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07:20  13 november  2017
07:20  13 november  2017 Source:   International Business Times

Apple reminds iPhone X owners they're using an OLED display

  Apple reminds iPhone X owners they're using an OLED display Cupertino is dealing with OLED technology's technical limits for the first time.The company explains that the "slight shifts in color and hue" when viewing the screen off-angle (read: not straight on) are perfectly normal. It also says OLEDs exhibit slight visual changes with long-term use, such as showing remnants of a high-contrast image displayed on the screen for extended periods of time even when it's already showing another image.

Apple Files Patent For Extra Wide - Angle Lens Camera . The patent was filed in Taiwan last month. The lens is expected to work with near-infrared imaging lenses .

Apple 's patent doesn't frame their extra wide - angle as an accessory and leaves you with the distinct impression that their new lens could simply be a part of a future iDevice camera . Patently Apple discovered the Taiwan patent filing in the European Patent Office database today.

person in a dark room© Provided by IBT US Apple is well-known for its smartphone cameras, which are set to get even better, going by recent developments. The smartphone company recently went on a acquisition spree  of camera technology companies, including InVisage, which uses quantum dot technology and can help Apple design its own lenses.

As it turns out, the company is also working on a new style of lenses which will be capable of taking extra wide angle shots. The company has filed a patent in Taiwan for infrared imaging lenses.

“Near-infrared (NIR) imaging devices capture light in the wavelength range of 800nm to 1300nm. Such devices are used, inter alia, for medical diagnosis, food inspection and night vision. NIR imaging devices have also attracted increasing interest for application in various consumer electronic technologies, such as pattern-based depth mapping," the patent states.

Here are Apple's tips for avoiding 'burn-in' on the iPhone X's screen

  Here are Apple's tips for avoiding 'burn-in' on the iPhone X's screen <p>The iPhone X is Apple's first device with an OLED display.</p>OLED has several benefits over the LCD displays Apple has historically used for the iPhone, like the ability to producer darker blacks and a more vivid picture. But the technology also has drawbacks.

Coming amid rumors of a next-generation iPhone with dual lenses , an Apple patent application published Thursday reveals a setup that features both wide angle and telephoto cameras .

One of them is a wide - angle camera , which is speculated to be sported by Samsung Galaxy S8. This feature is already in the Apple iPhone 7 and the LG V20. The patent for a dual- camera configuration can make way for a wide - angle and telephoto lens camera in future Samsung

One of the inventors listed in the patent include a former optics engineer for the camera company Fujifilm, who now works at Apple.

Pattern mapping, which is listed in the patent, is what makes its FaceID possible in iPhones. In addition to pattern mapping, the patent also mentions a new kind of wide-angle lens.

“The present invention exploit this design approach to provide fast, wide-angle, miniature imaging lenses that can be used for high-resolution NIR imaging, for example in portable electronic devices. A particular embodiment that is described provides a lens of this sort that is capable of operating at F/2.0 with a diagonal full field of view of, and with optical distortion no greater than 2% across the image” the patent further states.

NBC to use Skycam as main camera angle for Titans-Steelers

  NBC to use Skycam as main camera angle for Titans-Steelers NBC may have stumbled upon something while navigating a fog. The broadcaster of Sunday Night Football and the remaining Thursday Night Football contests will experiment with its camera angle in next week's TNF matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans, according to Jim Wyatt of Titans Online. NBC announced Thursday that it will make its dual Skycam system the primary camera angle for the Week 11 opener.The network used the angle for much of the second half of the Week 7 game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons when a thick fog descended upon Gillette Stadium.

What are the Benefits of a Wide Angle Lens ? Canon 6D + Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 | by Teddy Kelley. If you need an ultra wide angle lens for your APS-C camera , there isn’t really much choice other than the Sigma The first time I examined files from the Tokina 17-35mm f/4, I was quite impressed.

Fisheye lenses are actually ultra- wide angle lenses . Each lens comes with two rings that are compatible with any iPhone, Android, iPad, or other tiny- camera -device. The plates are perfectly sized to fit your iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus with cut-outs for the flash, mic, & camera lens .

An f/2.0 lens could make imaging better than current iPhones. The company’s most wide-angle lens till date is on the iPhone 7 and its successors including iPhone X and iPhone 8, with an f/1.8 aperture.

This, combined with the near-infrared imaging, could provide the iPhone camera with night vision — the possibility of seeing objects in totally dark conditions. The technology is currently used as a battlefield technology by militaries all over the world.

The technology might also be applied to a rumored Apple product — AR capable smartglasses. A smartglass device with night vision could provide Apple an advantage over rivals such as Samsung, who are also rumored to be working on similar technology.

It could also help Apple resolve a constant complaint of users — the current wide angle lens shows flare in images when exposed to light.

Apple has been improving its cameras with every new generation of iPhones. While it introduced dual rear cameras with the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X has a TrueDepth camera that creates better depth of field. The company is currently offering two kinds of dual-camera setups — a horizontal one on the iPhone 8 Plus and a vertical one on the iPhone X.

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