexa on a phone: What's the big deal?

Sunday  07:55,   22 january 2017

Amazon's voice assistant arrives for the first time on a phone next month, which iscool? Redundant? Here's how it might help you, and how it won't.Alexa on your phone won't exactly be like an Echo in your[...]