News: Weekend Reads

Kurdish women fighters battle Islamic State with machineguns and songs

Tuesday  04:42,   15 november 2016

By Babak Dehghanpisheh and Michael Georgy When Islamic State insurgents fired mortar bombs at Iranian Kurdish women fighters holding a desert position in northern Iraq, the women first hit back by singing through loudspeakers.Then the women opened[...]

Trigonometry and bullets: Life as a wartime navigator

Tuesday  04:36,   15 november 2016
Ottawa Citizen

The navigator, not the pilot, was the brain centre of a Second World War aircraft and arguably its most important crew member. It was a high-stress job: You were doing rapid trigonometry, in a dimly lit space, with people shooting at[...]

When ISIL came to town: Yazidis tell of child murders and ‘meat markets’ for sex slaves

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016
National Post

Two weeks after Marah gave birth, her ISIL master started raping her again. 'As I asked about my children they were laughing and said all of them have died'As her newborn baby died in her arms, she cried out in anguish, but rather than[...]

My grandmother’s letters from the front: How romantic postcards flourished during the First World War

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016
National Post

Wartime postcards took many forms. Some were amusing, showing sketches of soldiers with 'regimental smiles' on payday. Others included poetry versesIt was early in the First World War and she was a small, strict Cornish-bred woman with one[...]

Traumatized juror from Tori Stafford murder trial to get help with PTSD as Ontario agrees to pay for some therapy

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016
National Post

The 57-year old London woman was advised the province's attorney-general would step up to help her, part of Yasir Naqvi's promise this week to give help to jurors in violent cases .“I’m glad it’s over. I can now start putting things behind[...]

Western University study opens window into honeybees’ social order

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016
The Globe and Mail

Western University examine genetic basis of why honeybees shut down reproduction to service queenNow researchers at Western University in London, Ont., say they have uncovered a clue to the genetic basis of the honeybee’s extraordinary social[...]

The Wrench newspaper lets Ottawa's homeless tell their own stories

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016
Metro News

A local community newspaper that focuses on issues around homelessness and poverty is on a mission to give a voice to some of the city’s most vulnerable people. [...]

The almost Americans

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016

Former Russian spies Jan and Victorya Neumann helped the FBI fight the Kremlin and its mafia cohorts. Now they're stuck without a country.Jan had just walked out of a meeting with a shady bank partner, who explained that the mob and its[...]

The dog that is my best friend: Afghanistan veteran

Tuesday  04:35,   15 november 2016

My best friend is my 11-year-old German shepherd, Fito. He is quirky, fun and occasionally grumpy. What he is most, however, is therapeutic. My best friend is my 11-year-old German shepherd, Fito. He is quirky, fun and occasionally grumpy. What he[...]