Technology Samsung’s New Miracle Battery Can Charge Phone In Just 12 Minutes

17:35  28 november  2017
17:35  28 november  2017 Source:   Know Your Mobile

Why you shouldn't expect anything crazy from the new Samsung Galaxy S9

  Why you shouldn't expect anything crazy from the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumours are circulating Samsung will announce its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S9, as early as January at CES in Las Vegas. But fans holding out for another groundbreaking change may need to wait for at least another year. According to VentureBeat, which claims to have acquired information from someone briefed on the company's plans, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be identical to the S8 and S8+ in design. Samsung made a similar move between the S6 and S7. Apple has been using this method since 2008.

Samsung develops a graphene battery -booster that could fully charge phones in just 12 MINUTES New Samsung battery technology is made using ' miracle material' graphene The technology cuts charging times down from an hour to just 12 minutes

New batteries that can charge smartphones fully in just five minutes may be ready to launch as soon as next year, a company claims. That means you'd no longer need to plug your phone in at night, or keep it charging on your work desk during the day.

Samsung’s New Miracle Battery Can Charge Phone In Just 12 Minutes© Samsung’s New Miracle Battery Can Charge Phone In Just 12 Minutes The speed at which batteries can be charged is now a huge field of innovation, as electric cars become more and more popular.

Quick Charge for phones has been around for a good long while now, but new advances by Samsung could make Quick Charge look, well… like old charge, as it promises to charge a phone from dead to full inside 12 minutes.

Dumping power inside a battery cell is the new gold-rush in the technology arena. Doing it as fast as possible is the goal. And Samsung reckons it has something very compelling in the works that could solve a lot of battery-related issues in the near-future.

Google Pixel 2 Update Improves Battery Life Estimates

  Google Pixel 2 Update Improves Battery Life Estimates Google has updated its Pixel software to improve battery life estimatesThe update, which should be quietly rolling out to your Pixel phone now, is intended to make battery life estimates on the handset more accurate, and as a result much more useful.

[Hot Deal] Get Google Home for just on eBay. However, according to a new report out of Korea, Samsung may stir things up in the battery department. Samsung also believes that these batteries can be fully charged in a matter of just 12 minutes .

For Smartphones with smaller battery capacities, users can use their devices for over 12 hours with just two- minutes of charge . This new fast charge battery has knocked off Qualcomm’s Quick Charge and Samsung ’ s Adaptive Fast Charging .

Miracle Material “Graphene”

Samsung will do this using Graphene, according to reports, whereby an ultra-thin layer – just one atom thick – is applied to batteries. This infinitesimal layer is also 200 times stronger than steel.

Samsung has now made balls of this stuff, which can be added to a battery, and, once they are, it boosts the capacity of traditional Lithium-ion batteries by 45% and dramatically reduces charging times.

What Is Graphene?

Simple: it is the building blocks of the future. The technology will have an impact on pretty much everything from buildings to smart cars inside the next decade.

Here’s a brief description of the new materials via the Mail: “Graphene is a single atomic layer of carbon atoms bound in a hexagonal network. It not only promises to revolutionise semiconductor, sensor, and display technology but could also lead to breakthroughs in fundamental quantum physics research.

It added: "It is often depicted as an atomic-scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms and their bonds. Scientists believe it could one day be used to make transparent conducting materials, biomedical sensors and even extremely light, yet strong, aircraft."

Its inclusion inside phones, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to be hearing A LOT more about this technology in the coming months and years, as it proliferates inside the automotive and aerospace industries.

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