News: Weekend Reads

Bride Dies Of Meningitis Hours After Getting Married

Wednesday  19:51,   13 december 2017

<p>In a tragic incident, a woman from Auckland, New Zealand, lost her life Dec. 10 to an infection related to meningitis hours after she got married.</p>In a tragic incident, a woman from Auckland, New Zealand, lost her life Dec. 10 to an[...]

How Keaton Jones' bullying plea brought him more bullying

Wednesday  19:51,   13 december 2017

It started off so neatly: the perfect story to cap a rocky year, a reminder that commonality exists in the face of division. On Friday, an 11-year-old Knoxville, Tennessee, boy woefully recounted to his mother his experience with middle-school[...]

White House spokeswoman warns CNN: Ask Trump a question, it could cost you

Wednesday  14:31,   13 december 2017

The White House's top spokesperson had a warning for a CNN reporter on Tuesday: Ask President Trump a question at an event you're about to attend, and you may not be allowed into similar events. The strange moment came before a[...]

FBI agent removed from Russia probe called Trump an 'idiot'

Wednesday  14:31,   13 december 2017

Two FBI officials who would later be assigned to the special counsel's investigation into Donald Trump's U.S. presidential campaign described him with insults like "idiot" and "loathsome human" One of the officials said[...]

Ottawa to buy Aussie jets, tweak process

Tuesday  21:51,   12 december 2017

The Trudeau government is adding a new requirement to how it picks the winners of major military contracts by assessing a company's overall impact on the Canadian economy.&nbsp;The government is also launching a full competition to replace[...]

Trump attacks Gillibrand in tweet, then she punches back

Tuesday  19:32,   12 december 2017

President Donald Trump and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., sparred on Twitter on Tuesday, a day after the junior lawmaker called on the president to resign amid a series sexual misconduct and assault allegations against him. Trump, in an early[...]

This three-year-old girl never sleeps, and the reason why is extraordinary.

Tuesday  17:09,   12 december 2017

Just like any other three-year-old, Jessica is adorable. During the day, she laughs, plays, and interacts with others like any other three-year-old would. But at night, Jessica can’t manage to do the one thing most young children find to be the[...]

'How is my daughter a pervert?': Alabama dad's plain-spoken rebuke of Roy Moore strikes a nerve

Tuesday  17:09,   12 december 2017

The two-minute video of Nathan Mathis speaking outside a Roy Moore rally struck a nerve, traveling far and wide as a sort of emotional coda to a wrenching senate race in Alabama that has captivated the country. Alabama voters will go to the polls[...]

The aftershocks of North Korea's nuclear test

Monday  18:21,   11 december 2017

What does it mean that the ground is still shaking after September's underground nuclear test?Aftershocks have continued ever since, and on Saturday the US Geological Survey said it had detected two more, sparking significant debate about what[...]

A serial killer’s creepy post-conviction message: There are more victims.

Monday  18:21,   11 december 2017

<p>“Yes there is more than seven.”</p>“Yes there is more than[...]

The Adopted Black Baby, and the White One Who Replaced Her

Sunday  22:36,   10 december 2017

Amid the simmering racial tensions of the time, a family in Illinois made a wrenching decision that sent a black girl and a white girl on diverging paths.This article is part of the Race/Related newsletter. You can sign up here to have it delivered[...]

'Don't die. Don't leave us.' The frantic effort to save the life of SC State's Ty Solomon

Sunday  22:36,   10 december 2017

Wake County paramedics Greg Rodevick and Rich Eldridge ran across the PNC Arena court last Saturday, heading toward N.C. State guard Markell Johnson and his apparent knee injury.&nbsp;With a glance to his left, Rodevick saw S.C. State athletic[...]

Trump Jr: 'I won't hold my breath for an apology' from CNN

Sunday  06:50,   10 december 2017

Trump Jr: 'I won't hold my breath for an apology' from CNN"I won't hold my breath for an apology, or for you to call out your puppet masters on the left that fed you BS knowing you would gleefully run with it without ever checking the[...]

Amazon wants a key to your house. I did it. I regretted it.

Saturday  22:22,   09 december 2017

Amazon Key might help you avoid package theft, but the smart lock and camera aren't good enough to warrant giving Amazon control of your door.I gave a key to go into my house and drop off packages when I’m not around. After two weeks, [...]

Gone, but not forgotten? Meghan Markle’s Toronto house is on the market

Saturday  17:35,   09 december 2017

Gone, but not forgotten? Meghan Markle’s Toronto house is on the marketBut this is the place formerly inhabited by actress Meghan[...]