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13:50  10 january  2018
13:50  10 january  2018 Source:   Engadget

Samsung, LG To Compete With Chinese Budget Smartphones

  Samsung, LG To Compete With Chinese Budget Smartphones South Korea tech companies Samsung and LG are launching new mid-tier handsets to compete with the budget smartphones of Chinese manufacturers. On Friday, South Korean publication Korea Herald revealed that Samsung and LG are looking to appeal to more consumers by releasing affordable handsets that still come with high-end features. The move is seen as the companies’ response to the rapidly increasing offerings of Chinese phone makers that are penetrating many markets including South Korea.

Based on a strong response from long-time fans and users who switched from other smartphones, TCL's BlackBerry Mobile has promised to release " at least " two new smartphones in 2018 .

Now, BlackBerry Mobile is prepping one more new color variant — the KEYone Bronze Edition — before it gets back to work developing Too bad we don't know how much the phone will cost or when exactly it will be released — all BlackBerry can offer now is a vague launch Q1 2018 launch window.

a screenshot of a cell phone© Provided by Engadget It wasn't that long ago that the BlackBerry brand seemed stagnant, but devices like the KEYone and the more recent Motion seem to have gotten some people feeling the faith once more. Based on a strong response from long-time fans and users who switched from other smartphones, TCL's BlackBerry Mobile has promised to release "at least" two new smartphones in 2018. We're not talking about Bronze Edition-style color variants, either — these will be entirely new devices, and both of the phones BlackBerry Mobile has in mind will pack physical keyboards.

"We're very confident in our ability to grow the keyboard market," said Gareth Hurn, BlackBerry Mobile's Global Head of Device Portfolio, in a conversation with Engadget.

Wearable home theater lets you see what's outside

  Wearable home theater lets you see what's outside It's due in part to Eagle's clever use of OLED displays.Not surprisingly, the displays are key. Eagle revolves around a pair of newly unveiled 0.49-inch OLED screens that may be limited to 720p, but pump out a high 1,000 nits of brightness while consuming relatively little power. This doesn't appear to be a convertible design like Avegant's Glyph, though, so it won't do as much good if you only want to listen to music.

Although CES 2018 has almost every electronics company in the world announcing new devices, most phone makers are saving their big reveals for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February. It's no surprise, then, that Alcatel didn't have new devices ready to unveil. But the company did give us a

BlackBerry and TCL have recognized this new trend and have stated plans to release at least two new smartphones in 2018 . closeAndroid Phones with the Best Battery Life – January 2018 .

Representatives for the TCL-controlled brand were otherwise tight-lipped regarding specifics, but BlackBerry Mobile strongly believes there's a place in the market for the kind of productivity and convenience only physical keyboards can offer. It'll be a little while yet before BlackBerry Mobile fully reveals its plans — in the meantime, we've learned a few things that shed some light on BBM's priorities.

When asked whether BlackBerry Mobile would push to grow its presence by releasing a low-cost device, Hurn said one of the phones planned for this year would cost more than the other without specifying the price gap. He characterized the brand's approach as a measured one, and it seems clear BlackBerry Mobile isn't going to rush to build its base of fans.

Google pushes VR further with standalone Daydream headsets

  Google pushes VR further with standalone Daydream headsets While Google was quicker than other tech firms to bring virtual reality to phones a few years ago with its Cardboard initiative, interest in mobile VR seems to have dropped off lately. Lenovo and Yi are the first brands to team up with Google this time around; the former has just unveiled its Mirage Solo headset. It comes with WorldSense technology that tracks your head movement and mirrors it in virtual spaces, so you can not only look around by turning your head, but also duck incoming fire, bank to either side in your vehicle, and jump over obstacles – actions which would previously have required external sensors and wiring.

BlackBerry KEYone, BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry Motion Bronze Edition, TCL, BlackBerry Smartphones, Mobiles , CES, CES 2018 . TCL, the company that manufactures BlackBerry -branded smartphones, said on Tuesday that it is planning to bring at least two new smartphones this year with

Three new Google Pixel phones are expected to land on 4 October 2018 , with one of them Microsoft's Surface Phone has been the stuff of rumours for more than two years, and only a couple d. have at least 2 hours each day to work on their desire. e. have internet enabled smart phone or

You probably shouldn't expect to see a super-fast, premium BlackBerry for a while, either. Hurn didn't rule out the possibility but noted that the KEYone represented a special blend of build quality, performance and price and indicated that nailing that sweet spot again would take precedence over building a high-end device to rival the iPhones and Galaxys of the world. "You have to earn your right to be in the super-premium space," he added.

BlackBerry Mobile's dedication to the features that have brought it some success is admirable, but we'll have to wait and see how well it plays its long game. Thankfully, it shouldn't be too long before BlackBerry Mobile unveils the next step in its plan in full.

South Korean group files complaint against Apple CEO over iPhone slowdown .
A South Korean consumer group has filed a criminal complaint against Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook over slower iPhone devices, after probes in Europe into allegations the firm had deliberately shortened the life of its handsets. Apple is already facing lawsuits in the United States and elsewhere over accusations of having defrauded iPhone users by slowing down devices without warning to compensate for poor battery performance and to push clients into buying new phones.The South Korean advocacy group, Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty, in its complaint submitted on Thursday accused Apple of destruction of property and fraud.

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