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Google's free class teaches you how to create AR experiences

  Google's free class teaches you how to create AR experiences If you've ever wanted to create augmented reality experiences but had no idea where to start, Google might have your back. It's releasing a free Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore class on Coursera that teaches you how to develop AR content, even if you have no knowledge of the format. Walk through the 15-hour program and you should know how to use both ARCore as well as resources like Google's own Poly object library.It's a helpful gesture for app makers wanting to hop on the AR trend without investing extensive time and money into learning the ropes.

Silicon Valley says it is committed to racial diversity in its workforce. But the numbers tell a different story.

SEE ALSO: Silicon Valley ' s gossip app is all over the place on the ' Google Manifesto'. Plenty of other people have gone out of their way to say that not everyone at Google feels this way. And thank goodness for that.

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When news broke this week that Google was letting Gmail app developers scan and even read your email, we heard what's become Silicon Valley's usual excuse: This is what you signed up for.

Don't like how Facebook shares your data with third-party developers? Too bad, it's right there in the privacy policy. How about how Twitter tracks your activity across websites? The company spelled that out in its data policy. (What? You didn't bother reading it?) And maybe you were upset when you learned last year that Unroll.Me was selling information taken from your email inbox. The company's CEO found that "heartbreaking," but that's how businesses make money from a free service.

Google retires DoubleClick, AdWords brand names

  Google retires DoubleClick, AdWords brand names <p>Alphabet Inc's Google announced on Wednesday the biggest-ever rebranding of its advertising software, retiring the DoubleClick and AdWords brands to streamline entry points for advertisers and ad sellers.</p>Google executives said its fees are not changing, and no services are merging. The company will retain the AdSense and AdMob brands for ad sales technologies that are aimed at small websites and mobile app developers, respectively.

Wall Street has long been the industry people love to hate . But as big tech’ s reputation plummets, suddenly a job at Facebook doesn’t seem so cool. What term do you want to search? Search with google . Silicon Valley has taken over Wall Street as the political bogeyman of choice.

And while there is social prestige in the Valley attached to being at Google , it also intimidated some men, she felt. Less pay, more everything . Silicon Valley could help the last people you'd expect — and Elon Musk has given million to a contest that will prove it More "Better Capitalism" ».

Privacy advocates have been pushing back against the industry's way of doing business for years. Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said in an email that companies including Google and Facebook need to take responsibility for how software developers leverage your data.

"It is not reasonable, practical or efficient to expect users to know how third-party companies will make use of their personal data," Rotenberg said. "Just like Facebook, Google bears responsibility for the misuse of personal data by app developers."

You can opt out of data sharing in some cases -- or you can stop using the service. Still, it's hard not to feel as if our privacy is being violated. Consumers' reaction is becoming a major challenge for tech companies as they face lawmakers, lawsuits and the threat of regulation over data policies they say they've been telling us about all along.

NDP to create provincial hate-crimes unit as part of plan to fight racism

  NDP to create provincial hate-crimes unit as part of plan to fight racism NDP to create provincial hate-crimes unit as part of plan to fight racismThe Alberta government is creating a provincial hate-crimes unit with police as part of broad plan to combat racism in the province, Education Minister David Eggen announced Wednesday morning.

The two Silicon Valley giants control almost 60% of the £11bn UK digital ad market, according This was followed by Facebook admitting to a string of measurement errors, such as how many people are watching videos. What Google doesn’t do is manually check every video for controversial content.

So why do Silicon Valley startups resist developing for the OS as opposed to Apple? And then there’s [Android]. This mystery platform monetizes poorly and is used by poor people . Comparing XCode and Android Developer Tools: Google ' s Catching Up.

Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst at Forrester, said tech companies need to make clear to users what the tradeoff is for receiving services for free. "It should very clearly say, 'We provide this service for free because we monetize your data in other ways,'" Khatibloo said.

The issue resurfaced this week after an examination by The Wall Street Journal found that "hundreds" of outside software makers could scan your inbox through third-party Gmail apps. (Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users.) In some cases, developers' employees had access to thousands of Gmail users' emails.

One developer, Return Path, a marketing company that offers free email organization tools, let its workers read about 8,000 user emails two years ago to help develop the company's software. Another free app, called Edison Software, which helps users manage their email, let its employees read thousands of Gmail messages to train the "Smart Reply" feature in its app, the Journal reported.

Google invests in OS that will put its Assistant on feature phones

  Google invests in OS that will put its Assistant on feature phones Google has just invested $22 million in KaiOS, the company that built an app-packed operating system for feature phones. The move, which gives Google access to previously-untapped markets, will see KaiOS integrate Google services such as maps, Assistant, YouTube and search into devices, which are considered mid-point phones between basic phones and smartphones.Feature phones -- made by companies such as Nokia, Micromax and Alcatel -- are used by millions of people in developing countries.

Image. Google ’ s offices in Mountain View, Calif. In a statement, PayPal said that its policy was “not to allow our services to be used for activities that promote hate , violence or racial intolerance.” The alt-right isn’t necessarily wrong when it claims, as its followers often do, that Silicon Valley is steeped

After a Google employee was fired for penning a controversial ‘anti-diversity’ manifesto, conservatives say it proves Silicon Valley is a liberal echo chamber. “It has a silencing effect. There should be room for people to express opinions about the way the company is using resources,” he said.

Both Return Path and Edison Software said they've now stopped the practice. But both also defended giving employees access to Gmail data, saying that humans need to see such data to build their software. "As anyone who knows anything about software knows, humans program software – artificial intelligence comes directly from human intelligence," Return Path said in a blog post on its website.

Google didn't respond to a request for comment.

Giving developers access to your data might part of the terms of service -- whether that's for tech giants like Google or Facebook, or 20-person startups -- but people often don't realize just exactly what they're agreeing to.

Google said last year it would stop scanning user emails for data that helps marketers target ads. Since then, data privacy from third-party app developers has been a global hot-button topic. In March, Facebook acknowledged that Cambridge Analytica, a digital consultancy that had ties to the Trump presidential campaign, improperly accessed personal information on up to 87 million of the social network's users.

Khatibloo pointed out that the Gmail controversy affected more than just Gmail users. She noted that if she'd emailed someone who was using Return Path or Edison, its employees could have read her emails, too.

"I didn't agree to have my data evaluated by Return Path, but by signing up for the service, somebody I sent an email to has opted me into it," Khatibloo said. "And I think that is the big privacy violation."

Google and Facebook could be caught in the US-China trade war .
President Donald Trump's trade wars have reached Silicon Valley. The Trump administration is considering tariffs on networking equipment from China. That could spell trouble for companies that buy Chinese components for their global cloud computing operations, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, analysts say. And chip makers such as Intel could face tariffs on computer chips. US companies often send mostly finished chips to China for assembly, testing and packaging. Those companies could pay a penalty when those chips are shipped back into the country.

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