News: Weekend Reads

Ex-spies ran black ops on Rose McGowan for Harvey Weinstein

Tuesday  16:32,   07 november 2017

In the massive national conversation about sex crimes that has ensued as a result of the remarkable investigative reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s decades of misconduct,…In the massive national conversation about sex crimes that has ensued as a[...]

Death sweeps across 3 generations of a single family gathered at Texas church

Tuesday  00:46,   07 november 2017
The Washington Post

Death sweeps across 3 generations of a single family gathered at Texas churchRelated Video: President Trump Denounces Texas Church Shooting as an 'Act of Evil' (Provided by[...]

From the Islamic State to Suburban Texas

Monday  16:55,   06 november 2017
The Atlantic

From the Islamic State to Suburban TexasIf this sounds to you more like an anti-American story than an American one, the fate of Tania and her kids might change your mind. After weeks in Syria, she and kids ditched John and returned to Plano,[...]

How my life insurer scared me to death: Cohn

Sunday  03:35,   05 november 2017
Toronto Star

The wise political columnist gives his readers a break from politics now and then. Today's column is about something completely different:How my life insurance company scared me to death.No, it’s not a story of self-pleading (all is now solved[...]

One family's tale of life under Islamic State: 'We were living in a big prison'

Sunday  03:35,   05 november 2017
Los Angeles Times

<p>When the end came, it was deafening. Fighter jets thundered overhead, rockets and artillery exploded, and buildings crumbled under the onslaught.</p>Abed Shaban and a dozen relatives and neighbors squeezed into a ground-floor bathroom, the[...]

Analysis | Jeff Flake’s big white flag in the face of Trumpism

Wednesday  02:11,   25 october 2017
The Washington Post

The writing has been on the wall that running afoul of President Trump is poisonous in GOP primaries. Flake just confirmed it.In announcing his shocking retirement on Wednesday afternoon — an occasion on which politicians will often disingenuously[...]

When a culture produces this much sexual assault, it’s not an accident

Tuesday  04:41,   24 october 2017

This isn't just about Harvey Weinstein or Donald Trump.&nbsp;This isn't just about Harvey Weinstein or Donald[...]

Here’s how Gary Bettman can fix hockey. It’s easy.

Tuesday  15:20,   17 october 2017

Hockey legend Ken Dryden on his new hockey book and the simple rule changes that could ease the number of concussions in his beloved gameMontador had a long history with concussions in the NHL, a career that spanned 10 seasons with six different[...]

Tim Hortons logos on the wedding tux? Couples hit up sponsors to subsidize their big day

Monday  22:33,   16 october 2017

A growing number of couples are soliciting sponsors to help them pay for their wedding and avoid being saddled with debt."I kind of draw the line with any logos on my dress," she[...]

The Debilitating Disease Hurting Millions of Women

Monday  22:31,   16 october 2017
Cosmopolitan (UK)

Jen Brea was bedridden with mysterious symptoms for more than 2 years. Now she's fighting to be heard.Jen Brea was bedridden with mysterious symptoms for more than 2 years. Now she's fighting to be[...]

What are we really mourning when brands like Sears die?

Monday  22:31,   16 october 2017

Opinion: Expressing grief has become a spectacle—and when it comes to the closure of dimmed companies like Sears, it’s often misplaced, tooWhen I lived in Cornwall, Ont., I used to pass through the Sears store at the local mall as a shortcut to the[...]

Indignation, disappointment in Tehran as Trump disavows nuclear deal

Saturday  01:21,   14 october 2017

Hours before US President Donald Trump threatened to rip up the Iran nuclear deal, hardliners in the country's capital said: I told you so. At Tehran University, where the regime enjoys strong popularity, hundreds of worshipers gathered for[...]

How a quiet change to the tax code became a PR problem for the Liberal government

Friday  22:37,   13 october 2017

A year-old change to how the Canada Revenue Agency interprets the tax code spiralled into a public relations nightmare that ended with a ministerial tongue-lashing and a Tweet from the prime minister himself promising retail workers he wouldn't[...]

Drone grocery delivery to First Nations takes flight

Friday  22:36,   13 october 2017

Moose Cree leaders hope an experiment with drone delivery will solve the persistent problem of sky-high food prices in northern communities“It’s always a challenge for families,” says Patricia Faries, chief of Moose Cree First Nation. “Particularly[...]

The catastrophic toll of California's wildfires: 29 dead, hundreds missing, thousands displaced

Friday  04:56,   13 october 2017
The Washington Post

Officials say 3,500 buildings have been destroyed and they fear the some of the fires will merge.SANTA ROSA, Calif. — The winds that have fanned Northern California’s wine-country wildfires have calmed, for now, giving[...]