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Weekend Reads A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch’

01:31  12 june  2018
01:31  12 june  2018 Source:

Trump disinvites Eagles from White House, plans 'different type of ceremony' for fans

  Trump disinvites Eagles from White House, plans 'different type of ceremony' for fans Trump disinvites Eagles from White House, plans 'different type of ceremony' for fans"The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House with their full team to be celebrated tomorrow. They disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country," Trump said in a statement.

A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine : ‘ We ’ re America , Bitch ’. The third-best encapsulation of the Trump Doctrine , as outlined by a senior administration official over lunch a few weeks ago, is this: “No Friends, No Enemies.”

A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine : ‘ We ’ re America , Bitch ’. 1. The Aristocracy Is Dead … For about a week every year in my childhood, I was a member of one of America ’s fading aristocracies.

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Many of Donald Trump’s critics find it difficult to ascribe to a president they consider to be both subliterate and historically insensate a foreign-policy doctrine that approaches coherence. A Trump Doctrine would require evidence of Trump Thought, and proof of such thinking, the argument goes, is scant. This view is informed in part by feelings of condescension, but it is not meritless. Barack Obama, whose foreign-policy doctrine I studied in depth, was cerebral to a fault; the man who succeeded him is perhaps the most glandular president in American history. Unlike Obama, Trump possesses no ability to explain anything resembling a foreign-policy philosophy. But this does not mean that he is without ideas.

Former NFL spokesman rips president's decision to revoke Eagles' WH invite

  Former NFL spokesman rips president's decision to revoke Eagles' WH invite Joe Lockhart, the NFL's former executive vice president of communications and top public relations official, had some harsh critiques of President Donald Trump's decision to cancel the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles' visit to the White House. Official statements from the President used to be serious thoughtful expressions of national interest. Now they are childish rants. The latest—if some of the SB champs don’t want to come to the WH, then none of them are invited.

“ The Trump Doctrine is, ‘ We ’ re America , Bitch .’ That’s the Trump Doctrine ,” a senior White House official told Goldberg, who published the exchanges Monday, explaining “Obama apologized to everyone for everything.

An unnamed senior Trump administration official , speaking with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, attempted to match the grandiosity and import of past presidents by offering what they thought was the Trump Doctrine . “ We ’ re America , bitch ,” they said.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve asked a number of people close to the president to provide me with short descriptions of what might constitute the Trump Doctrine. I’ve been trying, as part of a larger project, to understand the revolutionary nature of Trump’s approach to world affairs. This task became even more interesting over the weekend, when Trump made his most ambitious move yet to dismantle the U.S.-led Western alliance; it becomes more interesting still as Trump launches, without preparation or baseline knowledge, a complicated nuclear negotiation with a fanatical and bizarre regime that quite possibly has his number.

Trumpian chaos is, in fact, undergirded by a comprehensible worldview, a number of experts have insisted. The Brookings Institution scholar (and frequent Atlantic contributor) Thomas Wright argued in a January 2016 essay that Trump’s views are both discernible and explicable. Wright, who published his analysis at a time when most everyone in the foreign-policy establishment considered Trump’s candidacy to be a farce, wrote that Trump loathes the liberal international order and would work against it as president; he wrote that Trump also dislikes America’s military alliances, and would work against them; he argued that Trump believes in his bones that the global economy is unfair to the U.S.; and, finally, he wrote that Trump has an innate sympathy for “authoritarian strongmen.”

Hard pass: Smith-Pelly will skip White House visit if Caps win Cup

  Hard pass: Smith-Pelly will skip White House visit if Caps win Cup Count out Devante Smith-Pelly if the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup and are invited to the White House to celebrate with President Donald Trump. "The things that he spews are straight-up racist and sexist," Canada's Postmedia quoted Smith-Pelly as saying Wednesday as the Capitals prepared for Game 5 against the Vegas Golden Knights. "Some of the things he's said are pretty gross. I'm not too into politics, so I don't know all his other views, but his rhetoric I definitely don't agree with. It hasn't come up here, but I think I already have my mind made up.

Trump has a doctrine , they insist. “It rubbed people the wrong way because on the campaign we were pretty clear about what he wanted to do,” said a third White House official in the room, “He was elected on a vision of America First.

Five hundred days into President Trump 's administration, his foreign policy philosophy has now, at last, been defined : " We ' re America , Bitch ." A senior White House official told The Atlantic that the " Trump Doctrine " can be boiled down to those three words.

Wright was prophetic. Trump’s actions these past weeks, and my conversations with administration officials and friends and associates of Trump, suggest that the president will be acting on his beliefs in a more urgent, and focused, way than he did in the first year of his presidency, and that the pace of potentially cataclysmic disruption will quicken in the coming days. And so, understanding Trump’s foreign-policy doctrine is more urgent than ever.

The third-best encapsulation of the Trump Doctrine, as outlined by a senior administration official over lunch a few weeks ago, is this: “No Friends, No Enemies.” This official explained that he was not describing a variant of the realpolitik notion that the U.S. has only shifting alliances, not permanent friends. Trump, this official said, doesn’t believe that the U.S. should be part of any alliance at all. “We have to explain to him that countries that have worked with us together in the past expect a level of loyalty from us, but he doesn’t believe that this should factor into the equation,” the official said.

Donald Trump: ‘We’ll see’ if Capitals receive White House invite

  Donald Trump: ‘We’ll see’ if Capitals receive White House invite Donald Trump: ‘We’ll see’ if Capitals receive White House invite“I think we’ll have the Caps, we’ll see,” Trump said at the White House before departing for the G7 Summit in Quebec, via the New York Post.

White House Outlines ' Trump Doctrine ' as President Nears 100-Day Mark. Trump is “reshaping our position in the world,” Priebus said, and “really establishing, I think, a Trump Doctrine in setting some certain lines of where we ’ re not going to allow people like [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] to go

One White House official reportedly said, “I think the president’s head would explode if he heard that.” Dubke also reportedly said that Trump had no coherent foreign policy, adding, “There is no Trump doctrine .” He was elected on a vision of America First.

The second-best self-description of the Trump Doctrine I heard was this, from a senior national-security official: “Permanent destabilization creates American advantage.” The official who described this to me said Trump believes that keeping allies and adversaries alike perpetually off-balance necessarily benefits the United States, which is still the most powerful country on Earth. When I noted that America’s adversaries seem far less destabilized by Trump than do America’s allies, this official argued for strategic patience. “They’ll see over time that it doesn’t pay to argue with us.”

The best distillation of the Trump Doctrine I heard, though, came from a senior White House official with direct access to the president and his thinking. I was talking to this person several weeks ago, and I said, by way of introduction, that I thought it might perhaps be too early to discern a definitive Trump Doctrine.

“No,” the official said. “There’s definitely a Trump Doctrine.”

What is it?, I asked. Here is the answer I received:

“The Trump Doctrine is ‘We’re America, Bitch.’ That’s the Trump Doctrine.”

White House adviser says Canada's Trudeau 'stabbed us in the back': CNN

  White House adviser says Canada's Trudeau 'stabbed us in the back': CNN White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow accused Canada on Sunday of making "polarizing" statements about the United States' trade policy, and said President Donald Trump had to pull out of a joint G7 statement because the Canadian president had "stabbed us in the back.""He held a press conference and he said the U.S. is insulting. He said that Canada has to stand up for itself. He says that we are the problem with tariffs. The non-factual part of this is - they have enormous tariffs," Kudlow said on CNN's "State of the Union.

“ The Trump Doctrine is ‘ We ’ re America , Bitch .’ That’s the Trump Doctrine ,” the source was quoted as saying. “The president believes that we ’ re America , and people can take it or leave it.”

" The Trump Doctrine is, ‘ We ' re America , B*tch.' That's the Trump Doctrine ," the White House source said. Another US official offered a closely related explanation of the doctrine : " We ' re America , Bitches ."

It struck me almost immediately that this was the most acute, and attitudinally honest, description of the manner in which members of Trump’s team, and Trump himself, understand their role in the world.

I asked this official to explain the idea. “Obama apologized to everyone for everything. He felt bad about everything.” President Trump, this official said, “doesn’t feel like he has to apologize for anything America does.”  I later asked another senior official, one who rendered the doctrine not as “We’re America, Bitch” but as “We’re America, Bitches,” whether he was aware of the 2004 movie Team America: World Police, whose theme song was “America, Fuck Yeah!”

“Of course,” he said, laughing. “The president believes that we’re America, and people can take it or leave it.”

“We’re America, Bitch” is not only a characterologically accurate collective self-appraisal—the gangster fronting, the casual misogyny, the insupportable confidence—but it is also perfectly Rorschachian. To Trump’s followers, “We’re America, Bitch” could be understood as a middle finger directed at a cold and unfair world, one that no longer respects American power and privilege. To much of the world, however, and certainly to most practitioners of foreign and national-security policy, “We’re America, Bitch” would be understood as self-isolating, and self-sabotaging.

Trump adviser accuses Trudeau of betrayal

  Trump adviser accuses Trudeau of betrayal QUEBEC - Donald Trump's top economic adviser is accusing Justin Trudeau of betraying the U.S. administration hours after the president himself launched insults at the prime minister, calling him "very dishonest and weak." Trump lashed out at Trudeau after the G7 issued a joint communique on Saturday in which the embattled alliance managed to overcome some differences and find areas of common ground.

A Trump administration official summed up President Trump ’s doctrine as “ We ’ re America , bitch ,” a characterization that makes a lot of sense in the wake of his fight with Canada. “No,” the official said. “There’s definitely a Trump Doctrine .”

“ The Trump Doctrine is ‘ We ’ re America , Bitch .’ Not America Alone. But the statement that America will ultimately act in America ’s best interests. And, oh yeah, I forgot, we ’ re America , bitch .

I’m not arguing that the attitude underlying “We’re America, Bitch” is without any utility. There are occasions—the 1979 Iran hostage crisis comes to mind—in which a blunt posture would have been useful, or at least ephemerally satisfying. President Obama himself expressed displeasure—in a rhetorically controlled way—at the failure of American allies to pay what he viewed as their fair share of common defense costs. And I don’t want to suggest that there is no place for self-confidence in foreign-policy making. The Iran nuclear deal was imperfect in part because the Obama administration seemed, at times, to let Iran drive the process. One day the Trump administration may have a lasting foreign-policy victory of some sort. It is likely that the North Korea summit will end, if not disastrously, then inconclusively. But there is a slight chance that it could mark the start of a useful round of negotiations. And I’m not one to mock Jared Kushner for his role in the Middle East peace process. There is virtually no chance of the process succeeding, but the great experts have all tried and failed, so why shouldn’t the president’s son-in-law give it a shot?

But what is mainly interesting about “We’re America, Bitch” is its delusional quality. Donald Trump is pursuing policies that undermine the Western alliance, empower Russia and China, and demoralize freedom-seeking people around the world. The United States could be made weaker—perhaps permanently—by the implementation of the Trump Doctrine.

The administration officials, and friends of Trump, I’ve spoken with in recent days believe the opposite: that Trump is rebuilding American power after an eight-year period of willful dissipation. “People criticize [Trump] for being opposed to everything Obama did, but we’re justified in canceling out his policies,” one friend of Trump’s told me. This friend described the Trump Doctrine in the simplest way possible. “There’s the Obama Doctrine, and the ‘Fuck Obama’ Doctrine,” he said. “We’re the ‘Fuck Obama’ Doctrine.”

'I'm so happy': Dennis Rodman weeps as Trump and Kim meet .
SINGAPORE - Former NBA star Dennis Rodman openly wept on television in a live interview from Singapore as President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met for the first time. The eccentric former reality television star is one of the few westerners to have spent time with Kim during multiple visits to Pyongyang and the two struck up an unlikely friendship over their shared love of basketball. Rodman also goes back years with Trump and appeared on his "Celebrity Apprentice" show.

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