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Wynne slams Horwath's response to steel tariffs, pledges a package for workers

  Wynne slams Horwath's response to steel tariffs, pledges a package for workers Kathleen Wynne is slamming what she says is Andrea Horwath's "inadequate" response to the U.S. government's new tariffs on Canadian steel. And she also pledged retraining for any laid off steelworkers if the tariffs persist. The Liberal leader lashed out at Horwath Friday morning during a Dundas campaign stop. Wynne says Horwath, the Ontario NDP leader who's represented Hamilton Centre, seemed to blame the Liberals for the tariffs. She also seemed to not know Wynne had met with 37 U.S. government leaders to advocate for Canada's steel industry, Wynne claimed. And that is "not good enough.

Now, Facebook has followed up with 500 of pages of answers to written questions from two Senate committees, although some of the In the written response , the company contends that the “ controls and settings that Facebook is enabling as part of GDPR are available to people around the world.”

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will visit the state on Thursday to review the federal government’s response to what Governor John Bel Edwards called “unprecedented” flooding. Next page .

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When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress in April, the CEO faced a public grilling from lawmakers — and left them with several lingering questions. Now, Facebook has followed up with 500 of pages of answers to written questions from two Senate committees, although some of the responses may be cause for even more digging.

In the documents, Facebook strikes a cautious tone as it answers questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, ad targeting, moderation policies, and more, giving a broad, if shallow, look at the company’s policies and practices. The documents seem, by design, to shed little new light — many of the questions are answered by pointing to publicly available policies, or through answers the company has previously offered.

Senate poised to vote on legalizing pot

  Senate poised to vote on legalizing pot Senate poised to vote on legalizing potBill C-45 appears likely to pass, despite the resolute opposition of the 32 Conservative senators and uneasiness among some independent senators.

That e-mail comes in 1,706 pages of newly released documents that shed light on the damage control happening at the IRS — and at the watchdog agency investigating it Dem senators : No political bias at IRS. In response , the inspector general worked to move up the release of the audit.

Plenty of them have Facebook pages that are highly active (though that’s possibly something they just leave to their staffs). Sen . Orrin Hatch pursued a line of questioning on whether Facebook will always be free, which in fairness to the senator

And while Zuckerberg’s in-person testimony was already highly polished, the written questions have reached a flawless sheen. In response to some of the most pointed queries, the company offered replies that obfuscated the issues. Responding to a question about how ads might be used to exclude people with certain characteristics, for example, Facebook explained that it did not offer targeting based on “race” but on “multicultural affinity” — still a controversial practice.

When asked about “shadow profiles” — the idea that Facebook follows non-users, which became one of the most explosive topics during Zuckerberg’s testimony — the company said it does not create “profiles” for non-users but admitted it “may take the opportunity to show a general ad that is unrelated to the attributes of the person or an ad encouraging the non-user to sign up for Facebook.”

Facebook makes it easier to find and support game streamers

  Facebook makes it easier to find and support game streamers Facebook hasn't been shy about its plans to challenge game streaming services like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube Gaming, and it's taking that effort to its next logical step. At the same time, Facebook is giving new streamers more opportunities to find their footing. It's unveiling a Level Up program in the months ahead that will let newcomers earn money from viewers who buy and send virtual items in the middle of live streams. It's somewhat like Twitch's Affiliate tier -- you can still generate an income without a full-fledged partnership. On that note, Facebook said it plans to expand its creator subscription test to include more partners in the weeks ahead.

(April 10) A cheeky game of troll-ception played out in May 10, 2018 · House Democrats on Thursday released more than 3, 500 Facebook ads created by a The social media giant said it had removed 70 Facebook accounts and 138 Facebook pages , and 65 Instagram accounts, all controlled by the

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — As a result of an Open Records Act request and lawsuit filed by the Center for Media and Democracy, on Tuesday night the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office released a batch of more than 7, 500 pages of emails and other records it withheld prior to Scott Pruitt’s nomination as

Some of the issues where Facebook didn’t quite provide a full response may ultimately provide the biggest revelations. After replying affirmatively to a series of specific questions about what information the company tracks, Facebook did not give a simple yes or no when asked whether it tracks “every IP address ever used when logging into Facebook.” Instead, the company pointed to a vague “retention schedule”:

Facebook automatically logs IP addresses where a user has logged into their Facebook account. Users can download a list of IP addresses where they’ve logged into their Facebook accounts, as well as other information associated with their Facebook accounts, through our Download Your Information tool, although this list won’t include all historical IP addresses as they are deleted according to a retention schedule.

Facebook did provide more information about what kind of data the platform gathers — and the scope of that collection may surprise some. The company notes that it tracks “operations and behaviors” on devices, including “whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded, or mouse movements (which can help distinguish humans from bots).” Device signals, settings, and “unique identifiers” are also tracked.

Facebook's Memories is a dedicated spot for nostalgia

  Facebook's Memories is a dedicated spot for nostalgia Facebook's On This Day and other nostalgia-driven posts are helpful for reminding you of moments from years past, but they eventually drift out of your News Feed. As you might expect, you can control which moments appear in Memories, so you don't have to relive the pain associated with an ex or the loss of a family member.

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Facebook also followed up in areas where Zuckerberg’s testimony was wanting. The CEO struggled to name a single competitor during hearings, but in writing the company rattled off a long list of services such as Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, and others — though those services are still, at best, partial replacements for the Facebook experience.

Zuckerberg similarly wavered during testimony when asked whether Facebook would extend Europe’s GDPR privacy protections to the United States. In the written response, the company contends that the “controls and settings that Facebook is enabling as part of GDPR are available to people around the world.”

Other written questions veered off-track from privacy issues. During the Zuckerberg hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz asked a line of questions about an alleged anti-conservative bias at Facebook, and followed up in writing with dozens of pages of questions that turned bizarrely specific: “Nathaniel Friedman, an author at GQ magazine, stated that ‘Taylor Swift’s cover of “September” is hate speech.’ Does Facebook agree?” The company responded with a broad answer about its hate speech policy.

Senators assistant GM will miss at least start of draft for court date

  Senators assistant GM will miss at least start of draft for court date Ottawa Senators assistant general manager Randy Lee's ongoing legal proceedings will prevent him from attending at least the start of the upcoming NHL draft. Lee's attorney, Paul Cambria, confirmed to The Associated Press that his client is expected to attend his next court appearance in Buffalo on June 22, the same day the first round of the draft takes place in Dallas. The Senators executive was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment late in May while visiting Buffalo for the league's scouting combine.Lee pleaded not guilty to making lewd comments toward, and rubbing the shoulders of, a 19-year-old male hotel shuttle driver.

Visit our Facebook Page . In response to a series of questions from Peters on Thursday, U.S Peters Questions Coast Guard on Vessel Damage to Line 5. When pressed by Peters for more details on the reasoning behind the decision, Fagan said she would need to get back to the senator .

Such an office should have been properly resourced and empowered to take control of those activities worldwide and monitor them on a day-to-day basis. Unclassified--approved for release : 08 dec 2014. we have provided detailed responses to each in Tab C. We summarize below the

In the two months that it took Facebook to deliver these responses, more questions around Facebook’s data sharing policies have emerged. Just last week, a New York Times report suggested that the platform had shared user data with over 60 device makers, and that a bug had potentially set 14 million users’ private Facebook posts to be publicly viewable. The steady stream of bad headlines suggests Facebook’s efforts to address concerns are being outpaced by its own scandals.

Senators pass cannabis legalization bill .
Senators pass cannabis legalization billSenators voted 52-29, with two abstentions, to pass bill C-45, after seven months of study and debate.

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