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Technology Lenovo gives its Legion gaming laptop line a tasteful makeover

15:46  12 june  2018
15:46  12 june  2018 Source:

ASUS slims the bezels on its ROG Strix II gaming laptops

  ASUS slims the bezels on its ROG Strix II gaming laptops Just as we expected, ASUS is keeping up with the gaming laptop competition with its new ROG Strix II gaming laptops. Available in two models, "Hero" and "Scar," the Strix II machines have been upgraded with thin bezel displays running at 144Hz. We've seen those features from all of the major gaming notebook makers this year, but ASUS is going a step further by including a 15.6-inch 1080p panel with a low 3ms response rate, compared to the 7ms screens other companies are using. That should make the Strix II notebooks ideal for fast-paced games.

Gallery: Lenovo Legion 2018 gaming laptops hands on | 5 Photos. Your Ethernet, HDMI, power and other assorted USB sockets now neatly line up at the rear, making it easier to keep your cables organized on your desk.

The Command and Conquer franchise made its PC debut all the way back in 1995. In the two decades since, the game has garnered a rabid following with dozens of sequels and spinoffs.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table© Provided by Engadget If I asked you to imagine a gaming laptop, flashy designs, colorful lights and beefy chasses probably come to mind. Lenovo wants to move away from that motif and appeal to more users by redesigning its Legion series of gaming systems. For E3 this year, the company is introducing the new Y530, Y730 (in two sizes) and Y7000 laptops, which feature a subtler aesthetic, among other updates. It's also adding four new desktops to its lineup -- the T530 and T730 towers and the cubic C530 and C730.

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, and they're not all into loud colors or eye-catching logos. Some prefer subtlety, and classier designs, which is what you'll get with the new laptops. For starters, the Y530 laptop, which will be a Best Buy exclusive when it's available in June for $930, is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, and loses the red accents from before. Instead, you'll find an all-black lid with a Legion logo, which some might find more attractive, although others might call boring.

Samsung is making a Snapdragon-powered PC

  Samsung is making a Snapdragon-powered PC Samsung is the latest device manufacturer to take a chance on Snapdragon-powered PCs, joining the ranks of HP, ASUS <g class="gr_ gr_11 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="11" id="11">and</g> Lenovo.Since connected PCs are supposed to be smartphone-like in battery life and cellular connectivity, Samsung's expertise as a smartphone maker could give it an edge over traditional laptop brands. There aren't too many other details available, so all we can really do now is imagine and speculate on what that device might look like.

Snap now sells its second-gen Spectacles on Amazon. Australia is taking things a step further, though, and has formed a task force to guard its election process against cyberattacks and other methods.

Felix is revisiting his retro gaming console, the Atari 5200. Unfortunately, after sitting in a barn for years it ' s missing its controllers and has gone rusty. Time for Ben to give the console a teardown to see what state the hardware is in

I never really minded the so-called "gaudy" aesthetic of gaming laptops, but I can see the appeal of a powerful rig that doesn't scream "Ready for battle!" During my brief time with the new Legion systems, none of them served as eye-candy, although I did find the Y730's higher-quality design very intriguing. But more on that later.

Lenovo's also moved most of the ports to the back of the Y530, except for one USB A on each side. Your Ethernet, HDMI, power and other assorted USB sockets now neatly line up at the rear, making it easier to keep your cables organized on your desk. The Y530 also features a refined dual fan cooling system that vents out the back using larger blades than before. This should help it vibrate less and therefore make it less noisy.

Intel promises more powerful, longer-running PCs at Computex

  Intel promises more powerful, longer-running PCs at Computex A look at new CPUs, multiscreen PC prototypes and laptop screens that use less power.One important theme of Intel's announcements is that PCs, especially laptops, are still by far the most-used platform for creation and productivity. Bryant says, "When people really need to get things done, over 80 percent turn to their PC.

While Apple is forcing its users to adapt to strange design choices, the PC industry is actually trying to give consumers what they need. Gaming -focused phones are now a thing, and ASUS brought its first device for the category to Computex.

Microsoft wasn't going to let E3 go by without mentioning new content for Sea of Thieves. At its Xbox press conference today, we got a glimpse at the forthcomin In this article: av, dlc, e32018, gaming , microsoft, seaofthieves, xbox, xboxone.

Up next is the Y7000, which is basically the same device as the Y530 except it's not a Best Buy exclusive. It also costs $30 more than the Y530, and has a more-premium aluminum top cover. There's also a light-up Y logo on its lid, so it's not as subtle as its brother, but offers a nice variation for those who want a different option.

Both the Y530 and Y7000 come with NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics cards and Intel Core i5 CPUs to start with, and you can configure them with the RAM and storage you'd like, as per usual.

Then there's the Y730, which sits on the high end of the range. It comes in 15- and 17-inch variations, and both are all-aluminum machines that come with customizable RGB keyboards that you can program via Corsair's IQ software. The Y730 comes with overclockable Intel's eighth-generation Coffee Lake Core i5 and i7 processors, as well as an NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI graphics card to start. It also offers overclockable memory by Corsair, and you'll be able to tweak the speeds via the computer's software.

ASUS stuffed a screen into the ZenBook Pro 15's touchpad

  ASUS stuffed a screen into the ZenBook Pro 15's touchpad Remember Razer's Switchblade UI? Remember Windows SideShow? If you ever dreamt of a computer with its own secondary display, then ASUS' New ZenBook Pro is the device for you. In place of a traditional touchpad, the company is adding the ScreenPad, a 5.5-inch touchscreen that can even run its own apps. That's the headline feature, at least, of the company's latest flagship laptop aimed at creative professionals. The ZenBook Pro 15 with ScreenPad (UX580) is the first device to get ASUS' new touchscreen/touchpad hybrid.

Snap now sells its second-gen Spectacles on Amazon. In this article: av, e32018, entertainment, games , gaming , gear, mobile, personal computing, personalcomputing, videogames.

While Square Enix only announced the game 's release date during the concert, it promises to reveal more details and debut new trailers at its E3 conference on Monday, June 11th. We'll be there to cover the event, so make sure to check back for more Kingdom Hearts news.

Those are nice specs packaged in a good-looking laptop, and in general I found the Y730s attractive. You wouldn't think, looking at just the exterior, that this is a gaming notebook. I do have to complain about the webcam placement though -- it sits in the center below the screen, much like on the Dell XPS series. That'll make for some seriously unflattering video conferencing. But you do get a much thinner top bezel thanks to this, which is nice.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table© Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Lenovo also upgraded the screens across the lineup. While they maintain their full HD resolutions, the displays are now brighter, can display more colors and offer higher refresh rates options of 144hz. On the Y730, you can even pick a G-Sync-compatible panel for even smoother gameplay.

Even though Lenovo is trying to class up the Legion series by moving away from loud colors and flashing lights, I couldn't help being entranced by the rainbow colors dancing across the Y730's keyboard. Not all gaming hardware hallmarks are gaudy -- some, like RGB keys, are delightful.

But the company is astute in trying to reach a wider audience with a more-subtle aesthetic. According to Lenovo's reps, its gaming brand ranks at about 8th place in the US. Trying to reach people who have already pledged allegiance to one of the top five companies would be a Herculean task. In going for a less loyalty-driven audience and timing this launch for E3, Lenovo might actually persuade some undecideds to give it a shot.

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Not everyone can justify downloading the Google Photos app on their phone, and that just hasn't been an option on computers.&nbsp;There are still limitations to the web version. You can't see offline photos or receive push notifications (say, when the Assistant has produced a new edit). If those aren't deal-breakers, though, this should be a viable alternative when you can't (or just don't want to) install conventional software to manage your image library.

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