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Satellites help predict malaria outbreaks months in advance

Monday  06:45,   18 september 2017

Malaria is one of the greatest health threats in tropical regions like the Amazon, but predicting its spread is difficult. The satellite-based modeling will need refinement before it's ready for service, but it could be active within a few[...]

North Korean hackers are trying to steal bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Monday  06:35,   18 september 2017

It’s no secret that in recent years, North Korea has stepped up efforts to expand its nuclear weapons stockpile. More quietly, though, it’s been stashing another commodity: bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  More quietly, though, [...]

Apple's iPhone X gives Android copycats a big, big gift

Monday  06:17,   18 september 2017

No more home button makes the design even easier to mimic.With Apple's iconic round button gone, it's going to be much harder to tell Apple's copycats from the original at first glance, especially once those other phonemakers figure out how to get[...]

Equifax data breach: Total damage may stay unknown

Sunday  20:07,   17 september 2017

Countless Americans will no doubt suffer financial harm from the Equifax data breach. But we may never know the exact number.In the real world, quantifying the number of homes damaged by a hurricane or how many people lost their jobs last[...]

Nikon is making a full-frame mirrorless camera

Sunday  19:21,   17 september 2017

It's chasing after pros who'd otherwise turn to rivals like Sony.As for the reason why? Goto claims that competitors like Fujifilm, Olympus and Sony don't really cater to pro photographers with their mirrorless cams, and Nikon could fulfill [...]

Nasa Europa mission: Agency seeks to balance research objectives and cost

Sunday  19:21,   17 september 2017
International Business Times

Nasa Europa mission: Agency seeks to balance research objectives and costThere has been an increased interest in Europa as one of the places to hunt for alien life after Nasa discovered water vapour plumes on its[...]

Electric car prototype is built for Africa's rural roads

Sunday  15:12,   17 september 2017

With a few exceptions, most electric cars are delicate, expensive creatures designed for paved streets and well-heeled early adopters. And that makes them ill-suited to rural Africa -- many roads away from the cities aren't paved at all, and just[...]

'Siri, I'm depressed': Apple wants iPhone assistant to become a personal therapist

Sunday  15:12,   17 september 2017
International Business Times

According to Apple, "people have serious conversations with Siri". People, the company says, talk to the virtual assistant about their stressful days, or when they have something on their mind. They "turn to Siri in emergencies," Apple[...]

Here's how the iPhone X compares to the Galaxy Note 8

Sunday  15:12,   17 september 2017

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is the best Android smartphone you can buy. The iPhone X may soon be the best iPhone. Here's how they compare, on paper at least.One is the Galaxy Note 8, which you can buy right now. It's a different device on many[...]

Motorola reveals which phones will get Android Oreo

Sunday  15:12,   17 september 2017

Can't wait to get Google's shiny new mobile platform? If you have a Motorola, cross your fingers that you own one of its 10 devices getting the software update. Otherwise, you might have to switch phones to experience what Android Oreo can[...]

Twitter says a now-fixed bug allowed ad campaigns to target users with derogatory terms

Sunday  10:58,   17 september 2017

Add Twitter to the list of companies that have had to respond to questions around the ability to target ad campaigns against derogatory keywords in their advertising platform, though Twitter says this was a result of a bug. "We determined these few[...]

Waymo seeks delay in self-driving trade secret trial against Uber

Sunday  10:21,   17 september 2017

<p>Alphabet's Waymo self-driving car unit said critical new evidence it recently obtained in a trade secret lawsuit against Uber means a U.S. judge should postpone a trial of the case set to begin next month.</p>Waymo claimed in a lawsuit[...]

EU ministers make push for Google, Facebook tax

Sunday  06:22,   17 september 2017

Google and Facebook may face higher tax bills in Europe as the EU rushed Saturday to change rules so that more of Silicon Valley's mega profits fall into public coffers. Public anger against the billions of euros earned by online behemoths is[...]

JibJab's new Story app, Camera

Sunday  06:21,   17 september 2017

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — JibJab has a new way for you to improve your Snapchat and Instagram storytelling, letting you add your animated face and stickers to your "Story" collection of photos and videos.  The app, JibJab Camera,[...]

The iPhone X may be very difficult to buy until 2018

Saturday  20:07,   16 september 2017
The Verge

If you’re eager to put down $1,000 or more for Apple’s new bezel-less, OLED-equipped iPhone X, you’ll probably want to be awake and ready at the company’s preorder page come October 27th.&nbsp;“We believe the fullscreen design and facial[...]