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Williams accepts wild card for Rogers Cup

  Williams accepts wild card for Rogers Cup Williams accepts wild card for Rogers CupThe American tennis star has accepted a wild card into the Rogers Cup next month. It will mark Williams' first appearance in Montreal since 2014.

I just finished a divorce and have to pay the legal bill. I can put it on a credit card and want to maximize what I get out of this terrible experience. Which card should I use ?

What is the best way to split our credit card debt? And, if you haven’t already done so, establish a credit card in your own name as soon as possible! All divorcing couples are faced with the issue of how to divide their debt.

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Do you have those defining financial moments in your life? I have one, and it all started with my divorce at 23.

My former husband and I were college students who didn’t have a clue about money. We were living off of student loans and credit cards, just like everyone else. Fortunately, we were both working, so although our debt was higher than it should have been, we weren’t completely subsisting on credit.

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Fast-forward three years and, unfortunately, our marriage was struggling. It ultimately ended in divorce. We parted ways amicably, splitting up our minimal belongings and our debt. I ended up with half of our credit card debt, which was around $800, and my student loans, which were slightly over $8,000.

7 reasons your credit card will get declined — and how to avoid it

  7 reasons your credit card will get declined — and how to avoid it Exceeding your credit limit is hardly the only reason your plastic can be rejected. Beware these lesser-known causes It used to be there was only one reason your credit card would get declined: because you overspent your limit. These days, though, there are lots of reasons it could be declined and not all of them have to do with money.

How the barcode changed the retail world. How department stores changed the way we shop. Credit cards can - used wisely - help us manage our money. The risk is that they make it simply too easy to spend money - money we don't necessarily have.

Divorcing yourself from your credit card for all but the most essential purchases is one way to rein in bad spending For example, are you purchasing a .50 latte and .00 scone every morning? How often do you shop or dine out and then use your credit card ?

I know, those numbers seem small, but this was 17 years ago and to a newly graduated 23-year-old, these numbers were overwhelming. I could deal with the student loan debt. It was mine and had helped me get my degree. My real issue was with the credit card debt.

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I knew that the vast majority of the spending on that card wasn’t mine, and it made paying the debt so much harder. Every time I had to make a payment toward that debt, it reminded me of my failed marriage. It reminded me of the money mistakes we had made together. Most importantly, though, it reminded me of all of the decisions that I made that had gotten me into this whole mess. Every month, I had a reminder of my failures.

It took me approximately six to eight months to pay off my credit card debt. I was that girl who lived in her parents’ basement to save money. At the time, it was just another reminder of my failure, but looking back, I’m so thankful I had that time to recover financially and emotionally.

Williams accepts wild card for Rogers Cup

  Williams accepts wild card for Rogers Cup MONTREAL - Serena Williams is returning to Montreal. The American tennis star has accepted a wild card into the Rogers Cup next month. It will mark Williams' first appearance in Montreal since 2014. The 36-year-old Williams returned to tennis earlier this year after giving birth to a daughter. She climbed 153 spots in the WTA rankings after making the final at Wimbledon and is now 27th. Williams has won the Rogers Cup three times, all in Toronto, in 2001, 2011 and 2013.Victoria Azarenka and Canadian Eugenie Bouchard also have received wild cards into the event. Two more wild cards will be awarded to Canadians before the Aug. 3-12 tournament.

Here are five ways your soon-to-be ex can harm your credit , and how to minimize the damage “When a card gets closed, your credit can take a big hit,” Lesavich says. When he was getting divorced , his wife closed all joint cards without telling him, he says.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - I picked a good day to change my name after my divorce - late on a Friday afternoon recently when it was pelting sleet outside. I never changed my name professionally, using it as my byline and on my business cards . CREDIT CARDS .

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As I slowly paid off the debt (on my $24,000 annual salary). I swore every time I made a payment that I would never carry credit card debt again. For me, my credit card debt grew to represent all of the negative parts of my life situation. I hated using credit cards and became paranoid about having any type of credit card debt.

Fast-forward another 17 years, and beyond some work-related credit card charges, I have not carried a balance on my credit card since my divorce.

Although it was a tough situation at the time, I’m so thankful for that experience now. I still use credit cards, but I pay my cards off every two weeks when I get paid. I’ve learned how quickly spending can get out of control when using credit cards and don’t ever want to be responsible for paying off debt again.

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Why I refuse to pay in cash

  Why I refuse to pay in cash Discover why credit cards may be a better option than cash.Though many people consider using cash as the smart thing to do, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, if you’re not using credit cards, you’re missing out on some huge benefits.

I used this position of knowledge / trust to my advantage during the divorce in a couple ways . I 'm not sure how much her financial habits have changed since the divorce , but I think it's very likely Don't marry someone who racks up thousands on their credit card and buys every pet under the sun.

In the process, these startup credit card companies may also be forever changing how we use this form of payment. This company has come up with an innovative approach in that they have found a way to make the credit card data useless to hackers, which means they will no longer try to steal it.

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