Weekend Reads Analysis | 7 takeaways from Comey’s extraordinary testimony about what Trump told him to do

02:55  09 june  2017
02:55  09 june  2017 Source:   The Washington Post

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  Analysis | 7 takeaways from Comey’s extraordinary testimony about what Trump told him to do © Aaron P. Bernstein Fired FBI director James B. Comey's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his conversations with President Trump on Russia can be summed up in one word: Newsworthy. Here are seven major takeaways from his testimony. 

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Here are six major takeaways from his testimony so far.

1) Comey is pretty sure Trump inappropriately interfered in the investigation — but he didn't ask the FBI to drop it entirely

The way Comey understood his conversations with the president, Trump asked Comey for three things:

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  1. His loyalty while appearing to threaten his job security
  2. To “lift the cloud” of any perception the president was under investigation
  3. To drop the FBI's investigation into Trump's fired national security adviser Michael Flynn. 

“The ask was to get it out that I, the president, am not personally under investigation,” Comey said. But, Comey testified, Trump did NOT ask him to drop the FBI's broader investigation into Russia meddling in the 2016 election and whether Trump's campaign helped.

Comey also declined to give a legal judgment on whether Trump obstructed justice or whether he colluded with Russia, saying that's up for the FBI and special counsel to investigate.

    2) Comey thinks the president is a liar

    Comey knocked the Trump administration in an opening statement at the hearing. Comey said the Trump administration "chose to defame" him and the FBI after he was fired. (Reuters)

    U.S. bars throwing 'covfefe' parties for televised Comey testimony

      U.S. bars throwing 'covfefe' parties for televised Comey testimony <p>U.S. bars are offering $5 Russian vodka drinks, “impeachmint” cocktails and free drinks with every presidential tweet to draw crowds on Thursday to watch fired FBI Director James Comey's televised testimony to Congress.</p>Television "watch parties," typically hosted for sporting events and awards shows, are planned at homes and bars across the country for Comey’s 10 a.m. EDT appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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    The way Comey tells it, the first time he met Trump — to brief him on all things Russia shortly before Trump's inauguration —  Comey got the heebie-jeebies, for a whole bunch of small reasons but nothing in particular.

    “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting,” Comey said, as to why he left Trump Tower, hopped in an FBI car, opened a laptop and started writing down every detail he could recall about his first meeting with the president. “It led me to believe that I gotta write it down, and I gotta write it down in a detailed way. … I knew that there might come a day where I might need a record of what happened, not just to defend myself and FBI and the integrity of our situation, and the independence of our function.”

    Comey also said the president lied about why he fired him:

    “The administration then chose to defame me — and, more importantly — the FBI by saying the organization was in disarray and that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. Those were lies, plain and simple.”

    Trump taps seasoned law enforcement attorney to head FBI

      Trump taps seasoned law enforcement attorney to head FBI WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump's choice to lead the FBI is a white-collar defence lawyer with a strong law enforcement background. Senate Republicans and some Democrats praised the nomination. Trump surprised Washington early Wednesday by tweeting that he intended to nominate Christopher Wray to replace James Comey. The announcement came a day ahead of the ousted FBI director's blockbuster congressional testimony about the investigation into the Trump campaign's possible connections with Russia.Wray was a high-ranking official in George W. Bush's Justice Department and later represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the Bridgegate scandal.

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    3) The way Trump handled Comey's firing is what prompted Comey to speak out

    First, Comey found out he was fired by watching TV.

    Second, Comey said he was confused about why he was fired. The president changed his narrative several times, ultimately settling on “that Russia thing.” Then, Comey read in the press that the president told Russians Comey was a “nut job.”

    Then, Trump tweeted this:

    Up until then, Comey said he and senior leaders in the FBI had decided to “keep … in a box” everything they had learned about the president's inappropriate questions about the investigation. But after Trump's tweet, Comey said he couldn't stay silent.

    “I woke up in the middle of the night Monday (thinking) that there might be corroboration for our conversation,” Comey testified. “And my judgment was that I needed to get that out in the public square. So I asked a friend of mine to share the content of [my memos] with a reporter.”

    Donald Trump Jr. defends father, attacks Comey as ex-FBI chief testifies

      Donald Trump Jr. defends father, attacks Comey as ex-FBI chief testifies Donald Trump Jr. defends father, attacks Comey as ex-FBI chief testifiesDonald Trump Jr. is posting repeatedly during the closely watched testimony. He repeatedly defended his father and attacked Comey.

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    Comey walks at his home in McLean, Va., on May 10, 2017, a day after being fired by President Trump. Former FBI director James Comey: A look at his career

    Slideshow by USA Today

    4) Democrats are pretty sure Comey's firing is the key to what the president did wrong

    “I believe the timing of your firing stinks,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). Sen. Mark R. Warner (Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, called Comey's firing “ultimately shocking.”

    “As director of the FBI, Comey was ultimately responsible for conducting the investigation, which might explain why you're sitting down as a private citizen,” Warner said.

    Comey agreed that he thinks his firing was tied to the president's frustrations with how Comey was handling the Russia investigation.

    “Something about the way I was conducting, it created pressure, and he wanted me to leave,” Comey said.

    5) Republicans aren't really trying to defend the president

    As close as they got was one GOP senator trying to argue that: Okay, what Trump did was wrong, but is it really obstruction of justice?

    “He said: 'I hope' (when he asked you to drop the Flynn investigation)," said Sen. James E. Risch (R-Idaho), a Trump ally.

    “You don't know of anyone that's ever been charged for hoping something?”

    Comey said he didn't.

    Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) made the point that the Trump's third ask — for Comey to "lift the cloud" by saying publicly the president was not under investigation — is a reasonable one. Comey agreed but said the president didn't seem to understand it could create a "boomerang effect" where if Trump ever was under investigation, the FBI would have to retract its public statement.

    White House: Trump is not a liar

      White House: Trump is not a liar White House: Trump is not a liarWhite House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that President Trump is "not a liar" hours after ousted FBI Director James Comey said the president had lied about the FBI.

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    6) Republicans are critical of why Comey didn't speak up sooner

    “The president never should have cleared the room,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said of a key Oval Office private meeting between Comey and Trump.

    “And he never should have asked you to let (the investigation into Flynn) go."

    “But I remain puzzled by your response. Your response was: 'I agree that Michael Flynn was a good guy.' You could have said: 'Mr. President, this meeting is inappropriate, this response could compromise the investigation.'"

    Comey testified that he was “stunned” the president was asking him to drop an investigation and, in retrospect, he probably should have been more firm with the president.

    But he just wanted to say something — anything — to end the “awkward” conversations. And, Comey said, he doesn't regret keeping the president's conversations within a tight circle: "No action was the most important thing I could do to make sure there was no interference in the investigation."

    7) No side comes off well in Comey's telling of events

    To hear Comey tell it, when Republicans are in charge and the FBI was investigating Republicans, he was pressured by Republicans to shape his investigation.

    And when Democrats were in charge and he was investigating Democrats, he was pressured by Democrats to shape his investigation. This is new — and significant. It suggests that no side was immune to meddling in the FBI's independent investigations.

    Comey testified that when he was investigating Hillary Clinton's emails during the 2016 presidential campaign, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch (a President Barack Obama appointee) “directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter.”

    That, plus Lynch's private tarmac meeting with former president Bill Clinton ahead of the FBI's impending decision on whether Clinton may have criminally mishandled classified information, raised Comey's ethics radar and persuaded him to announce the FBI's findings ahead of schedule.

    “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude: I have to step away from the department if we're to close this case credibly,” Comey said.

Coverage of Comey testimony plays out with partisan spin .
NEW YORK - The extensive coverage of former FBI director James Comey's Senate testimony on Thursday gave Americans time to pause and focus on the slowly unfolding story about President Donald Trump and Russian involvement in the presidential campaign. But there was no rest for partisan spinners. Broadcast networks cast aside regular schedules for three or four hours. So did cable news networks, bracketing Comey's first public appearance since being fired by Trump with hours of their own talk. His plain-spoken answers to questions from alternating Democratic and Republican senators offered quotes for each side to latch on to.

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