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03:10  12 april  2018
03:10  12 april  2018 Source:   Maclean's

How I decided not to keep my roll-up-the-rim, new-car prize

  How I decided not to keep my roll-up-the-rim, new-car prize How I decided not to keep my roll-up-the-rim, new-car prize

On Twitter today, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau posted a congratulations to Studio MDHR for winning Trudeau’s tweet, which he also posted in French, shows that the country wants to take pride in the PC Gaming weekly news - a round up of everything in the PC world delivered every 7 days.

And as always, we want to take you along with us and give you hints and clues as to where they are headed throughout the day. And remember, Danielle will be posting even more hints on the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook. Who won the “Forever” Prize ?

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In December 2015 we decided we needed a vehicle and bought the cheapest one suitable—a brand new 2016, red 6-speed Kia Rio hatchback ($20,000 all-in). Two years on, that car is paid off, still under warranty, with only 30,000 kilometres on the odometer. Replacing it was the last thing on our minds—until we won the prize every Canadian wants.

That is what a friend on Twitter called it: “The prize every Canadian wants.” I’m not sure about that, but finding the words “WIN/GAGNEZ – CIVIC” under the rim of a Tim Hortons’ coffee cup in February was definitely a surreal moment, cultural or otherwise.

New York Times, New Yorker win Pulitzer for #MeToo reporting

  New York Times, New Yorker win Pulitzer for #MeToo reporting Journalism’s top prize was awarded to The New York Times and The New Yorker for reporting that sparked the #MeToo movement. Staffs of The New York Times and The Washington Post shared a prize for national reporting for scoops about Russian interference in the U.S. elections.The awards, which honor newspapers, magazines, online journalism, literature and music, were announced by Columbia University’s journalism school.© Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News Staffs of The New York Times and The Washington Post shared a prize for national reporting for scoops about Russian interference in the U.S. elections.

Enter here every day for a chance to win .6 million. It won ’t be easy, but can you imagine the stress level if Win a Spring Book Prize Package. · Leave a Comment · In All Canadian contests, Blog Contests. Want updates of new contests? Join the thousands of members who get our daily email!

A Russian Artist Draws Comics in Which Every Girl Can Recognize Herself. ’And don’t forget the bubbly, babe,’’ he said. ’ ’I won ’t, darling. I want you tonight.’’ ’ ’I can’t wait!’’ he said, and hung up. You were standing on my prize - winning rose!’’

The company circulated more than 216 million Roll Up The Rim To Win contest cups in 2018, spends millions marketing the annual event, Canadians from St. John’s to Whitehorse play, and I’d just beaten the one-in-4.4-million odds in rolling up a new car—specifically, a 2018 Honda Civic EX-T sedan with a $25,390 manufacturer’s suggested retail price, in the colour of my choosing.

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My reaction was surprisingly subdued. I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure if winning was really that easy, or what other hoops I’d have to jump through to claim my prize. Almost immediately I thought, “I already have a car. I’m self-employed and, in January, I just lost my best-paying client. Can I take the cash instead?”

Canada’s Kevin Martin enters World Curling Hall of Fame

  Canada’s Kevin Martin enters World Curling Hall of Fame Canada’s Kevin Martin was inducted into the World Curling Hall of Fame on Tuesday at the 361 World Men’s Curling Championship in Las Vegas. "I’m proud to be part of that group who have loved the sport and seen it grow and helped build it to where it is today," Martin said following his induction ceremony at the Orleans Arena."There’s so many people in this Hall of Fame that have done a lot for game, yes on the ice, there are many curlers, but some great builders."Martin joined Elmer Freytag of the United States Curling Association, who was inducted posthumously, and World Curling Federation board member Young C.

Last year I won a Literary Prize and at the prize dinner I chatted with some of the organisers. Now, imagine you're a judge, you're conscientious, you want to be fair, but for four weeks you and your fellow judge have to read 500 stories each, 70-80 a day each, every day for 28 days.

"Miriam Toews, the award winning Canadian author You’ll car about Nomi and Ray and you won ’t want it to end. I promise…. It might seem an odd metaphor to use about someone who has authored such a vivid, anguished indictment of religious fundamentalism, but Miriam Toews writes like an angel."

The contest rules on Tim Hortons’ website answered both questions. To claim the prize, I needed to mail in the winning tab, answer a simple skill-testing question, agree to have my photo taken and name published, and await confirmation. As for claiming the cash equivalent instead of the car? Not an option. I’d have to take it, and then decide whether to keep it or sell it. So began several weeks of waiting, financial deliberations, mood swings and, seriously, personal anguish to accompany my pending good fortune.

Had this been 2015, keeping the car would be a no-brainer. That year, my wife and I went from having two old vehicles to none, after losing one in a crash and driving the other one into the ground. We tried car sharing, but as winter set in, we decided to buy the Rio.

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It took about 10 days from sending Tim Hortons my winning entry before a marketing rep called to confirm my win. A few hours later, Honda Canada followed suit. Next steps: a promotional photo op at the Tims where I’d bought the lucky coffee, then connecting with my local Honda dealer to order my actual car. The prize includes tax and delivery, making the value about $30,000.

50/50 jackpot at Canucks game reaches record $1M

  50/50 jackpot at Canucks game reaches record $1M Someone left Rogers Arena in Vancouver a very rich man on Thursday night. The 50/50 raffle at the Canucks-Coyotes game reached $1,014,555 CAD, meaning one lucky fan took home $507,278 (or $397,275 USD) tax free, setting a record for the largest 50/50 prize in North American sports history, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.$507,278: What a Vancouver Canucks fan is taking home tonight, tax free, thanks to the largest 50/50 raffle prize in North American sports history. (Prize is $397,275 in US Dollars) pic.twitter.

Experience Project is taking a break. We thank our tens of millions of members for being a part of the largest community of shared experiences ever created. We remain passionate about the incredible power of empathy, and look forward to meeting again soon.

Watching a non-league team beat a professional side is one of the best feelings as a fan; it really tells us how unexpected a game of football is. - FA Cup's winning prize is 2M, League Cups is only 100k. Every fan want the day out seeing their team at Wembley.

I decided I didn’t want it.

I was sure I’d sell the car—ideally back to the dealer, as I had little appetite for the hassles of listing and selling it privately. I realized that even if I sold it without driving it, it would be considered “used” and priced accordingly. I hoped I could get $22,000 but decided I’d be happy with at least $20,000. Just for fun, I also looked up the blue book value of my 2016 Rio: plus/minus $8,000.

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Once my win was official, I started to share the news. But the more good wishes I received, the more the idea of keeping the car held sway. The photo op—posing in front of a model of the winning car with the Tims’ franchise owner, holding a big ceremonial key—turned my head some more, as did the fact that EX-T has some nice features not in my Rio, such as lane departure warning, collision mitigation braking, rear camera, heated seats and a power sun roof.

By the time I visited my local dealer and saw a few models in the showroom, I’d come around to thinking that what I actually wanted—and what we needed—was to upgrade my prize to the more practical (for us) 4-door sport hatchback model, in the same hot, deep red as our Rio, and take the car.

N.S. mom seeks support for grieving parents

  N.S. mom seeks support for grieving parents A Nova Scotia woman who recently lost two children will be heading to Ottawa this month to urge the federal government to give more support to parents dealing with the loss of a child or pregnancy. Paula Harmon of Dartmouth, N.S., said there's little access to specific groups to cope with losing a pregnancy or baby, and those parents may feel out of place in standard support groups. "There are bereavement groups, but a parent who has lost a child at 17 weeks, or 20 weeks, or even a year, feels very out of step with a parent who has had a child for 30 years," she said in a phone interview Saturday.

We asked Canadians what they thought about it. Canada isn’t meant to be America’s safety net or its consolation prize , but, should some dissatisfied voters want to immigrate here and flee a “Americans are afraid of Donald Trump winning the election and want to move to Canada ?

'I want her to know she has my support in any way I can, because she's been here a long time.' The news of a mother winning the prize will come as a disappointment to the so-called 'King of Anguish of being a model's child: Christie Brinkley's stunning daughter Sailor, 19, says it's tough having a

I wanted it.

But math, and common sense, would eventually win out. The insurance quote was a wash—just under $2,000 for the Honda, within $100 of my current rate. Gas would be a bit more; the Honda’s turbocharger requires premium fuel, but we don’t drive a ton, so not a deal breaker either.

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But on the car itself, upgrading to a hatchback would add $2,300 plus tax to my costs. Then I’d also have to spend at least another $1,000 for the snow tires and extra rims and winter floor mats that I’ve already sunk into the Kia. Weighing that against the $8,000 or so that I’d get for selling the Kia, and my choices were like this:

  • A spiffy new Honda that I would have liked, but didn’t need, plus $4,000 in the bank; or
  • A perfectly fine, two-year-old low mileage Rio that we’d had no intention of selling, plus at least $20,000 in the bank.

If the red hatchback had been ready the day I was so set on it, I might be driving it today. But it took Honda another week to sort things out between head office and the dealer. And by that time, it was clear the prize we wanted—and needed—was the $20,000. So I took the sedan, sold it back to the dealer and walked home with a five-figure cheque in my pocket.

Not the prize every Canadian wants, perhaps, but a pretty fair return on a one-in-4.4-million cup of coffee, nonetheless.




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