News: Weekend Reads

Just in time for Trudeau’s visit, Argentina declares a pitiless war of extermination on the Canadian beaver

Thursday  21:20,   17 november 2016

Argentina is dispatching a crack team of 10 hunters into the wilds around Tierra Del Fuego. Their decade-long mission? To trap and destroy 100,000 Canadian beavers. “There are one or two beaver colonies per kilometre of river. We want to get these[...]

The dolphins used to treat PTSD in Ukrainian soldiers

Wednesday  22:36,   16 november 2016

Trainers in Odessa say sessions can help veterans, as well as children with learning difficulties, but there are concerns about the animals’ welfare A few months later he was on holiday in Odessa and his mother, Anna, decided to try dolphin therapy. [...]

The scariest part of Facebook’s fake news problem: fake news is more viral than real news

Wednesday  21:36,   16 november 2016

Mark Zuckerberg says fake news on his site is too rare to be an issue — but he's the only one.Facebook has recently come under fire for allowing fake news, exaggerated news claims, and other forms of rumor-mongering and irresponsible[...]

Playing the workaholic on social media

Wednesday  21:22,   16 november 2016

Though the sentiment “fuck my life,” expressed in some form or another, has existed as long as life has been terrible, the abbreviation “FML” is entirely an invention of the internet’s social age. While it’s hard to know from where it originally[...]

Stop, hey, what's that sound? The 50th anniversary of a time when music, revolution, cops and revelers clashed on the Sunset Strip

Wednesday  20:51,   16 november 2016

I laced my high-tops in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up under a cloud of many illusions, one of which was the idea that Los Angeles was not worth visiting. As part of this Northern California superiority narrative, the revolution of the[...]

In Prison, but Still a Big Sister

Wednesday  20:06,   16 november 2016

“I’m not going to discuss how I ended up in the criminal-justice system,” Lettisha Boyd tells me. “I did end up there—I guess that’s the biggest thing.” Boyd, now 41, was sent to a prison in New York state more than two decades ago for a felony[...]

‘I no longer had the ability to reason’: Margaret Trudeau talks about life before mental health diagnosis

Tuesday  22:35,   15 november 2016

Margaret Trudeau 'lived in a private hell' for years before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder .Trudeau, the ex-wife of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau and mother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, spoke at the Mingle for Mental[...]

How politics sabotaged the federal government’s grand IT plan, Shared Services Canada

Tuesday  20:07,   15 november 2016

It's rare that issues involving information technology intrude on Ottawa's political agenda -- rarer still that they do so with the force displayed in 2016 .All of Shared Services’ core projects are behind schedule, substantially so, in the[...]

Venezuelan 'narconephews' bad at drug smuggling, defense and prosecution say

Tuesday  19:29,   15 november 2016

Defense says pair were ‘stupid’ and set up by informants while US prosecutors claim they overestimated their power in trying to ship 800 kilos of cocaine to USFranqui Francisco Flores de Freitas, 31, and Efrain Antonio Campo Flores, 30, are accused[...]

How much police trespassing is permissible?

Tuesday  05:00,   15 november 2016

Police argue they can wander into your backyard without permission. A court will put that to a[...]

Rise of the spirit camps: An indigenous rights movement is spreading across the land and knows no boundaries

Tuesday  04:56,   15 november 2016

The camps have drawn as many 8,000 people at a time, according to organizers. But the pipeline protests, which have so far led to hundreds of arrests, started modestly . In fact, according to Jonathan Edwards, they all began with a video[...]

‘They’re not human’: How 19th-century Inuit coped with a real-life invasion of the ‘walking dead’

Tuesday  04:56,   15 november 2016

When remote Inuit met the mad, desperate remnants of the Franklin Expedition, they couldn’t rule out that they had been invaded by demonsIt was easily one of the most unearthly and chilling visions that had ever struck the land that would soon[...]

'Daddies' shower their 'babies' with cash and gifts in Toronto's sugar dating scene

Tuesday  04:56,   15 november 2016

A new documentary called 'Sugar Sisters: Confession of a Sugar Baby' takes a first-person dive into the world of sugar dating, where young women spend time with wealthy, older men in exchange for cash and gifts. Its creator,[...]

Romeo Dallaire’s new memoir explores his battles with PTSD

Tuesday  04:50,   15 november 2016

In a book and interview, Roméo Dallaire reveals an intriguing oxymoron: a poetic general; a soulful warrior .I ask him, at one point, how he reconciles the fact that he once pleaded with people to kill him when a suicide attempt failed, and that now [...]

The simple truth about voter fraud

Tuesday  04:49,   15 november 2016

Voter fraud is very rare. That hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from freaking out about it anyway. If you listen to the Republican nominee for president, you might begin to think that voter fraud is a widespread problem. Donald Trump has repeatedly[...]