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YouTube details how its updates help creators get paid

Wednesday  12:06,   18 april 2018

YouTube knows creators are worried about being demonetized without warning, and it's experimenting with new methods to prevent those rude surprises. In a "sneak peek" posted earlier in the month, the service hinted at what that[...]

Facebook says users must accept targeted ads even under new EU law

Wednesday  12:01,   18 april 2018

<p>Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it would continue requiring people to accept targeted ads as a condition of using its service, a stance that may help keep its business model largely intact despite a new European Union privacy law.</p>The EU[...]

Diamonds From Outer Space Formed Inside a Long-Lost Planet

Wednesday  12:01,   18 april 2018
National Geographic

A gem-studded meteorite that fell in Sudan offers clues about the protoplanets that likely existed in our solar system's violent past.If humans could peer back in time, the solar system we call home would be unrecognizable during its first 10[...]

Amazon's mobile app simplifies shopping for international customers

Wednesday  07:50,   18 april 2018

It's easy to take Amazon for granted if you live in a country with an official portal, but what if you live in a country where imports are your only realistic option?&nbsp;If you have your phone close at hand, it should now be relatively[...]

Cambridge Analytica exec reveals there were more quizzes used to collect data

Wednesday  07:46,   18 april 2018

A former employee of the notorious data broker Cambridge Analytica (CA) today testified the company had several other quizzes on Facebook besides the one which started Facebook’s current audit — and potentially they could have compromised far more[...]

LG appliances now respond to both Alexa and Google Assistant

Wednesday  07:45,   18 april 2018

LG has officially joined the ranks of appliance makers that support more than one voice assistant.&nbsp;The electronics giant has announced that its current collection of ThinQ-branded appliances now takes commands from both Amazon's Alexa and[...]

Apple Is Said to Plan Apple Music-Like News Subscription Service

Tuesday  19:54,   17 april 2018

The move is part of a broader push by the iPhone maker to generate more revenue from online content and services. The Cupertino, California company agreed last month to buy Texture, which lets users subscribe to more than 200 magazines for $9.99 a[...]

Toyota promotes talking vehicle technology

Tuesday  19:51,   17 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

A big part of vehicles becoming truly driverless is them eventually having the capability to communicate with other vehicles in the vicinity and various elements of infrastructure.&nbsp;&nbsp;The Japanese auto giant is looking to get a lead[...]

Samsung Patents Phone With iPhone X-Style Notch

Tuesday  19:32,   17 april 2018
International Business Times

The patent shows an unnamed Samsung Galaxy phone that features a display notch similar to the one found on the iPhone X.It’s been discovered recently that Samsung has filed a patent for a new smartphone that features an iPhone X-style notch on its[...]

Intel reworks its malware scanner to speed up its processors

Tuesday  19:11,   17 april 2018

Turns out integrated GPUs have their uses.TDT includes an "Accelerated Memory Scanning" feature which uses GPU to scan through memory for malware, instead of the CPU. Intel claims this will reduce processor loads from 20 percent to as little as two[...]

Samsung Developing Foldable Tablet With Physical Keyboard?

Tuesday  15:48,   17 april 2018
International Business Times

A new patent suggests Samsung could be working on a unique tablet that features a physical keyboard.Patently Mobile reported over the weekend about a new design patent that was granted to the Galaxy S9 maker. The patent was originally filed almost[...]

U.S. strike on China's ZTE another blow for Qualcomm

Tuesday  15:48,   17 april 2018

The U.S. Department of Commerce slapped a seven-year ban on sales to ZTE on Monday for breaking terms of an agreement reached last year after it was caught illegally shipping goods to Iran. Caught in the crossfire is Qualcomm, whose products account [...]

Japan Lost the Smartphone Battle. Now It Lags on Connected Cars

Tuesday  15:48,   17 april 2018

In the race to build cars with digitally connected services -- such as ordering coffee on the dashboard display -- Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. risk being held back by their home market. In contrast to vehicle buyers in the U.S. and[...]

Google made an AR microscope that can help detect cancer

Tuesday  11:54,   17 april 2018

In a talk given today at the American Association for Cancer Research's annual meeting, Google researchers described a prototype of an augmented reality microscope that could be used to help physicians diagnose patients.&nbsp;The microscope[...]

Facebook points finger at Google and Twitter for data collection

Tuesday  11:54,   17 april 2018

'Other companies suck in your data too' Facebook explained in many, many words today with a blog post detailing how it gathers information about you from around the web. Facebook product management director David Baser wrote "Twitter,[...]