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13:21  12 december  2017
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Apple launches study to detect heart irregularities via Apple Watch

  Apple launches study to detect heart irregularities via Apple Watch Might wearing an Apple Watch save you from a stroke or cardio problem? Apple is careful not to make that direct claim. Apple is careful not to make that direct claim. But the company, in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine, launched the Apple Heart Study app on Thursday that uses the heart rate sensor inside the Apple Watch to collect data on irregular heart rhythms. The study had been previously announced in September.

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The company had a big year in 2017. Could next year be even bigger?

The iPhone X marks a big redesign for Apple's popular smartphone.© Provided by CNET The iPhone X marks a big redesign for Apple's popular smartphone. This past year was one of Apple's busiest ever -- and 2018 could be even more jam-packed.

In 2017, with the iPhone X, Apple revamped its popular smartphone for the first time in years, removing the home button and integrating an OLED screen that stretches across the entire front of the display. It showed off its new HomePod speaker and updated the Apple Watch. Sales of the iPad even started to rise again after sagging for about three years.

It's going to have a tough task topping all that in 2018. Apple will finally start selling the HomePod, presumably revamp its Mac computer, and come out with the iPhone X's successors.

Apple agrees to pay Ireland $15.4 billion in back taxes to appease EU

  Apple agrees to pay Ireland $15.4 billion in back taxes to appease EU Apple today reached an agreement with the European Union to begin depositing the €13 billion ($15.4 billion) in back taxes it was ordered to pay Ireland last year, following the landmark decision to crackdown on tax shelter policies and profit offshoring, according to The Wall Street Journal. Despite the ruling having been issued more than a year ago, in August of 2016, Ireland has resisted collecting the money. The country strategically uses low tax rates to spur domestic investment from foreign corporations. But the practice has resulted in companies like Apple effectively using Ireland as a tax shelter, paying rates of as little as 0.

The company had a big year in 2017. Could next year be even bigger? The iPhone X marks a big redesign for Apple 's popular smartphone. Claire Reilly/CNET. This past year was one of Apple 's busiest ever -- and 2018 could be even more jam-packed.

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Sounds simple, right? Well, we have a few questions for Apple going into next year.

The company declined to comment.

What does the iPhone lineup look like?

When Apple launched the first iPhone, in 2007, part of the gadget's appeal was that it was one device for everyone. You could have the same iPhone as basketball players or movie stars, assuming you could afford the $500 price tag.

Gradually, though, Apple started expanding. Now there's everything from the "cheap" $349 iPhone SE to the $1,150 version of the iPhone X -- and a myriad of options in between. The company has also kept the older models around as cheaper options for consumers not only in Western markets but also in newer markets like India and China.

The early rumors say Apple next year could launch three high-end phones that look like the iPhone X, as well as a follow-up to the iPhone SE.

Apple Pay Cash: Everything You Need To Know

  Apple Pay Cash: Everything You Need To Know It’s Apple’s PayPal competitor and it's called Apple Pay CashThe removal of the need for physical money is one step closer thanks to Apple’s release of Apple Pay Cash, introduced in iOS 11.2, which just shipped to user this week. But what is Apple Pay Cash–and how can you get some? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Apple 's 2017 was pretty impressive, but it needs to come up with some solutions to make 2018 even better.

The result could be an iPhone line that's more varied than ever. This also raises the question of which older model Apple will keep as it moves to the next generation. Will it stick with all three new models?

The adoption of the iPhone X look across three new models of iPhone suggests the home button may be on its way out more quickly than we realized.

How does Siri become relevant, especially in the home?

Apple beat its rivals to market with the Siri digital assistant, artificial intelligence software that lets machines act more like humans. But Amazon and Google have surpassed Siri with their own assistants, thanks to the proliferation of smart speakers in the home.

Amazon, with its Echo smart speakers and Alexa voice assistant, now all but owns the home. Since launching the Echo in late 2014, Amazon has sold 20 million smart speakers in the US, taking 73 percent of that market, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV, finally

  Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV, finally It's here at last: the Amazon Prime Video app is now available for the Apple TV.  The native Prime Video application joins similar apps from Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services available on the Apple TV. Previously, Prime Video could only be played on the Apple TV over a wireless AirPlay connection from another Apple device. The new app should be far more convenient to use and greatly improve the viewing experience.

5 Questions Need to Ask about Apple Watch before You Purchase It. Question 1: How long will the battery last? Most smart watches are hard to last longer than a day after charging for one time.

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Already late in playing catch-up, Apple in November delayed the HomePod, leaving the field that much longer in the hands of the Echo, the Google Home and smart speakers from companies including Sonos. Even when the HomePod eventually launches in 2018, Siri will be only a minor part of the device.

Though the smart home is still in its early stages, Apple could be missing out on a big opportunity if it takes too much longer to get things right. And it's got to find a way to make Siri not only smart enough to play the music you want but also trustworthy enough to lock your front doors.

"Siri has to work really well on HomePod," Technalysis Research analyst Bob O'Donnell said. "If it doesn't, that's a serious blow to the evolution of Siri."

O'Donnell's research showed that 50 percent of people who have smart speakers at home use their personal assistants at least once a day. On smartphones, only 30 percent of people use their digital assistant every day.

Apple needs to make sure Siri gets smarter and more useful -- and do it fast.

Where does Apple go with augmented reality? And what about virtual reality?

Apple finally dipped its toes into augmented reality with the launch of its iOS 11 software and its augmented reality programming interface, ARKit. The technology overlays digital images on the real world using special headsets or your phone. In the case of Apple, AR means new interactive apps, like Ikea's software that lets you virtually furnish your apartment, or Pokemon Go software that lets you catch digital monsters.

Apple's Ive returns to helm of design teams

  Apple's Ive returns to helm of design teams <p>Apple Inc Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is returning to day-to-day management of the company's design teams after handing off managerial duties two years ago to focus on other projects, Apple told Reuters on Friday.</p>Apple Inc Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is returning to day-to-day management of the company's design teams after handing off managerial duties two years ago to focus on other projects, Apple told Reuters on Friday.

Ask New Question . 2018 Phones & Future Phones 2020. Where We 're Headed: Apple is already expected to unleash fingerprint ID in the iPhone 5 S, but by 2018 , your phone may recognize your eyes or your retina.

Here are five questions you should ask every vendor during consultations. Will we need to work with the data in Excel? How much design skill is required? The Future of Marketing: Five Marketing Megatrends for 2018 by Mathew Sweezey.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has compared AR's potential to the impact of the smartphone on the world's population. "We don't have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: It's for everyone," Cook said during an interview with The Independent earlier this year. "I think AR is that big. It's huge."

So far, there are about 1,000 AR apps available for the iPhone and iPad. For the tech to become as big as Cook predicts, that figure needs to rise.

Along with pushing augmented reality software, Apple is rumored to be working on AR goggles. It's unclear when something like that would hit the market or how it would avoid the problems Google saw with its Glass eyewear.

Apple also hasn't made any moves into virtual reality, even as companies like Samsung, HTC and Facebook's Oculus push the technology that makes you feel like you're in a different world.

How deep will Apple get into the entertainment business?

Apple used to provide one of the main places to buy movies and music: iTunes. Now it's making some of that content, too. The company has been releasing original TV shows through its Apple Music service, and its efforts are growing. For instance, Apple has signed a deal to release a drama series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, and another series from Steven Spielberg.

Apple to invest $390 million in Finisar to ramp up chip production

  Apple to invest $390 million in Finisar to ramp up chip production Apple Inc will give Finisar Corp $390 million to increase production of chips that power high-profile iPhone X features including Face ID, Animojis and portrait-mode photos. Shares of Finisar, a Sunnyvale, California-based optical components maker, rose 14 percent to $22 in premarket trade on Wednesday.The investment is Apple's second from its $1 billion advanced manufacturing fund that seeks to foster innovation and create jobs, Apple said. The first investment was a $200 million infusion into Gorilla Glass maker Corning Inc in May.

iMac 2018 . Apple just updated its all-in-one desktop lineup with Kaby Lake processors, more memory options, and better graphics, so it's likely we won't see an update for the iMacs until next year. Apple Pencil 2 rumors: Everything you need to know!

Too Many Requests. Wyman says she won't run for Connecticut governor in 2018 .

The company hadn't been as serious about releasing original content as Amazon, Netflix and others. Some of the shows garnered mixed reviews, like the reality app-pitching show "Planet of the Apps."

But as video gets more important, Apple could do even more.

The more interesting question is whether it may launch its own video service or offer shows a la carte. Perhaps Apple TV, once considered a hobby by the company, will become more of a focal point.

Does touch come to the Mac in a bigger way?

Year after year, Apple denies speculation that it will make a touch-screen Mac or release a hybrid Mac-iPad. It says that's not the best way for people to interact with their computers.

Instead, its solution from 2016 was integrating a touch-sensitive strip called the Touch Bar into its new MacBook, as well as giving its iPad more computerlike functionality. The Touch Bar, which replaced the normal function keys on the top row of the MacBook Pro's keyboard, can be programmed for quick access to things like emojis. It lights up with a menu of buttons, control sliders, dials and tools, which change with the app you're using.

But the call for Apple to add more touch to its computers hasn't abated. The Touch Bar has some fans and some haters, and the iPad Pro doesn't quite cut it as a PC replacement for many people.

"Consumers more and more want touch in their notebook [computers]," Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said. "Is the Mac the one going to be left out?"

Apple has finally caught up with iPhone X demand .
The iPhone X was an elusive unicorn on launch. If you didn't snag one of the earliest pre-orders or get lucky waiting in line, you were looking at a weeks-long wait -- more than a few people flipped their units for a tidy profit. Now, however? They're practically growing on trees. Multiple Apple online stores (including the US, UK, Canada and Japan) list the iPhone as in stock and delivering within 1-2 days if you commit to a purchase. Carriers and third-party stores are carrying the phone, too.

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