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Asteroid Odd Couple: Spitting Space-Rock Duo Is Truly Bizarre

Thursday  18:43,   21 september 2017

The two asteroids, collectively known as 288P, are locked in orbit around each other and are also spewing water vapor into space like comets.The two asteroids, collectively known as 288P, are locked in orbit around each other and are also spewing[...]

Ransomware Targeting Millions With Email Attack

Thursday  18:04,   21 september 2017
International Business Times

A ransomware attack hidden in an email attachment purporting to be from Herbalife is hitting millions of inboxes around the world. The campaign was first spotted by cybersecurity firm Barracuda Labs on Tuesday, at which point the attack had been[...]

Tesla and AMD are working on an A.I. chip for self-driving cars, source says

Thursday  18:00,   21 september 2017

Tesla is in the process of perfecting a new chip for the Autopilot autonomous driving system in its vehicles.The carmaker has received back samples of the first implementation of its processor and is now running tests on it, said a source familiar[...]

Apple concedes new watch has connectivity glitch

Thursday  17:51,   21 september 2017

<p>Several prominent reviewers said Wednesday they could not recommend the device because of a wifi glitch that causes cellular connectivity problems.</p>Several prominent reviewers said Wednesday they could not recommend the device because of [...]

China's Baidu launches $1.5 billion autonomous driving fund

Thursday  16:01,   21 september 2017

Chinese search engine Baidu Inc (BIDU.O) announced a 10 billion yuan ($1.52 billion) autonomous driving fund on Thursday as part of a wider plan to speed up its technical development and compete with U.S. rivals. The "Apollo Fund" will invest in 100 [...]

Cold World, Hot Topic: Can Microbes Survive on Mars?

Thursday  15:30,   21 september 2017

Work is underway to investigate how hitchhiking microorganisms on spacecraft might survive, grow and possibly adapt to the harsh environmental conditions on that distant world. Additionally, new research is centered on mimicking sites on Mars that[...]

Google acquires HTC’s Pixel talent for $1.1 billion

Thursday  15:07,   21 september 2017

It’s happening, folks. Following reports from as late as yesterday, HTC has announced that Google is acquiring talent from the Taiwanese phone maker to further its product development efforts, in a $1.1 billion deal.&nbsp;Rick Osterloh, Senior[...]

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on messaging apps like Skype and Snapchat

Thursday  14:51,   21 september 2017

Saudi Arabia will lift a ban on internet calls at 8PM ET today that had stood since[...]

iOS 11's Control Center doesn't let you turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Thursday  14:31,   21 september 2017
The Verge

Apple’s new Control Center in iOS 11 is a lot more fully featured, with a customizable layout and a number of new added controls accessible with Force Touch. One aspect of it that may have, at least at first, appeared like a big plus is now proving [...]

Android One comes to the US at last with the Moto X4

Thursday  10:21,   21 september 2017

When it first launched in June 2014, Android One was envisioned by Google as a way to bring the mobile platform with its latest updates and features to easily accessible budget phones in developing markets.&nbsp;The Moto X4 is the first Android[...]

Facebook to add more human review to ad system: COO Sandberg

Thursday  10:00,   21 september 2017

<p>Facebook Inc (FB.O) will add "more human review and oversight" to its ad-buying system, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said on Wednesday, responding to rising criticism that automated processes have allowed people to buy[...]

Equifax says server first compromised on March 10

Thursday  10:00,   21 september 2017

<p>It disclosed the findings after details of a report by cyber-security firm FireEye Inc that was sent to some Equifax customers were reported by the Wall Street Journal earlier on Wednesday.</p>It disclosed the findings after details of a[...]

Special Report: The garage science behind the stun gun that changed policing

Thursday  09:42,   21 september 2017

There is no consensus on the lethality of Tasers. The risk of cardiac arrest is believed to be low, particularly when the weapons are aimed away from the heart and a standard, 5-second shock is discharged. But even after hundreds of studies, an[...]

How to switch from iOS to Android

Thursday  07:06,   21 september 2017
The Washington Post

Getting tired of iOS? Here's a guide to switching to Android.Whether you’re looking for a little more flexibility or maybe for a cheaper smartphone, switching to Android has its appeal. But switching platforms can be daunting, particularly if[...]

As Apple slows, fast-moving Chinese rivals gain in wealthy markets

Thursday  06:55,   21 september 2017

Slowing innovation at iPhone maker Apple gives Asian rivals their best chance yet to conquer developed markets, retailers and consumers say — thanks to better designs and lower prices. Apple last week unveiled new iPhones with wireless charging, an[...]